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  1. Harmony In Motion Clinic - Gold Coast-

    Yes it was a fantastic weekend and was what i needed could not have come at a better time. Sea and i finished level 1 and then even though i bought the entire level 2 programme we have never done any of it and this weekend was a massive wake up call that i need to get on with it as i am making my boy heavy by not moving on. i learnt soo many things on what not to do but also on how to really focus on getting things soft. Meredith really opened my eyes to appreciating the slightest try and building from there and when things are not going great to smile, relax and have fun as i am so lucky to have such a beautiful animal willing to be by my side and trying so hard to please me. Sea is a wonderful teacher for me as i often want things done now and done perfectly and he reminds me to be patient and to enjoy the baby steps along the way to reaching the perfect. I also learnt that when things arent going right to really look at myself and check that i am being clear in what i am asking. I have set a goal to finish level 2 by the 1st of August and want to thank Meredith for help and guidance in helping me achieve it. I can already see that blue string on the end of my stick Thanks to everyone xx