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  1. Australia Day Practise Day at - Chambers Flat Equestrian Park Chambers Flat Rd Chambers Flat 8am Start in the Arena for the "Try Something New" activity! Followed by Morning Tea and Horsemanship Dreams
  2. Jane!! Sounds like a Plan!!
  3. Hi Rhiddhima! QS is just so amazing isn't it? I reckon we begin look better to our horses as soon as we start the program and our leadership improves!!! Your Bill looks such a like a darling too!! Have fun
  4. Fantastic Judy!! Congratulations
  5. Hi Riddhima and Bill!! Welcome to QS!!
  6. Oh Kerri, how wonderful for you and Oz!! So great to hear that he is feeling confident again, and using his hind quarter! Good on you Fiona Prescott, bit of awesome right there!!
  7. Wow, I can't wait to see the full challenge!!
  8. Hi Jusy, thank you for that awesome tip!! It looks like I will have to add an extra button to my favourites!! I will check it out right now
  9. It is Kerri, and thank you for the introduction to my favourite button!!
  10. Hi everyone! I just wanted to mention the value of the "Unread Content" button. I didn't even know about it, until Kerri had bought it up at the last GO Conference, and lordy, have I found it invaluable for catching up on posts I have missed! It saves me a whole heap of scrolling and searching to keep up with posts I'm following! My notifications don't always pop up, so thank goodness for the UCB!!
  11. Hello gurus..just a question.. does this mean phases mean pressure?
  12. Hi Meredith! Fessing up does take a bit of ticker, always feels good to let stuff go, and if you want to be on this QS journey....well...you know! I’m not able to make it to the Red String ride this time, it’s Morgan’s Birthday and we have some Family Birthday plans...Looks like no pizza for me
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