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    my family and horses
  1. New payment option for members.

    Great thanks Shane. I to have used stripe for events and lessons and it’s great
  2. First QS Saddle has landed in Murwillumbah

    It looks so good so lucky that as QS students we have access to such a quality made and designed saddle which will provide the best option for our horses comfort.
  3. First QS Saddle has landed in Murwillumbah

    Yes! And this is a short barrel racing cloth from 5 Star 28 inc I think! Very short saddles, perfect for short back horses
  4. First QS Saddle has landed in Murwillumbah

  5. Very excited to share with you all Chrissie’s new QS custom made saddle. Shane and Peter have been busy designing and making these saddles and they do not disappoint. Peter has done an excellent job of the craftsmanship and the saddle is so well balanced and fits Eli so well Chrissie and Eli are now enjoying the latest design of these saddles (western style) and love it! Have fun Chrissie and Eli more pictures and a video to come!
  6. Tying a horse up

    Great Answer thanks Shane
  7. L1 HWC 1 No Yield

    Video isn’t working Helen
  8. How exciting for Rhiannon, moving on to a larger pony. Tilly and her have such a lovely bond, she has done a beautiful job with Tilly.
  9. horse shelter/stable

    Looks great Jack!
  10. Rider / Horse Ratio

    Hey everyone, just after opinions on rider / horse ratios.. rider is female, roughly 5ft 10 and high 70s in weight. Horse is 14.2hh QH i usually just check out horses overall build and muscle tone/bone structure most healthy horses will be able to carry most people but I can’t physically view this horse aside from photos, and it’s always tricky to tell from a photo. Thanks!
  11. Good on you Helen for getting so stuck into it! You can download a mobile friendly version and save it to your home screen for quick easy access, not an app but the mobile friendly version makes it so easy.
  12. Welcome to Jasmine and Ruby - Ruby recently was halter trained and started with Shane, we look forward to following Ruby and Jasmine’s progress through their education. Ruby’s Colt Start progress can be found in Woolooga Horse Training 2018 with Shane Also welcome to Helen and Tetley who have come on board to work towards their goals and to grow in confidence!
  13. just like to.....

    That’s just so lovely to hear Simone! So glad you and Bindi have had a great year, I’m sure next year will bring many more happy memories. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas too Elise
  14. Our calendar for 2018. Lots of days for support and encouragement with every second sunday a day for members only. Mark these dates in your diary and be prepared to have fun, gain knowledge and develop your horsemanship skills.