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  1. georgia_perl

    Georgia and Perl L3 Flank Rope

    THanks Luna!
  2. georgia_perl

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Congrats Liv and Matilda!!
  3. georgia_perl

    The World's Biggest Play Day

    South East Queensland Combined World's Biggest Play Day at Chambers Flat Equestrian Park. All QS members welcome to our Quantum Games for a fun day of obstacle challenges and 'horsey' competitions! Contact me on 0431 011 350 for details
  4. georgia_perl

    QS horse looking for new Home!

    Hey Fi Im looking out for a 'been there done that horse' for a 14 year old friend whos a complete beginner. Do you think she would suit or is she a little more green given shes been out in the paddock for a while?
  5. georgia_perl

    retired pony and a new one

    How special that Quince has come back into your life she sounds beautiful!
  6. georgia_perl

    Yay Nancy and Summer

    Congratulations Nancy!! Youve worked so hard and your both looking so beautiful together! Cant wait to see you in L2
  7. georgia_perl

    Never say never...

    Awesome Sophie!!
  8. georgia_perl

    2017 Reflection

    My year has been very much the same I'm also working on my ridden L2 and in 2017 I also only got one blue tick. But over the year my horsemanship and my pony Perl have changed so so much. So thanks for sharing as it's totally relatable for me! Exciting things (and hopefully a few more blue ticks ) ahead in 2018 I think.
  9. Congratulations Bodil and Pardotje!
  10. georgia_perl

    Congratulations Sandra and Ben L1 grads!!

    Congrats Sandra!!
  11. georgia_perl

    QS saddles re designed and available for order now.

    Ohhh!!! So exciting! I've been saving for a new saddle for a while... Ive still got way to go but Im getting close! I'm not sure if I would want the western or stock look.. I love the idea of being closer to the horse but don't no if if would also want a horn. Shane could you help me out with the pros and cons. Why would I need/want a horn? Why not? Thankyou!
  12. georgia_perl

    Incorrect Canter Lead

    Hey Luna I no all about this one HAHA! Im keen to hear what others have to say as Im still helping my pony through this but I would think to try focusing on helping Darcy find release in the correct lead canter. So once he transitions properly leave him be to canter around a lap or too before stoping him. Try think about letting him go forward as the release and reward for picking the correct lead. If he picks the wrong lead I would be stopping him as soon as I can and asking him up again. You dont want him getting used to counter cantering so bring him back to the trot straight away if he picks the wrong lead and then offer up again. Im sure he will get the idea of cantering on the right lead pretty quickly if thats the only way you let him canter forward . Good luck and have fun with it!!!
  13. georgia_perl

    So much try!

    They most definitely are
  14. georgia_perl

    Starting Again.

    Great to hear Maxine!