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  1. georgia_perl

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

  2. georgia_perl

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

  3. QS4Kids Workshops with Meredith Ransley! In the coming school holidays, Meredith is running workshops to build kids understanding and awareness of ponies, so that children will be safer and have more fun. The location is QSSC in Woolooga, Qld. Children are invited to attend one lesson each day for five consecutive days on either the: 17th to 21st December or 14th to 18th Janurary. Contact the QS Office at enquiries@quantumsavvy.com or call 07 5641 1861 to book your child's spot! QS4KIDS!.mp4
  4. georgia_perl

    Drum roll for Simone and Bindi

    WOHOOO! Congratts Simone!! Enjoy this red string!
  5. SUMMER LESSONS WITH MEREDITH RANSLEY ARE BACK!!! In December, January and February, Meredith will be offering lesson weekends covering topics of Level One, Two and Three as well as Harmony In Motion. The location for these events is the beautiful QSSC in Woolooga, Qld. You can book in for one or more weekends. DATES: December 15th &16th January 12th & 13th February 9th & 10th Like always the Summer Lessons Weekends are full of learning and fun as you will not only participate in your own small group lesson (max 5 people), you will also audit the three other lessons. This is a great chance to look ahead and become inspired by higher level students and to realise how far you have come and reinforce your foundations. You will also recieve personalised homework to complete before and after your lesson so you can really make the most of the weekend. Are you ready to make lasting changes and huge progress with your horse this summer? Contact the QS Office to book and to make your summer horsemanship plan! (PM Meredith or Georgia or email enquiries@quantumsavvy.com) Summer Lessons Promo 201819_Medium (1).mp4
  6. georgia_perl

    Another little girl and another fabulous pony

    Go Rhiannon!!! Massive Congrats to you and Tilly
  7. georgia_perl

    Natural Worming

    I've had a great experience with using proper minerals to get rid of a worm burden recently. We got a fecal egg count for mums horse rocky about 6 months ago and it came up that he had really high levels of an unusual worm - sorry I can't remember the name. But a usual count for this worm is between 200 - 400 and he had about 2,000 so way too manny (even though we were using rotational grazing). Before the count I had just read Pat Colbys guide to feeding horses and put them on the minerals that she reccomended in the book. Just recently we got another count done and the vet said the levels are now down to 400. Just goes to show how important proper mineral balance is and that you don't always have to use chemical wormers!
  8. georgia_perl

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    Enjoy this montage wrap up of the Whole Horse Wellness Workshops which ran during the QSE 2018! These workshops were an amazing opportunity for students and horse owners to learn from leading professionals in the areas of equine muscle care, barefoot trimming, saddle fit and dentistry.This exciting workshop will be back again on the 27th & 28th of April as part of QSE 2019. Contact the office for more details. WHWW.mp4
  9. georgia_perl

    Red String events

    Thanks Fiona! Yes it was heaps of fun wasnt it Here is a video slideshow I made showcasing the best photos from the weekend. I have also posted all of the photos taken on the weekend into the Practise Group Gallery here is the link to look through them . Like I wrote in the gallery, if you missed this ride, there are four Red String Rides planned in the Sunshine Coast area for 2019. Or if you don't live on the Sunshine Coast and would like to go to a Red String Ride, let myself of Meredith no and we will do our best to get an event going in your area. Red_String_Rides_Slideshow1.mp4
  10. georgia_perl

    Red String Trail Riding Weekend Woolooga Oct 2018

    Thankyou to everyone who came and made the first ever Red String Ride at Woolooga such a sucess! If you missed this one don't worry, we have four great rides planned for the Sunshine Coast area in 2019. Or if you live somewhere else and would like to go to a Red String Ride in your area contact either Meredith or myself (Georgia) and we will get some rides running near you!
  11. georgia_perl

    Big congratulations for a little girl and her pony.

    Wohoo! Lovely Job Caitlin! Congrats on your red string
  12. georgia_perl

    Liv has done it again!

    Awesome job Liv!!!!