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  1. Congratulations Sandra and Ben L1 grads!!

    Congrats Sandra!!
  2. QS saddles re designed and available for order now.

    Ohhh!!! So exciting! I've been saving for a new saddle for a while... Ive still got way to go but Im getting close! I'm not sure if I would want the western or stock look.. I love the idea of being closer to the horse but don't no if if would also want a horn. Shane could you help me out with the pros and cons. Why would I need/want a horn? Why not? Thankyou!
  3. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Hey Luna I no all about this one HAHA! Im keen to hear what others have to say as Im still helping my pony through this but I would think to try focusing on helping Darcy find release in the correct lead canter. So once he transitions properly leave him be to canter around a lap or too before stoping him. Try think about letting him go forward as the release and reward for picking the correct lead. If he picks the wrong lead I would be stopping him as soon as I can and asking him up again. You dont want him getting used to counter cantering so bring him back to the trot straight away if he picks the wrong lead and then offer up again. Im sure he will get the idea of cantering on the right lead pretty quickly if thats the only way you let him canter forward . Good luck and have fun with it!!!
  4. So much try!

    They most definitely are
  5. Starting Again.

    Great to hear Maxine!
  6. Welcome Mary Valley New Members!

    Welcome to QS!
  7. So much try!

    I wanted to write something here so I remember how much try Perl gave me tonight! I was playing with the ranch rope and tried our first jumps bigger than the sideways barrels. I made a jump out of crossing 2 poles between the upright barrels. I started with the barrels spaced far apart and moved them together so the jump ended up quite big. Perl did so well and followed my direction so well she trotted beautifully in and out of the jumps even when they got quite big (probs 3/4 the upright barrel). It looked like she was really enjoying the challenging jumps. Then as a warm down I decided to put a pole on the ground in between the upright barrels and asked perl to circle me and walk over the pole. As she approached the pole I was focusing on flicking the rope up so it would go over the barrel, so accidentally my energy got really high. As Perl walked towards the pole on the ground she kept looking at me to see what I was asking, then she did a big jump over the pole (definitely bigger than her usual 2') and walked out the other side. Later I tried it again asking intentionally and she did another beautiful jump over the pole. Then I circled her again keeping my energy low and she just walked over the pole. I am so so so blown away by the try Perl gave me tonight! She jumped a large jump that wasnt even there all because I asked her to with my energy...
  8. Congratulations Jill!!! Such an amazing achievement!
  9. Tania Does it Again!

    Congratulations Tania!!
  10. Yeehaa Nancy! A Blue String for you!

    WOHOOO!! You are so awesome Nancy!! Congrats again!!!
  11. Harmony in Motion camp Crystal Creek ta-dahs

    Wow! What a week we had!! It has really taken me a few days to download everything to even think about writing this post! haha! The first things that come to mind is it is incredible how one pattern can make such a difference. We spent most of the week working on circles, lateral drifts, spirals and CoD's. Starting with a halter and lead, then ring rope around her neck, to bareback and bridleless to contact riding. Sticking to the same tasks I could see Perl really thinking and her brain ticking away like oh I remember this, but we're doing it differently this time. The change in myself and my pony over the five days was insane! I am sure she physically looks rounder and mentally I could see glimmers of Perl really enjoying herself in our tasks - which is a huge goal of mine! And me well, it more than just thinking differently about my approach to horses its completely changed the way I move all the way around horses. The week had so so many huge moments where my amazing pony just stepped up and softened in ways she has never before. I have really learned how much she has improved and how much she can step up. Because of this my huge BFO is really to ask for what i want!! To think about what I want Perl to offer me before I start, to get it quickly, then release! During the week I had my first few tries at bareback and bridless riding and it was so so much fun! My amazing pony surprised me so many times and I was amazed at how she decided to follow my focus and direction when really she had ultimate options. I no this will sound dramatic but HIM has honestly saved my horse!! As I'm writing this I'm sitting in the paddock and just watching her walk around makes me so so happy! Her movement has completely transformed from choppy and not using her shoulders and really dragging herself around to actually carrying herself. I am so amazed that she has carried this back to the paddock! On the last day Meredith told me she thought our work with Perl has created an alternative future.. I have been thinking about that a lot lately and think it is a perfect description. Like and alternate time frame... Because of everything HiM has done for her she will no longer break down in her early teens. And she can now actually move properly so she will be able to perform the tasks I need her to in order to progress. Which is super exciting! Our hugest Ta da moment was canter circles with the ring rope around perks neck! For those of you who don't know three years ago I bought a pony who could not canter on a right lead.. We sorted through all physical issues and put it down to pain memory. Perl has spent a few weeks with Meredith working on improving her movement with him tasks. On our final day of the camp I got 2 laps of a really nice and soft canter to the right from just the offer!! It was honestly the most amazing thing! Even better, after I got back home I watched her take her first canter strides on the right lead in the paddock!! So completely her choice! I had so so much fun over the week discovering so much about my partnership with my amazing pony. It was truely one of the most amazing experiencences of my life and I feel like it has all just come together at the perfect time for Perl and I. Meredith I cannot Thankyou enough!
  12. Congratulations Luna and Darcy Level 1 grads!

    Wohoo! This is very exciting Luna! Look forward to seeing you in L2
  13. Due to the success of the recent hoofmanship workshop in Corooy we have decided to host a beginners Hoofmanship Workshop in Burbank, Brisbane. Peter Laidley will be running a whole day workshop focussed on understanding the hoof and good hoofmanship. This is such an essential topic for all horse owners to understand. When: Saturday 3rd of June Time: 8:30 am - 5pm Where: Adress in Burbank, Brisbane Cost: $100 per person Includes lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea Limited to only 10 participants For more information or to book contact Georgia Rose 0431 011 350 qsburbank@gmail.com
  14. We are seeing GREEN!!

    Wohoo!!! Huge Congrats Fiona and Coolie! So Inspiring!!
  15. Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    So exciting Tye! Congrats!