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    Achillies,Halo, Husband & Family, not in any particular order of course, we don't want to upset anyone now do we...hehehe

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  1. wahineoz

    summer lessons

    Sounds like you're really starting to enjoy each other...it's a whole new level when that happens..Good Luck and congratulations.
  2. Thursday 17th March 2016, the girls from Nudae are doing the Dolly Parton "Working 9 to 5". Morgan and I were left in charge of our little slice of heaven, for the week while the girls were away, or as I like to call it, when they leave me in charge: "The Asylum" As we'd managed to keep the place nicely moving along, without burning the joint down, killing ourselves, or anyone else in the process. We were both given a beautiful gift of Gratitude, and I'm especially ecstatic with mine. I must admit, I did have an emotional moment, but hey, it's ok, I got over it. Friday Morning arrives, I've also been given the day off to enjoy doing whatever the hell I like...and that's exactly what I did. Dropped my Rug Rat off at school, came home and prepared for what was, is, and always will be, one of the most memorable lessons of a life time. Lorraine, will usually ask what it is we want to work on, and she's usually more in tune with what will help, than you are yourself. Today was going to be no different. I'd done some prep work before hand, and had "Chillies" saddled and ready for a nice morning or learning and, I thought, anything else that might happen for the morning. You think I'd have learned by now, YOU'RE NEVER READY, UNTIL YOU'RE READY!!! I realise I must have been ready for what was about to happen, as usual, I just didn't know it. We started off with some Lateral Flex, Direct, Indirect and back up. My power steering was non existent, up until such time as I figured out how to ask properly. I was getting some serious resistance in my flex, and lets face it, No Flex, No Stop. Oooops that could be a problem. And as Shane is famous for saying..."OOOH WE'RE GONNA LEARN SOMETHING TODAY" and Thankfully we did. I need to say, we have a better understanding of the ask now, and it has given me the confidence to Trot even more...and I just need to say this as well. I LOVE IT! Ok, says Lorraine, I want you to trot around the Arena three times in this direction, yield to a stop and then trot in the opposite direction and yield to a stop. I have been becoming more and more confident with the sitting trot, but being the chicken I am. 3x ??? Each Way??? As anyone who has had a lesson with Lorraine knows, she'll only ask you to do, what she knows you're capable of doing. You don't have to know you're capable, Lorraine knows more about our capabilities than we do most times. Soooo, what's a Mad Maori to do...Trot of course..and we did. We threw in a couple of Canter Strides, (Unintentional of course) and that got a bit hairy for me, but I stayed on, learned to bring him back down without too much panic (I said without TOO much, not without ANY) and we continued on. Keep him on the rail, ask him forward, sit back, relax ....Holy Crap, we were doing this and it was amazing. I still need to relax more, but I wasn't terrified, I wanted more, and he was giving me more. I don't really know which part we were doing when the Smile that crossed my face, did just that, crossed my face from ear to ear. I don't really know when I started to laugh like a maniac, I only know I did, and I was loving it. Now it was time to practice some of our One Reign Riding Assignment, of which I'd never attempted to do all in one go. I don't know how to explain the exhilaration, excitement, achievement, amazement, and sheer joy I got from doing my sitting trot circles, throwing the rope over, and keeping him moving while doing it. You see every time I threw my rope over "Chillies" would stop. I knew I was stopping him, but wasn't really too sure how or why. Now I knew, and we were doing it. OMFG...who knew, I had only hoped this is what it would be like to get him really moving forward, and me not being afraid to let him. I have always imagined myself, trotting around and smiling and laughing and Cantering??? I'd seen so many of our fellow QS'ers doing just that, and one day I wanted to be able to do that too....Today was that day. We were moving in some, what seemed to me, nice circles, when, of course, Lorraine says, OK Nita we're gonna try for the Canter (On purpose this time) At this stage I was High as a Kite and she could have asked me to climb Mount Everest, and I would have thought that was possible. and we're off, walk him out, sitting trot, ask him, lift your hand. Relax, and I don't even know how many times we'd done those circles, before something just didn't seem to be going quite right. Errrrmmmmm I felt myself slipping, WTH was going on here, we'd been at this for an hour or more and I was still smiling and yahooing my head off, when it clicked. My saddle was slipping, I had to let go, I was stunt riding like a maniac, or so I thought. What do I do here, oh, ok, let yourself go, let him go and GALLLOOMPH. I hit the ground, had not let my rope go quick enough and felt the burn. Kerensa and Lorraine both moving, blurry grass, blurry sky, blurry legs, mine and his... holy shyte, I'd fallen off. He hadn't bucked or done anything at all wrong. My saddle had slipped...DOH!! Kerensa: "Are you alright" Lorraine: "Are you ok" attempts to put stubborn Maori in recovery position... Me: "DID WE GET IT"?? Kerensa: (insert giggle here) YES!! Me:"Is he ok" Kerensa: "Yes, he's fine" You know that beautiful boy, could have gone straight through me, but chose to step around me, in a trot, or maybe it was a canter, I'm not really sure, I was on the ground and sort of laughing I believe. (Not sure what the hell was happening really) But I do know, I could have been seriously hurt, if he'd not have been the amazing boy he is, if it had not been for the confidence and connection Quantum Savvy has bought to our lives and for all of the support I get here at home through the Program. I could have been really really hurt. I also have to thank Maxine Williams for me not being harmed in anyway. Maxine gave me a Helmet, as I didn't have one and didn't wear them until M'bah, clinic with Mel. Thank you Maxine, after I'd scraped myself off the ground I looked at the helmet, and there may have been a giant lump on my head had it not been for that helmet. It had a bloody big grass stain on it that would have been my head if not for the helmet. Thank You. You might ask, "What the hell's she still laughing about". I'm laughing because I had the most fun, I have even more confidence now, if that makes sense, and I smile because I felt the way I believed riding should feel and would feel, and the way I felt FREE.... Oh, and you can be Damned Sure, we tightened that girth strap back up and got the hell back on again.... YEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and even had a cheek to do our Mounting Assignment as well...bhahahaaaaaaa I LOVE QUANTUM SAVVY.....
  3. wahineoz

    Congratulations Karen & Jaquita

    Congratulations to you both. Those Summer Lessons have been paying off for all concerned. I attended for a day of auditing and learned so much, I can't even imagine how much more is learned while you're there with your horse. Once again Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you progress through Level 2 :)
  4. Finally after 5 days, I'm upright...it's time for some serious practice before the rains get here...

    1. MissMusic


      How is your back doing Nita? Have you had some horsey time again?

    2. wahineoz


      Back in the saddle...yayyyyy

  5. Pretty bummed. Had an awesome passenger lesson then my first attempt at the Southern Cross Pattern, only to twist or pull something in my back. Now I can't even get out to spend time with my Boy....D.U.M (cos that's dumber than dumb)

    1. MissMusic


      oh dear, hope you get back onto your feet and your horse soon x

    2. Meredith


      oh Nita.....lets hope for a speedy recovery. xxx

    3. wahineoz


      I'm walking today, almost upright...things are looking up, maybe one more day before we go out and do our Assignment Filming Prep...just to make sure I don't collapse in a heap at Achillies feet again. Gotta say Meredith, I was pretty proud of the way he just stood there, didn't move, but did look at me with a weird kind of What The... on his spotty scratchy beautiful face. ahhh life is grand....

  6. wahineoz

    Space Invaders in Passenger Lessons

    Ok so I just need to say My Eyeore is the offending little beastie. It's like he doesn't even see Vogue give him warnings, and a phase 4 on the nose moved him a little but he keeps going back, cutting into her space, usually right at her head or up her bum...and I'm not kidding when I say he's like Eyeore....Ooookaaay theeen, I'll just put my nose up your bum then....OMG!! This Guy! Can I do more to help? He's oblivious to Vogues phases, and takes little notice of a bop on the nose (phase 4) if any. I know we're suppose to protect our own horses space, but he's the instigator.
  7. I don't think you can do all that you do with your horse, and give him up...it's just be too hard to even think about.
  8. We did it, finally, after so long, we finally did it. Achillies and I finally achieved our Level 1 Skills Check. Skills Check was a dirty word in our house. All my innards would seize up, my butt would pucker, and my mind went south for the Winter (Summer, Spring and Autumn). We attended the Leadership and Confidence Clinic at Crystal Creek NSW, with Mel Peacock, at Allan Mitchells', beautiful property. I audited the Leadership Workshop, and discussed, at the Forum, how much the Skills Check sent me into a tail spin. It WAS, for a very long time the thing that, I believed, held me up with my Horsemanship. I know what you're saying, I can hear you now, and I say it to myself, NOW that it's done. It didn't hold me up, it was, and I know this now, something I had given so much power to, it had crippled me, in a way. I actually attended the clinic itself, to help with my ridden work. I had 4 Assignments to go and knew my riding confidence needed some serious Jeebuz Juice. I never intended to, or even thought about, a live assessment, but when you're offered the opportunity, i had no other course of action, but to accept that offer. I actually thought about doing my Mounting Assignment instead of Skills Check. Somewhere deep down inside me, I knew if there was ever going to be a time to do this, it was NOW. I smoked about 20 Cigarettes just waiting for my turn, and I even had the audacity, to ask if I could go before Georgia, because I was getting that nervous, I was worried I'd chicken out at the last minute. I asked Lorraine if she had any last minute advice. And as always she gave me the best advice. Just go out and do it Nita, you can do this, you know what you're doing, you just have to do it now. I asked Kerensa if she had any last minute pearls of wisdom, Just Do It, she said. Hey, who knew they were working for NIKE?! There was Lorraine, Maxine Williams, Tracy, Kerensa, Chris Baxter, Jenn Harley, Clair Stachurski from the Nudae Naturals and our newly adopted Kid, Shanna Davey from NSWALERS, Jo and Rachael from Pottsville, Georgia and Donna Rose from Brizzy, all there supporting me, and supporting every other member out there doing a Live Assessment. It's funny, how you hear people say, i felt like you were all with me. You know what? It's actually true. Out there on the end of that Lead Rope and that Horseman's Stick, were all of the Nudae Naturals Team. Each one of them urging me on, calming me down, telling me what was next, asking me how I was feeling, and most importantly, telling me to BREATH and all that without actually saying a word. In my head, each and every single one of them was out there with me. I never knew that that, was a real thing, until Sunday 17th January 2016. So to you ALL, thank you for the love, support and friendship you give, so willingly, without expecting anything but the same in return. Thank You All, for being who you are, with all of your Craziness, Quirks, and Idiosyncrasies and Food. To Lorraine Dowdeswell, with the patience of a Saint, the Heart of a Lion and the Soul of an Angel, thank you. Mel Peacock, how you do what you do, is beyond me. You know I would have flogged me with a Stick by now, Thank You for not beating me black and blue. Thank You for helping me to restore my confidence, love and courage to continue with my Horsemanship Journey. Thanks for the opportunity of a live assignment, and the patience you have to sit through them all. And last but not least, my beautiful, spotty, scratchy, baby boy, Achillies, for learning to trust that I will only do the best for him, keep him safe, and love him until one of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
  9. wahineoz

    Unlocking the Forequarter

    Mel's reply: Hey Nita! Great to hear you have a question already! This is probably better posted on the forum, but will answer here - Tamborine was a while ago, so I cant specifically remember how you were going with it then but if you remember when I tried a normal level 1 sideways with Achillies on the weekend he was fine so it is more when his comfort zone is stretch that you need to ask for the sideways - such as straight after a flight test or a phase 4 on the but. If you notice that in your hind 1/4 yield, Achillies is still looking a bit tense about things (or a dead giveaway is when they don't actually disengage their hind) try just asking for a step or two of sideways to help that shoulder step across. You should see him relax so make sure you give him a minute to think about it before going on to the next thing.
  10. wahineoz

    Unlocking the Forequarter

    Hi Mel, I know right, I can hear you now...bloody hell already. So Yes, already. You said I should work on Achillies moving his/unlocking his front end. Sideways I think is what you said. Just wanted to know, if the sideways you taught us at the Level 2 Clinic in Tamborine is ok at Level 1. We've been practicing that today, just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Cheers and Happy Chocolating :)
  11. wahineoz


    You go Maxine and Teena, we knew you could do it..you just had to believe you could do it too...
  12. wahineoz


    Blue Tick Central, we all have to start somewhere....
  13. It's been a while since my last entry and there's a good reason for that. I've just recently realised that I had become too focused on the tasks and assignments, and had forgotten why we do what we do. And when I wasn't achieveing them I fell into a Black Hole and couldn't find my way out. It was terrifying, lonely,disheartening and crippling! I didn't know my left foot from my right, which way was up and which way was down. Was I Arthur or Martha, coming or going??? Who the bloody hell knows, cos I sure didn't. Not something I deal well with at all. I started on this journey with QS to try and make a difference, a difference with my horse, unknowingly, that also made a difference in me. One I wasn't truly ready for, and one I still struggle with on a daily basis. I've never been comfortable with the light fluffy lovey dovey shyte. I think that may have come up at the GO's Conference in Bell this year. I'm more of a grunter, (Arff Arff) or a comedian in times where emotions are unleashed on me, or people become overly eager with the need to share, or over share, whichever the case may be. Emotions are not something I deal well with, openly. I deal with them, but probably not like most would. I say that, because I'm one of a very few people (my family are genius at avoidance) who, when asked how someone died, I can honestly, and with a straight face, look you in the eye and tell you "Their heart stopped". Most people will go into a litany of reasons for someones demise. I won't, or don't. I will find a reason to smile and laugh through the loss of someone close to me, again, it's just how I deal. So this might give you a bit of an understanding or insight into how my mind works, or should I say, use to work, and why I found it so hard to pull myself, out of that Big Black Hole! I think, I've been honest, in saying that, I'm shit scared sometimes when I'm out there with my beautiful boy. He's never done anything to make me feel this way, it is my own lack of knowledge and trust, in myself, and him that makes me feel this way. I am glad to say this doesn't happen very often anymore, but when it does, I drag my feet. I know that when this happens, I need to be more on board with him, to connect with him, to be able to help him, and I both through this, but, as rough and ready as I am, I still get scared. Pheeeew, glad I got that out of the way. Now to put that fear into perspective for you; I came from a gang related back ground in NZ, drugs, violence, alcohol, physical, mental and emotional abuse. I was surrounded by and lived through it all. I lived "Once Were Warriors" (the movie) and I was never ever scared of those Big, Black, Ugly, Tattooed from head to toe, Leathered up, Patched Up, Hairy tough guys, ever. But, put me out there without full control of a situation, where I may get hurt...and yes there is fear. Yes, I have been hurt in the past, I have always been able to keep myself alive though, but I have not ever been hurt by my horse, so I am not saying my fear is rational, but it is real none the less. I don't even believe I was afraid of him hurting me. I believe I AM afraid of screwing him up though. I AM afraid of the way he makes me feel, the way he makes me see the world and the way he makes me look at myself. I AM confused, and in turmoil when I have to take responsibility for myself, my actions and the way he makes me, responsible for my emotions. I can't get away with a joke or a giggle with him, I have to try to be true to him and honest with him, and to do that, I have to take a good hard, long look at myself. (A work in progress) I spent, what seemed like forever, avoiding having to do anything with Achillies, except feed him and give him a rub, smell his mane, snuggle him and scratch him. I'd sit and hang out with him, and I'd bring him out for Focus Group and PG's, but I dreaded it, and then I'd walk away The sad thing is, I missed him. He's right in my back yard and I missed him. I dreaded how I felt, trying to put him through the same thing over and over again. I dreaded, that I was and still am unable to get it right. I dreaded the way his eyes faded and he clocked out. I dreaded the way I felt after we'd been going through the motions, over and over and over again. I dreaded that I wasn't smiling the way I should after I'd spent time with him. I was feeling defeated, and helpless, hopeless and lost. Don't get me wrong here, I have the best support network there is, in Team Nudae, The Nudae Naturals our LOFG and Lorraine. But to get help, you have to ask for it first....... that would mean I might have to show some uncharacteristic emotions. I'd have to grow some HUUUGE Kahonas and bite the bullet. Not one of my strong points! I don't believe I actually voiced what was happening to me, but it was apparently evident in my behaviour. Cue Lorraine and Kerensa. (I don't know how they know, they just know) I spent a few minutes one morning talking to Lorraine while she brushed her horse. She had just finished doing some Impulsion Homework with Miss Chief and I just happened to stumble along at the right time. You Gotta Love how the Universe says, here's your chance, take it. So we talked, and it was eye opening, enlightening and full of encouragement. That's actually not even how I'd explain it, but it's the best I've got right now. I had seen a glimmer of light, at the end of the tunnel and been given a life line. All I had to do now, was grab hold of the life line, and haul my way out. I walked into the stable, sat down, had a cuppa and a ciggy and started to process what Lorraine and I had talked about. Not 5 minutes later, Kerensa asked me, If I'd like to go get my horse, and she'd come sit with me while I played. She's so intuitive sometimes it's scary. I guess she knows me alot better than I know myself at times. I hesitated for a split second, "no I have to ..., " Ahhh Bugger it. Yes thank you, I'd love to do that. and so I did. I bought Achillies up to the Arena, and we played. That's right, played. I'd forgotten what it was like to just play, to have him engage and connect with me, and for me to do the same with him. I laughed alot that day, and yes we practiced our homework cards. But not before the play. You see, my problem was, I'd forgotten the play, I'd gone straight into task mode so often now that we were losing each other in the "Chore". I had forgotten what it was I had set out to do, and was too busy chasing achievement, and had lost my way to Horsemanship. The Light at the end of the tunnel was so glaringly obvious, I was nearly blinded by it. I had clawed my way out of the dark, and have since spent the days with my beautiful Achillies, playing. We found each other again and I see the sparkle in his mischief eyes again. I watch his ears prick up as he asks, what now, what are we going to do now. Let me show you I can do what you're asking. Let me show you, that you can do it too. I spent Sunday at our PG, exploring liberty with Achillies, and he in turn showed me, just how much he was connected, just how much he was enjoying himself, and just how much I had missed. I uploaded my first Mounting Assignment, not because it was perfect, but because it was perfect for feedback. Yes I could have filmed again, but instead We decided we'd sit and chat, just he and I. WE decided he had given me his all, and was willing to give more, and that, was a lesson that can't be seen in any video. One that I will keep with me forever. A film that I can replay in my head over and over and never ever get enough of. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel ....
  14. Thank you to all of those who attended the GO's Conference in Bell, I had an amazing time, learned so much, and have so much to share with the Team... IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!!!