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  1. Thanks for sharing Jill I so needed to hear that right now ! X
  2. So beautiful to watch , can't wait to watch more of you Luna and Darcy !
  3. And Wednesday and today I didn't have to wait at all in fact I wondered what was going on....he had so much forward I couldnt help but giggle
  4. So with the last post in mind off I went to ride Nemo , went with the idea to be patient and wait before getting bossy ....and with words from the last student chat left Nemo alone to find his own forward ......well what do ya know after doing the slowest trot in history I managed to resist the urge to push him forward and just opened myself up and waited , and waited...and waited and after 30 mins of waiting he gave me a nice forward trot (I didn't just trot around for 30 mins I mixed it up a bit !) Then we were doing sideways in trot and back up with a tiny tiny ask .....incredible ......lesson number 2of the week we'll and truly learnt !! X
  5. Hi , so I've been pondering this post as I knew I wanted to write something but .......I couldn't get the words right . Anyway.... As you may know Bea is my little rescue pony who we have been working with for a while now.....her trust has come on leaps and bounds and she is much less emotional.than she was when she first joined the herd . I had kind of decided In my.mind I was going to do her first rides......at that time I thought I was doing the best for Bea, not having other riders and just a one girl.bond.. ....unfortunately (I won't bore you with details ) I had a pretty dramatic labour and after labour issues And after two years have just really started to be able.to.ride and get the feeling back normally in my left hip with little.pain .....so I m thinking great I'll.do it ......then......along came Carola !! So we had a cuppa and I asked if she would be my coach for the first rides .......nope she said, it's not safe .......I was a little put out by this , (wait till the end !!) I felt a little insulted that I wasn't good enough to back my own pony.......however after a very frank discussion I decided that Bea would.go.to thursley and alexia would do her first rides (if they felt.she was ready) ...well.off she went and I was left feeling like I had let my.pony down because I had been so Ill and un able and I so wanted to be the only.one to ride her ..........and there it was , staring me in the face .....my bloody ego !! I wanted to do her first rides , I had not even considered that it may not be the best for Bea , and then I realised I had not let her down , far from it , she was over with two amazing professionals having her best interests at heart with a lot more experience and ability ......so even though the words don't seem to match my.feelings I had such a transformation in the way I think and like I said the realisation that all along i was wanting to do this for me and hadn't really taken into consideration what was actually practically best for Bea . So then after ten amazing days and her first few sit ons she came.home ....what an amazing site , she has changed shape considerably for a start , she seems more relaxed and she is standing better behind .....I have a plan from alexia to finish my level.two ground work before any further riding layers are asked of Bea .....I have realised (with the help.of Carola and alexia) thats is not going to be a quick job and I probably.wont be riding her this year .....she's a sharp.cookie and I need to be light and agile.in my.riding ......had I done what I wanted without the advice from the girls I could have been writing a very different post. I've kind of rambled on a bit but I hope.im getting accross what's in my heart . Thank you so much ladies you truly are amazing people xxxx
  6. Amazing Amanda ! Ah it's a bug bear of mine we can't compete in our halters , Makes no sense . . .but huge congratulations x
  7. tilda8


    She's just amazing . . .. alexia no was mark gent (KC Pierre graduate ) got him in as they are growing a bit wonky but thinks it's because bon couldn't ever get her feet out the back so wasn't balanced . Was worried this would alter her legs , pelvis but all good , bones aligned correctly it's just the hoof and all can be corrected and she took them out the back for him . . . . now to ride her
  8. tilda8


    After two years of gaining trust today for the first time bea took her legs out the back to be trimmed by a man without trying to take the trimmer out !! . She was still shaking (has been abused by old owners) but managed to find it in herself to trust . I am so proud of her my heart is beaming . And it was all her choice, no force . Thanks QS x
  9. Well the day started badley with stupid amounts of rain that re flooded my just drying out land ! So I was grumpy , anyway , Ali (partner) came to help me out this afternoon and forgot to shut the paddock gate so Bea got I to the resting field (with nice sweet grass !!) My halter was back in the car so I decided to go get her . Found her and started to move her on with hands round her nose , nothing happened ! Her mate was jumping up and down the other side of the fence which wasn't helping . Anyway I had Shane's voice in my head from the demo saying offer and wait , so I waited , and waited (normally by this time I would have put some phases in and prob lost her ) then all of a sudden she softened and walked with me all the way back to the gate ignoring said friend . This made my day , she could have chosen to leave at any point and buggered off but she didn't . Has taught me a great deal about giving her more time and being more patient ! Thought I'd share , can't really put it into words how good it was though felt we really.connected today and Bea chose that completely x
  10. Hi , the trimming video is not there anymore , I've just got.some.nippers , knife and a rasp.and want to.find instructions.before I let myself.loose on my pony . Is there another link to it ? Many thanks
  11. I hadn't listened to the chat when this happened and went to post this then got distracted and listened to the fireside chat . . .anyway I was reversing the trailer and it made a kind of cheese wedge shape along the fence (yep prob should have put ponies away but didn't ) Bea decided the grass under where the trailer had been parked was fair game , so went in the wedge , Bella then followed and Bella bosses Bea about so Bea was trapped between the trailer , my car and the fence with Bella putting pressure on her to move forward (which she couldn't ) in my mirror I saw this happening and it was so quick there was nothing I could do , I watched her for a split second weigh up her options , she calmly turned herself (not sure how in the space provided ) and calmly jumped over the toe hitch , hind quarter yeilded and faced my in the drivers window . Now this could have been a vet job had she panicked so that to me was a huge success for her as she thought her way through a sticky situation . . . Anyway it got me thinking what's different when I have her on line and was looking for reasons with her . . . listened to the fireside chat and realise now it's me !! So two success stories , pony thought her way through and so did I !! Both pretty reactive beings who have learnt a great lesson . Thanks QS xx
  12. Thanks am chuffed with her ...I'll bring them in Alexia x
  13. I couldn't even wait to get home to post this ! . . . First success was being able to wash beas hind legs , tail and doc yesterday as she is in season and flies were annoying her (those who know Bea will know this is a huge improvement as we couldn't get past her girth area Ehen she came to live with us ) Secondly we walked round to wendies yard , on our own for qs practise just a couple of blips but she let me take the lead and took direction and even though she was a bit touchy she did all I asked . Was lovely at wendies , filmed an assignment then we came home.. . We did it !!! I love her ❤
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