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  1. out and about

    Thanks am chuffed with her ...I'll bring them in Alexia x
  2. out and about

    I couldn't even wait to get home to post this ! . . . First success was being able to wash beas hind legs , tail and doc yesterday as she is in season and flies were annoying her (those who know Bea will know this is a huge improvement as we couldn't get past her girth area Ehen she came to live with us ) Secondly we walked round to wendies yard , on our own for qs practise just a couple of blips but she let me take the lead and took direction and even though she was a bit touchy she did all I asked . Was lovely at wendies , filmed an assignment then we came home.. . We did it !!! I love her ❤
  3. well what a treat ! , what an amazing learning curve, and a huge lesson in seeing the bigger picture ! so bea is a 6 year old rescue mare and is incredibly nervous , touchy and runs mostly on instinct without thinking her way through things. unfortunately I haven't been able to do much with her due to health issues however ( and this is part of the bigger picture lesson!) I think it may have been a good thing (ill explain why in a bit) so off I went Tuesday morning ready to watch bea being started with expectations or her being ridden that week.... so after some ground work under saddle she developed sores around her girth area, shane explained to me it was due to her being very braced through her front end and moving in such a way that caused herself harm , so the next morning I went and brought a girth guard so it was softer for her.....well I presented this to shane who just looked at me, shook his head and said "no" ! I didn't understand, why would this not help so she could carry on with the training (again part of a revelation ill explain later) .....I was really quite disappointed when he said that she had to stop work under saddle, all that expectation had been blown away and bea would not be ridden this week......so I went home that night a little deflated and pondered everything I could remember that shane had said to me that day ......and then it hit me, all of a sudden......the bigger picture lesson that has changed everything....... .......Firstly, shane had been talking about horses with "kinks", he used a hose pipe *ogy that even though you can straighten a kink, the weak spot is always there......my little mare is kinked by the cruel people who owned her before, but thank god I didn't make more kinks by not seeing what shane saw and not knowing what I know now so I am actually glad I hadn't done much with her, secondly why on earth would I want to "cover up " an issue with a girth guard and just get on with it if there is any sort of brace in the horse (huge lesson that one!) and thirdly the work that shane did with bea on the ground was and has been far more valuable that getting her under saddle............... these words don't seem to be enough to explain the whole shift I have had on my thought process towards horse training, but the main ones that have shifted are. learning not to set my pony up and help her out too much to do the task at hand, to allow her to think her way through and being patient and trusting that she will shift to thinking her way through things even when she is being emotional about life, but know when to help out a little bit, to do everything with an open heart make sure the horse is able to see the deal in an ask not to get so task focused that the "feel" is lost and the "try" is missed ( I feel quite emotional about this one ) and even though it seems such an obvious thing to say, getting the foundations spot on just means a happier horse, happier human and safer journey together. so now instead of huffing when I don't get a blue tick I shall look forward to what other lessons are out there for me to learn on my qs journey. with regards to bea and any changes the most obvious one is her ability to recover from being braced on the end of the rope to relaxing, she used to relax but not like she does now and she is less emotional over the barrels. Today was pretty cool too, I was giving bea a scratch and bella came up and tried to ask her to move forward, if she had done so she would have had to get in my personal space and push on me to get past me and the tree, in the past she would have done, probably at a trot but I saw what was about to happen and asked bea to move off in a different direction around the tree and she did it , slowly, calmly and without her head and neck like a giraffe ! so I am bad for babbling and being rubbish at grammer but I hope you get the jist! shane ransley this should be called horse and owner training, I have found this week invaluable in life and horsemanship lessons, I would not have gained the insight and knowledge I have today had I just dropped my horse off and picked it up at the end, thank you both for letting us be part of our horses journey and watch the master at work ! and what an amazing bunch of people to share this experience with xxx
  4. yippie !

    hi, its great......even though she is still really reactive the more sessions we do even if I think they haven't gone well the more she wants to be with me ! its great !! and we made it further down the road yesterday ...yay !! thanks for the incouragement x
  5. blocked any ideas?

    so its weird, I put a question on the forum........get it out there as it were and then went to play with tilda. it was great, chilled, interested, played about with some poles, rode to different tempos with music, big smiles on both our faces........so it got me to pull apart my generalization of a blanket " he is not interested".............I went out today just to ride Tilda to a bit of music , that was it.....and it was amazing!.....so it must come down to the agenda thing again ! even when I don't think I mind what the out come is......I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........also its so much more apparent with the ground work, again only with tilda, and I think that's because I am so emotionally attached to him I find it hard to give personal space boundaries......he knows ...and I think I have lost his respect on the floor for doing just that...........I don't know how to correct that because unless I'm not using my phases correctly, he doesn't listen to them! he just walks in my space !, not over me and not in a dangerous way at all just kind of saunters over after a hind quarter yield, gets heavy, and stands by me, even when I wave my arms about use my leg and then stick on nose (not hard though) trying everything I can not to have to move my feet backwards he just kind of lifts his head up higher and stands there !!! or takes a few steps back to the end of the stick length and no more, and yes if he is more right brained he is a lot lighter !(and easier) but how do I get that lightness and lift and conversation when he is left brained ! (just learning about this left brain right brain stuff ......I think ive got out in words what I mean) anyway I think ive talked myself into bringing it back around to me (not the pony!) off to read lessons and watch videos !
  6. blocked any ideas?

    hekko, well after attending the building rapor clinic with Meredith this summer I am an addict ! however I am experiencing a block, same as before and now I'm wondering if it is actually me or the pony ! so.......because of situations out of my control I could not take tilda to the camp I borrowed bella, monicas horse. we had a ball, she had me laughing, in tears, annoyed, happy, in ore.....I think I had every emotion going on and enjoyed the learning and the experience. so I go back home and try to re create what I had learnt......nothing, tilda was emotionless, pretty shut down and could not really be bothered. unless a canter was involved in which case he then got very right brained!(speed is his favorite thing) anyway mixed sessions up a bit, did ground work, rode, played well tried to), blasted some stevie nicks!! nothing I just get the impression he is "going through the motions" - ok I thought, maybe it my energy so went to play with tildas girlsfriend tara (kindly lent to me), had a ball, she has a lot to say for herself but I like that ! and by the end of the twenty min session she was staying out of my space, waiting to be asked to go through gates, it was lovely.....a little out of my comfort zone but again, like I said we had a great time. went back to tilda, same energy, same light heartedness......nothing, just went through motions. ......now this pony, had a lot to say for himself when I first got him, so I know he has a voice but I don't know where it has gone and after hearing Meredith talk of the quiet ones suddenly shouting back I am wondering what to do. my questions are have I shut him down without realising and if so how do I un shut him !? is he just ready to retire and be a hacking pony......which would be ok and his hacking has improved ten time over since starting qs but I still cant just jump on and go out on my own without him being plugged in and because i have the luxury of working the hours i choose no one is about or wants to hack out. ......so i want to continue with qs with him, but not with me feeling like i am making him do it. and i don't feel like that with other horses. what can i do to get the energy and enthusiasm i get out hacking in the school. and i cant work in fields at the moment as we cant take horses into each other fields and the boys field is not safe to work in due to a lot of horses who would not respect me asking them to move away ! and it would be carnage ! mmm think that's it for now. oh one other thing. some people in the horsey world in the uk have a very bad opinion of qs, to the point where they are sabotaging it on horse and pony forums etc. is there a blurb i can cut and paste as a reply, my reply would a)not be polite and not help the pr of the organisation !!!! and c) I'm just learning so don't want to get it wrong! I'm learning about tact !!! lots of love sarah x
  7. realisation ......

    Tedious was the wrong word, if I'm honest I find ground work hard !!!
  8. realisation ......

    So today I think I has my biggest Tada moment so far..........I was bored....... bored with trying so hard to get it right ........ after reading a post by Sam (barclay) I realized how much I worry about getting it the QS way when in fact I have been using direct and indirect reins all these years without even realizing or without knowing the QS name ! but in a much more subtle way than the up to the sky, accross belly button etc. .......anyway I started my journey to the yard, decided in my head I was just going to go back to riding and to be honest forget QS. So I then got to tacking up and off I went with bridle , then went back and put my halter underneath!!!!! After getting to the field I went to go to the jump to get on but just couldn't do it, it felt wrong , not without warming up. Went straight into QS way of warming up, then got on. Held my reins and left rope on tills neck. Three steps on dropped reins took up rope !! Warmed up, rebounds, change of pace etc then took up my reins in a light contact.......... holy crap !!!!!............ the difference gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Tilda took self carriage, was so light in my hands I actually let go of the reins in trot and nothing changed he worked in a beautiful outline, came down to walk with complete self control , up and underneath himself, to sit on and feel that was just a privilege, we had a canter , light and calm, change of lead with no buck or emotion he was just breathtaking ...... yes we have worked in self carriage before but intermittently and only if I asked , tills never just offered it, and not as light as he was today in a bridle. ......so my Tadah moment is a realization that from my re education with QS and without even realizing it we have made so much progress........ and I know I can say from tilda and myself thank you for this program, its been and probably will continue to be an emotional one .......today really showed me what a difference ground work makes, I do find it tedious sometimes and find it easier riding but I am now more committed than ever to complete the program. 😄😃😊😁x and hopefully I'm going to do the impulsion clinic in the summer 😃
  9. Fabulous Quantum Weekend in Surrey

    I'm still not sure how to condense the connection course into a few paragraphs . For me it was an emotional roller coaster of dealing with learning a whole new language, and dealing with how I feel about my horse communication/connection before ......this has been an on going theme for me with QS but was compounded on the connection course. Whilst listening to Monica talk about connection, release, options ......I had a movie playing in the back of my mind of all the times I had not used those principles in my work with horses........ anyway when the course finished I felt slightly deflated, worried that I has not been present enough or light enough in my heart to have possibly learnt much..... how wrong was I !!!!! After deciding not to do anything but hang out with tills for three days I went to QS group Friday and went with Monica voice in my head HAVE FUN ! I then did everything we had learnt on the connection course with flow and tills was light and playful , lovely spirals, change of direction in trot...... just amazing. I then filmed my two rein assignment and even though was not happy with the outcome I put it on for coaching , that's another thing I learnt, its ok for it not to be perfect before putting it on and not to get frustrated with tills and myself if I don't get it right I think that's what Monica called the maker in me, . I also learnt to see more try, to release an the small tries and not to ask more and more, not only in Tilda but myself too. Thank you Monica for your great lessons and for holding the space for us emotionally xxx