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  1. What I've learnt and the start of mine and my 3 year old geldings (Rafiki) voyage together The fun really begins now! An obvious lesson Rafiki has learnt (and so much more!) ... that he certainly could cope without his mother by his side, as he casually walked past her after 10 days of being apart and barely even gave her a sniff before checking what else had changed since he went away. Meanwhile his poor mum chasing after him desperately trying to tell him how much she had missed him! He has certainly flown the nest and is becoming a confident little horse. What I have learnt, where do I even start The thing that stands out to me the most is have confidence in what you do. If your intentions are right and youve put effort into learning and absorbing what you see then you will usually be on the right track. Nothing has to be perfect every time its the getting out there and trying from you and your horse that will be the valuable part. Rafiki was born on the 5th April 2014 at 5.45am and I was luckily enough to be there. It was just my mare and I and as the birds chirped away he peacefully entered the world. 3 years and 20 days later I got to ride him for the first time on my birthday and it couldnt have been a better birthday present! (On par with my couple hundred pound pony, his mother, I got on my 11th birthday!) Another thing I learnt is that as well as having consistent boundaries that we can also have a cuddle with our ponies as well. A bit of both works perfectly! As Shane was certainly not sparing with his affection for Rafiki and still Rafikis respect for Shane shone. A bit like a parent I guess, theres always a balance. And maybe the word balance is very relevant in everything I have learnt. A balanced attitude helps in creating a balanced horse. I cant thank Shane enough for giving me the foundations to help Rafiki have the best start to his riding life and I hope I do all the QS family proud in bringing him up to be a full QS horse! Thank you so much for letting us watch and giving us a little bit more knowledge into how to be the best horsemen we can be.