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  1. Thank you all so much. I am so honoured to be joining the professionals team and am beyond excited to step into my role as a coach
  2. Drum role please.... We are very excited to announce that Meredith is one of the authors contributing to the next edition of Hoofbeats Magazine!! Hoofbeats have decided to offer a free online magazine, to offer something special to everyone given these currently challenging times. Meredith has been delighted to support this cause and is thrilled because this is a great way to get the QS message out to the world! This FREE online magazine comes out THIS WEDNESDAY. Visit the Hoofbeats website now to get an emailed copy - http://hoofbeats.com.au/sneakpeekNEW/freedigital.html Enjoy what will be a great read and share this with your friends. This is the first of many more magazine features and regular articles Meredith will be writing. Before having her lovely kids she wrote for all kinds of magazines and she is now excited to be getting back into it. Happy Reading!
  3. I'm in!!!! I'm definitely in! That was such an amazing experience! I'd also like to consider taking a young brumby on after the camp. Obviously details to consider with that but I think in two years I'll be about ready for a young one.
  4. I really enjoyed the weekend as well! I got much more out of it than I had expected to. I was talking to mum about it and we thought it made us take more responsibility for our discoveries. Not having the group or instructor there to encourage us at every step we had to try and then evaluate on ourselves. Also getting to see some further away QSers was awesome! I think this could be an awesome way to do a level three clinic haha This could also be such an awesome way to to blue or even green string rides in the future!
  5. Hi Meredith Elsie Malt would love to join! She will be in the level one group.
  6. I'm in! Please put me down as a rider. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I've put together this video to hopefully inspire you to join in too! Enjoy Vitrual Workshop.mp4
  7. Event Title: QSE Attendees Chat Event Author: georgia_pearl Calendar: Ransley Events Event Date: 04/14/2020 09:00 AM Are you booked into a QSE camp this year? If so, join Shane and Meredith for a Zoom chat tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am AEST to discuss changes to your camp due to Covid-19. The link to join the chat will be posted here soon. QSE Attendees Chat
  8. Are you booked into a QSE camp this year? If so, join Shane and Meredith for a Zoom chat tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am AEST to discuss changes to your camp due to Covid-19. The link to join the chat will be posted here soon.
  9. Horse Chat with Meredith To use a computer go to this link https://zoom.us/j/8219007477 it will ask you to do a download which doesn't take long and then you can log in with the seminar ID: 821-900-7477
  10. This is the first of some awesome virtual events coming soon!! Morning Chat's with Meredith are free to all QS members! Join Meredith Ransley on the Zoom platform to discuss some or all of the following: Goal setting Your progress this week A horsemanship mindset Specific questions (please post your questions below ahead of time) Chats are on: TOMORROW - Thursday 9th of April - 9am AEST, 12am UK time (with special guest Shane Ransley) Wednessday 15 of April - 9am AEST, 12am UK time Wednessday 22nd of April - 9am AEST, 12am UK time Here is the zoom link, so visit this page just before the chat time to login. If you haven't used zoom before or are having trouble please PM me and I will step you through it. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8219007477?pwd=QWhLaUREaVNHWTY3Z0lzV0U4eWJLQT09 Meredith is really looking forward to connecting with you all in her first chat tomorrow. Remember if you have any specific questions, please post them below so Meredith can be sure to fit the answer in. Hope to see you there!
  11. VOTING IS NOW OPEN!! Send me a PM to vote for your top three costumes! Please send me a message with your first choice, second choice and third choice. Thankyou! We can’t wait to celebrate the winners
  12. Here are some photos from Facebook.
  13. We had a great day! Georgia and Pearl and Donna and Rocky
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