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  1. Congratulations Shiloh Staines!

    Congrats Shi and Donk....wahooooooo!!
  2. Another Red String!

    Congrats Tania...go the Standie!!!
  3. Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    Huge Congratulations Tye and Spirit!! You guys are awesome!!
  4. Sharing QS at school

    So very cool!!
  5. Congratulations Grace and Flip L1 Grads

    Huge Congratulations Grace & Flip!!
  6. Welcome June Larkin and Siski Martin

    Hi June and Siski! Apologies for the late welcome, but welcome anyway! Enjoy the ride!
  7. Older horses learning NH

    Hi there! My horse Vogue is 26 and doing well with QS. She was a Polo Horse for most of her life! QS has given her a spark back and she now has options and the opportunity to express her opinion, sometimes we have differences of opinions, but in the end it's hers that matters most!! When is it too old, is there a cut off just because of age?
  8. One rein riding with Frosty

    That's wonderful news Brooke!
  9. This energy thing!

    What a wonderful post...this Energy thing...you could write a book!! It would be a QS bestseller!!
  10. Purple tick for Di and Bonza

    Huge Congratulations to Di and Bonza...you guys are amazing!
  11. just starting

    Hi Melonie, welcome to QS! It's so wonderful to see you on the Forum! We have a couple of members in Thornlands, which is kind of close to you.. Your Group Organiser should be able to put you in touch with them!! Hope to meet you sometime
  12. Can horses eat pizza?

    Hi Trin and Gypsy!! Great to see you on the forum...hope to catch up with you soon! Big loves xx
  13. A Blue String for Elise!!

    Woohoo, Congratulations Elise and Diva!! What an amazing effort you have put in! Fantastic news!!
  14. Congratulations Kerensa!

    Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes! This is just one of the many and varied reasons that I love QS! It's still sinking in!!
  15. Congratulations Celia & Peppi

    Woohoo!! Huge Congratulations!!!!!