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  1. That's so fantastic and so so true! "Put the assignments in for feedback" We've all heard it so often and I know I can get caught up on "it's not good enough", so thank you for the reminder!
  2. Congratulations to all you amazing Horsemen...what a fabulous summer for you all!!
  3. Hi Jane, I hope that you're healing well and quickly and that Murphy is also okay! Take care Jane!
  4. Congrats Riddhima and Bill!!
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  6. Australia Day Practise Day at - Chambers Flat Equestrian Park Chambers Flat Rd Chambers Flat 8am Start in the Arena for the "Try Something New" activity! Followed by Morning Tea and Horsemanship Dreams
  7. Jane!! Sounds like a Plan!!
  8. Hi Rhiddhima! QS is just so amazing isn't it? I reckon we begin look better to our horses as soon as we start the program and our leadership improves!!! Your Bill looks such a like a darling too!! Have fun
  9. Fantastic Judy!! Congratulations
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