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  1. Deb this is really exciting. Congratulations. Cant wait to have a play day with Dolly's twin
  2. That was so lovely, you have a beautiful connection with him.
  3. I had the absolute pleasure of spending one whole week in country Victoria on a Building Rapport Camp with Meredith and 8 students. I can't tell you how much I got out of this camp. Since I have been home I have been shocked with the change in my and Dolly's relationship. We always had trouble floating, yes, two years and still our Achilles. The camp, my awareness of Dolly's needs and enhancing my skills have nailed this pesky dilemma. Mel showed me her magic as a storm approached and everyone was getting cold. And I can 'get' the timing now. Amazing. If you ever get the opportunity, as Molly used to say, "Do yourself a favour" and sign up for this life changing experience. And do your homework (note to self).
  4. shaw

    My boy Jay

    Well done Del. You have been very persistent with Jay. He's turned out to be a very good boy with all your hard work.
  5. Congratulations on passing L1. We just passed too after 8 attempts at one rein riding. Great feeling to be so supported and see a fabulous change in our horses. Look forward to seeing L2 completion too
  6. Congratulations Carmen. Job well done. We can do L2 together
  7. Thanks everyone. One year to the day after starting Dolly in Qs level 1. It took me longer than I thought but we are a better team because of it. So stoked to have that pesky one rein assignment skills refined. So happy!!
  8. Well done Lisa. Hoping to join you soon. One pesky assignment left to pass.
  9. Hi there, I am going to be in London when the Badminton Horse Trials are on. I would like to get on a day trip and am finding it difficult to find a tour. Does anyone have any ideas how I can source one? Thanks in advance. Meredith Shaw
  10. Well done Josh. Ive got 2 more to pass, 1 rein and imagination. Hope to join you soon
  11. I spoke too soon. Stick found thanks
  12. I have 'lost', 'misplaced', 'had stolen', my QS savvy stick. Please if you have one for sale please let me know ASAP. How can I do anything without one?? Failing finding a second hand for sale, I'll have to buy new. If I buy another it's bound to turn up. Then I'll have two. Lucky me. I am very upset as my sister Adele bought it for me
  13. shaw


    Had a great play with Kenny. Manged to put his halter on was I was kneeling beside him. He lowered that giraffe length neck and flexed around for me. He just stood there like a rock. I like him more today. Extra sugar lump in his feed
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