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    The interest that has taken over my life, or to put it correctly, is my life, is being at The Holistic Horse & Pony Centre in Surrey, England.
    It was here I was first properly introduced to the world of horses, and I am so grateful that this was my place to start. I have learnt a lot about how to care for their physical, mental and emotional needs in a holistic approach.

    It was here I met Alexia, and then Monica and the principles of Quantum Savvy were slowly trickle fed down to me, ready for me to take it all in as we begin the Summer of 2013.

    Smartie is like a brother to me, and like a good brother he has a lot to teach me, but we have a great deal we can learn together. I love spending time with him.

    I also really enjoy the support of our local practice group, with Alexia, Jo and Sam. They help me carry on when I get a bit to comfortable.

    Outside of horses my interests include having options, to run free and wild. I love dancing, cooking and traveling and hope to see a lot more of the world in the company of a horse one day soon.
  1. How wonderful that first blue tick feels! And now I've moved in to live with Smartie. Looks like I'm gonna have to continue this programme :D

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    2. joanna1760


      Congratulations Sam! Fab news for you both. xx

    3. joanna1760


      Congratulations Sam! Fab news for you both. xx

    4. shell


      Congratulations Sam. Continuing is the best thing you can do for you and Smartie.

  2. I had a lovely day today being able to share the principles Quantum Savvy has taught me with the kids I work with. Having children begin their riding with the RELEASE and not kick, kick, kick is wonderful to be around!

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    2. Alexia


      That's fantastic, Sam. I am so happy QS is helping you. Sundays will never be the same again!!!

    3. Shane


      good on you Sam

    4. monica


      Woohoo Sam! What's our favourite word? X

  3. We did it! We did it! We did it!!

    Oh wow Monica! Being able to know you personally and hear this achievement fills me with happiness! For me your a beacon of hope for something I really believe is attainable now with horses. I look forward to where Quantum Savvy can take me with my relationships and "emotional fitness" as you call it. You are beautifully soft person already and I admire that you're still striving to take that softer with Rioko. Lucky horsey! You're getting a bigger hug next time I see you, now I know why you were signing and dancing today! Congratulations!
  4. I just uploaded my first assignment. Looking forward to what I can learn from the feedback!

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    2. TraceyE


      Hi Sam and welcome

    3. lisa roberts

      lisa roberts

      your right Rebecca QS is very addictive in fact it can become all consuming !! but what a way to go :)

      welcome aboard the QS train Sam.

    4. samthestableboy


      Thank you guys! Ever so grateful to be part of a community where it's about the horse having options!