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  1. Congratulations Deb. Great news. Your no contact was lovely
  2. Hi Meredith, I will have to withdraw from the weekend too, unfortunately. I have a really serious back injury and can really only lie. I would like to be an auditor though , thank you.
  3. Meredith i just read you want some filmimg uploaded. Can you be more specific please? I need to drive a distance to Dolly and just want go be sure im filming correct things. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Meredith can Dolly and i join L2, please? I want to try to my two remaining liberty assignments
  5. Congratulations to you both. Its a big achievement and one to be very proud of.
  6. Yes it's true! Dolly and I successfully passe L2 liberty skills check. I'm so excited and happy. The 8 week program works. Thanks Mel. My relationship with Dolly has improved so much.
  7. Mel offered me a 8 week program to tackle the pesky L2 liberty. Our ridden L2 had not really progressed as I'd like and Mel confided in me........ If I wanted to get ahead with my ridden, I needed to look liberty in the eye. The 8 week program was an opportunity to really knock this on the head. Dolly and I have been kicking goals with our liberty. Our connection has been building and my confidence has been rising. I have discovered the real meaning of body life and intent and best of all connection. Did I mention the connection? I have all the skills now to finesse liberty and work towa
  8. I have been remiss lodging my assignments. So many excuses!! One main excuse has been total embarrassment of my ability it L2 liberty. It has been my sticking point for about a year. When Mel offered us an 8 week program intensive I thought 'now or never.' An assignment needs to be filmed fortnightly as a part of the intensive. Lordy! I had a lesson with Mel a few weeks ago, made pretty good progress, now go home and practice. Mel said my practice wouldn't look as good as when she is there. No truer words spoken. I fell in a heap, felt like I was going backwards. But I had
  9. Deb this is really exciting. Congratulations. Cant wait to have a play day with Dolly's twin
  10. That was so lovely, you have a beautiful connection with him.
  11. I had the absolute pleasure of spending one whole week in country Victoria on a Building Rapport Camp with Meredith and 8 students. I can't tell you how much I got out of this camp. Since I have been home I have been shocked with the change in my and Dolly's relationship. We always had trouble floating, yes, two years and still our Achilles. The camp, my awareness of Dolly's needs and enhancing my skills have nailed this pesky dilemma. Mel showed me her magic as a storm approached and everyone was getting cold. And I can 'get' the timing now. Amazing. If you ever get the opport
  12. shaw

    My boy Jay

    Well done Del. You have been very persistent with Jay. He's turned out to be a very good boy with all your hard work.
  13. Congratulations on passing L1. We just passed too after 8 attempts at one rein riding. Great feeling to be so supported and see a fabulous change in our horses. Look forward to seeing L2 completion too
  14. Congratulations Carmen. Job well done. We can do L2 together
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