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    My interests are Horses, Baby Horses(because they are cute), Athletics, Animals, Qs, Art, Netball, Friends, Meeting new people, Running and Johnny Ruffo
  1. DSC00532

    You look amazing and so does your pony!!!
  2. Good job Rach congragalations
  3. I just passed my skills check and my imagination assignment


    Makayla 2 Sharron 4 Sue Vicki Del Sheryn Shell Rach
  5. I love my boy tristan

    1. thundersrevenge


      ❤❤ he loves you too Makayla. Very lucky boy to end up with you and a forever home. Shows what TLC has done from the horse we received to what he is now. You are doing a great job with him Makayla.

    2. RebeccaS


      Aww he's lucky to have you Makayla.

    3. makayla


      yes tristan is very lucky to be with me too. I love him so much. Every day of the holidays we are going out to see him and do some riding.

  6. Mak and Tristan at Trentham Play day

    I love my boy
  7. Holidayyyyyyyyyyssssss counting down 4 days

    1. lisa roberts

      lisa roberts

      Amelia and I are counting down to Makayla. We have plans to get some one rein riding done.

  8. New baby Maverick

    He is soooo cute I am going with mum today to watch her with Maverick today. I can not wait till mum brings him to our paddocks.
  9. i am having the best holidays with my horse

    1. vickimarr


      That's fantastic Mak . . . . enjoy :-)

    2. monica


      Good for you!

    3. RebeccaS


      Lovely, I wish I'd had a horse to play with when I had school holidays...a long long time ago!

  10. wow what a morning just woke up to another blue tick on my mounting assignment

    1. del


      Fantastic Makayla.

    2. vickimarr


      Ditto Del's comment . . . . well done Mak !!!

    3. vickimarr


      Ditto to Del's !

  11. what a great day I had with my horse Tristan. Thank you everyone there who made it such a great day for me it was so much fun and I learnt so much. Thanks Karen, Sue, Tracey and mum
  12. what a day

    Hi Everyone, Well where should i start with these holidays!!! These Holidays i have been doing alot and alot of horse riding and i would like to say an amazing thankyou To thundersrevenge for putting In all of you effort with me and Jorgia my sister. and also Tristan my cute pony for been so great and calm with me. 9th/January/2013: I have gone up to the show grounds and i have done so riding and ground work with Tristan and Flicka my sisters pony. 10th/January/2013: Once again i have gone up to the show grounds and i did my Mounting Assignment and i had alot of fun. 11th/January/2013: Again mum filmed my Mounting Assignment and once again thankyou mum. 12th/January/2013: i filmed my Mounting assignment and i was so proud of myself because i was up at the showgrounds and all of the traffic that is up there. I was at one end of arena and my mum was at the other end and i did my mounting and i did all of my flexes and i was one rein and i nearly cantered one rein i was so happy. 14th/January/2013: today i rode my horse and i did 1 rein riding. My sister was on her horse and she trotted around Tristan and I, and Tristan stayed still and i gained alot of confidence then i did my Mounting asssignment and i think that it is getting betterr. ONCE AGAIN THANKYOU SO MUCH MUM FOR PUTTING IN ALL YOUR TIME AND EFFORT WITH ME AND TRISTAN! AND STILL FITTING IN TIME FOR YOU AND STORMY!!!!!!!!!
  13. Congratulations Sharron & Stormy!

    Congratulations Mum i am so proud of you and your Amazing boy Stormy! You and Stormy have come so far from when you have got him to now. Good luck for Level 2!
  14. well done mum on passing your level 1

  15. RIP Grace

    Samara as i read this i was in tears and i just feel so sorry for you and your family. Atleast Grace is in a special spot now. When its night time look at the brightest star in the sky and then you kow that is is Grace and she is looking over you. xoxoxoxo Makayla and Tristan