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  1. Isn't it strange how it just becomes the norm! I can't remember the last time I rode with a bit and it wouldn't even occur to me anymore. I was thinking about this the other day - even though riding Tara has been quite a challenge, not once have I thought it was anything to do with the lack of equipment. Most people's first thought would be to use a stronger bit! I think when we're doubting ourselves or our confidence takes a knock, we need to remember this. We don't always give ourselves enough credit. Big pat on the back everyone!!!
  2. out and about

  3. Congratulations Luna and Darcy
  4. Congratulations Shiloh Staines!

    Wow! Congratulations Shiloh, what an amazing achievement!
  5. I won't do this every day but just wanted to prove that all Shane's work with Tara wasn't in vain! The photo was taken this morning.....thank you Tracy for the moral support!
  6. Well, where to start? To put this into perspective, I bought my mare, Lady Tara, two and a half years ago. She was a 17 year old show jumper, ready for an easier life - 'perfect for hacking, extremely safe, good to do in every way'......you get the picture! Tara stepped off the trailer, took one look at her new owner and abode and realised that at last, she now had options and a voice....and boy did she know how to use them! The last two and a half years have been interesting, to say the least. With Alexia's unerring support, we've tackled lameness, behavioural problems, more lameness etc etc. By the time Shane and Meredith arrived last August for the UK Summer Camp, things were so bad I could barely look at Tara without her swinging her bum and trying to kick me. But, thanks to Meredith, we were soon back on track, taking baby steps but gradually building rapport. However, I needed a bit of help to speed things up! Enter Shane Ransley for a week's horse training.....phew! And what a week it's been! I've had the great privilege of being allowed to watch which was invaluable for me in terms of learning and understanding Tara's needs going forward. Lesson one - a bit of lameness doesn't always necessitate vets, x-rays, bute, rest etc. Tara has always had a canny knack of becoming lame every time training was mentioned! True to form, she went slightly lame in her right hind on day 2 of training. Shane explained that this was caused by stiffness in her back due to her being too heavy on the forehand and not using her hind properly. They worked through it and by day 3, she was pretty much sound again! Lesson two - horses need to be allowed to think! I already knew about the O in rope but I'm a visual learner and watching Shane working with the horses and giving them the space to make their own decisions, sometimes wrong but always right in the end, was a real eye opener I think for all of us. Lesson three - Timing and the elusive Phase 4! I know I'm guilty of nagging with a phase 3 and being frightened to use phase 4, but watching Shane with his impeccable timing, it's made me realise that it's so much better to use one phase 4 and get it over with. I don't have Shane's timing but now at least I know what it looks like....and I can work on it! And so much more that my brain is still processing! So, yesterday, eighteen months after our (ex) vet told me Tara would probably only ever be a field ornament, I rode my horse for the first time in two years!! I think my smile tells you everything else you need to know! Thank you Shane - from the bottom of my heart!
  7. Sharing QS at school

    Wow! That's fantastic
  8. We made it!

    Thanks everyone. I think we are getting there....slowly! Need to work on some blue ticks now
  9. We made it!

    For some weeks we've been building up slowly to walking Tara all the way round to Sarah's (Tilda8) which is where Shane is going to do some training with her soon. With only 2 weeks to go, we decided that today was the day! We set out with Tracy and Buster and it went really well! The only hairy bit was when we left Sarah's to walk back. The first bit of road was new to Tara so she got a bit over excited and we had to do a few circles to calm her down. Fortunately it's just a slip road in front of some houses so no cars. Once she was on familiar territory she was fine again. Phew! I'm so relieved! Thank you Hoofers for all your support and encouragement!
  10. This energy thing!

    Another little triumph today! We went for a walk down the bridle path with Tracy and Buster. On the way back, as we approached Tara's field, her best mate Ernie and another horse, H, saw her, came cantering across the field and skidded to a halt with only the electric fence between us. My heart was in my mouth as Tara's head went up in the air, but I kept my energy low and she immediately relaxed and carried on walking nicely with me. Even though Ernie was walking with us on the other side of the fence, she completely ignored him! Phew! I'm amazed but very pleased!
  11. This energy thing!

    Forgot to say that I'm also on Alexia's lesson packages. Two weekends down and one to go - it's been quite a journey so far! Sharing experiences, good and not so good, and the all important food, with a supportive group - it's a great way to learn!
  12. This energy thing!

    Oh how I've struggled with this! But I think I'm finally getting it! I think what I was trying to do was somehow project energy but over the past week or so, I've discovered that if I think 'lift' and do a sort of lifting movement, it actually works! Although I'm sure it looks pretty silly! So, on Sunday I did some no contact forequarter yields literally just by lifting my energy - and I used to think these were really difficult - I've obviously been making them a lot more difficult than they needed to be!!
  13. Congratulations Libby and Bertie!!

    Congratulations Libby and Bertie
  14. Wow Bess, this sounds amazing! Can't wait to see the two of you in action next week. I think I'm auditing the Liberty module - at least I hope I am!