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  1. Linko12

    Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    Finally finished feels so good we're going to have a party Mel haha 😂
  2. Hey guys I had the same thing I found when asking if they go to walk forward lift up like and indirect if they push on it maybe put in a bump just to let them no that should hopeful stop it I'm not very good at explaining thing so hope that helps
  3. Linko12

    You Can Do It To Tour Demos

    Was really good carola very one had a grate day I think
  4. Linko12

    QS Bridle Regular size For Sale

    Elise could be interested
  5. Linko12

    Saddle fitting

    Thanks Shane that's every helpfully
  6. Linko12

    Saddle fitting

    Yea it's Meredith I am surprised to
  7. Linko12

    Saddle fitting

    yea I use a western I thought that to I need the master to have a look haha
  8. Linko12

    Saddle fitting

    Hi these dry spots is the pressure tried two different saddle pad and still does it or could it be the saddle
  9. Linko12

    Second hand qs saddle

    Haha I no Meredith I have been trying to find a way to buy a new one
  10. Looking for a second hand qs saddle or similar to fit a quarter horse.
  11. Linko12

    Young Horse Course

    Thanks jenn that would be grate
  12. Linko12

    Young Horse Course

    Looking forward to meeting you to carola
  13. Linko12

    Young Horse Course

    sorry dates on above flyer are wrong. new dates are 4th November to 6th November 2015 Updated flyer