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  1. Sounds like an amazing journey to have been on and well done to everyone! In a league of its own I’d say!
  2. Huge congratulations Caitlin that’s so awesome. Horsewomen of the now and future
  3. Ditto with what the others have said Jack acknowledging and asking ourselves ‘and then what?’ Can help to move forward with these blocks. We’ve talked about patterns and recognising our pattern can be challenging especially if we don’t really like what we see. If there is one thing about horsemanship and emotional roadblocks that I’ve learnt .. through personal experience... it’s step up or step off. I’ve asked myself, How bad do you want this and will you do what it takes to work through the emotional block. if you answered yes that’s all you need. The rest will figure itself out
  4. Thanks for all your advice guys, I to will be keeping my saddle pride of place. Tye has made some awesome saddle racks for us to store ours on inside... in our office. Where I can oggle at it from the dining room haha.
  5. Thankyou so much for sharing Sarah. Lovely story and very exciting for Bea and her future
  6. Sounds like everyone had a great time!!
  7. Hi all, just wanted to share with you all how my weekend last Sunday went.. a true testament to our QS horses, the programme and the skills we all develop. I went out to a competition day doing something called Arena Sorting which I’ve never done before. I rode in a team with girls who I know through horses but have not ridden with. We had to sort the 10head of cattle in numerical order starting from whatever number the judge gave us in under 2 mins into a small pen. The whole day highlighted to me how much the knowledge I have gained from the programme and how I was ab
  8. Yes I agree Helen, these were fantastic. A great opportunity for all QS students
  9. That’s just lovely Jack, you’ll find that this lifestyle will never disappoint and will be forever rewarding. It will teach you things about yourself you never thought you needed to know. Enjoy the ride!
  10. So fantastic to hear! Makes going places so easy and stress free for horse and human
  11. Great thanks Shane. I to have used stripe for events and lessons and it’s great
  12. It looks so good so lucky that as QS students we have access to such a quality made and designed saddle which will provide the best option for our horses comfort.
  13. Yes! And this is a short barrel racing cloth from 5 Star 28 inc I think! Very short saddles, perfect for short back horses
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