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    my Mr 4, my QS journey, learning more about our equine friends, barehoof care, animal photography and crafts :)
  1. MissMusic

    Sore feet

    Hi there Sarah, Do you have a barehoofcare professional around you that can help? Yes boots will be a great option to offer hoof protection so he can move freely and you will be able to start your lesson packages. Elise has mentioned a great boot site of EasyCareDownUnder, they use a very easy to measure system, very quick in sending the order to you and if the size isnt quite right, they will swap them. Good luck and enjoy you first lesson packages Jenn
  2. MissMusic

    just starting

    Hi Melonie, Welcome Its great to see you on the forum and introducing yourself. Im Jenn Wagstaff and live in Tamborine, I can help you get started, supply equipment and keep you informed of practice groups in the areas. I will send you a private message with more details. Look forward to meeting you
  3. MissMusic

    Scoot boots

    Hi Sam, I love the old macs. I have not had any issues with rocks or stones getting between boots and pastern wraps. Have ridden with all four on through creeks, sand, rocks, jumps and mud. I use them also for paddock wear to help sped up the rehabilitation within the hoof capsule. The scoot boots look ok for trails but sizing can be a little off and can be a little tough to put on. A good rubber mallet and pliers can help with the fitting. Good luck Jenn
  4. unfortunately all the ponies I know of need some confidence building and work with personal space. Good luck but finding the perfect pony is worth the wait, to ensure your kids are safe
  5. MissMusic

    We are back and now vet approved to get going!

    welcome back Sarah, what a tough journey you have had already. Well done for taking the time in yourself and for your girl to take the time to rest and mend yourselfs. Wishing you all the very best in a new chapter. Looking forward watching your progress together. Jenn
  6. Loving the changes I am seeing in myself which is mirroring in my girl. Thanks Mel!

    1. mel


      Fantastic Jenn!


    2. 2legsue
  7. MissMusic

    Come and Try Day at Tyalgum, NSW

    I am planning to come down to support our great neighbours. If anyone would like to come down with me (save on fuel) let me know Am working through some specifics as to whether I will have a horse or not, to offer a spot in the float also
  8. MissMusic

    Australian Brumby Challenge

    I would love to come down to support you Jen. Keep us all in the loop What a great oppurtunity for you and for little Jack- very special
  9. MissMusic

    Wanted to buy - Brown QS Bridle

    Abbey Parkes had one for sale- $280 I think ? near new
  10. MissMusic

    Alley and Cherry

    What a cool photo Alley. welcome to the forum
  11. MissMusic

    QLD July Tour 2016

    Looking forward to having you up in the area very soon Mel
  12. I will keep an eye out for something that may be suitable
  13. MissMusic

    Relaxed ex race horse

    Wow what an amazing change in your journey together. So beautiful for you both- enjoy and look forward to hearing more in the future
  14. MissMusic

    WANTED: Level 2 Lesson Packs

    unfortunately I don't have any of the older style available, I can order the Module for you if you like?