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  1. Thanks Meredith and Jen, we found a little place at Ascotvale, which we are hoping is close to Equitana... Everyone says that Melbourne has great public transport so I guess it doesn't matter too much if it isn't?
  2. Great, thanks Simon! Georgia had organised a workshop with him and unfortunately I was unable to attend. I might see if organising another one would be feasible.. will contact him this week anyways...
  3. Fingers crossed for some rain and hope all are safe
  4. Gee Simone, is that close to your other property? We're safe here at ours, it's just the smoke because there are fires all around but a fair distance from us. My heart goes out to all those affected.
  5. Wow...that was really awesome Jen. People would never believe that you filmed that with your phone, competing in a timed trail ride with obstacles riding a brumby one handed in a rope hackamore!! Just amazing
  6. That is just too funny! I think the prize should definitely go to.... Meredith...sorry Shane, those technicalities can be a bugger
  7. You're welcome Jane!! I've put my Christmas Order in for a Go-Pro and a drone! That way I have 12 months to practise using them
  8. Wow!! You go ladies! How amazing for you to tick one off on your wish list!
  9. Awesome, thanks Meredith! We're definitely excited! Are you hoping to do a demo or two as well?
  10. Thanks Meredith, I really love receiving mail, especially when it doesn't have a window!!
  11. Me too Shane...things can only get better, and that is a real WOW moment
  12. Hi Everyone! I wanted to share with you all, a small part of the journey our young horses Luna and Îah have had... Luna and Îah were both halter trained by Mel a couple of years ago and have had a follow up since. Mel did a little bit of loading with them this year, then took them up to QSSC at Woolooga for Colt Start. We went up to pick them up last Saturday and completed hand over. When we left on Sunday, it was such a joy to just go into their yard, put the halter on and load them into the float, with some guidance from Mel! Our trip home was about 4 and 1/2 hours, we stopped to fuel up and put air in the tyres and grabbed a feed. The girls stood quietly in the float for about 20 minutes while we did this! No drama at all! When we got home, we unloaded them, Îah was a keen to get off the float! We put them in the yards overnight, too dark to go down to the paddock (for us that is) and when we took them out to their paddocks the next day, it was just too easy! The whole journey was a complete joy, because these youngsters have had the right preparation and handling. They have both only had around 25 hours of training on the ground and it is such a pleasure to be around them and handle them, they're light, responsive and easy!! Thanks Mel and thanks QS!!
  13. Hi there, once the music is sorted for the Open Freestyle Classes, can we share them to our FB Group please?
  14. Thanks Meredith, I will definitely look into that and get in touch with Peter. Do you know if is anyone thinking of hosting a workshop with him before the WHWW?
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