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  1. Tracy01

    Facing The Truth

    Big come back from his restart with Shane and I just wanted to get through my Level 1 and have a red string. I was on a roll with assignments and getting through the Level 1 ground work. I had a few resubs and Big and I were still finding our partnership etc. I went through saddling procedure and started to do the 1 rein pattern. I realised rather quickly that I was terrified of Big on the ground and in the saddle as he had kicked me, bitten me several times, would counter flex and would not canter - I continued to put on a brave face. I was scared to take him anywhere by himself, even to simply walk him from a yard to an arena was completely daunting for me and my anxiety was through the roof, everything felt stressful with him. Instead of going through my phases with him, I would go straight to 10 due to my own fear. I am grateful that he was forgiving and cut me some slack or I could of been in a whole load of trouble. It occurred to me after 6 months that Big had some similar traits to my other horse Tagonal (who I had lost all my confidence with - Tags is another Blog) and after a not so good play with Big - I walked down the paddock to Tags and shared my hearts truth with him. It was my lack of confidence, my fear, my brace when I rode that was causing all these challenges in my horses. This was hard to swallow as it wasn't my horses - it was my shit that was causing them to do the things they were doing....... I wanted so badly for Tags and Big to trust me with their lives, though I didn't trust them with mine. I wanted this so badly that I knew it was time to start work on myself to become a better leader......
  2. How exciting, I will be checking the mail box every day
  3. Looking For A Good Boy Horse - a few years ago I needed to find a horse to regain my confidence and Big as you all know him, had been offered to me. I had seen him several times over the years as he was spelled at our other property. I was offered him on lease and his description seemed perfect. Quite, could walk, trot and canter, no buck and no impulsion - PERFECT I WILL TAKE HIM. I had Big restarted by Shane, though he never raced - he was trialed and had learnt to use his size to push on humans. Oh did I mention he was young and green and was fond of tantrums. Big has also had some training with Mel to help us in our journey to date. Big is a good boy horse and I will go into detail in future blogs of our journey and how my own emotional fitness and leadership has been stretched.
  4. Tracy01


    Thanks for your thoughts, I will keep an eye on him, and see how we go
  5. Hi Everyone, Big Fella is happy to float load, he goes on every time, he stands still whilst divider is being closed and being tied in. He backs off slowly and does not appear to be troubled at all. Though, whilst waiting for another horse to be loaded, he paws and continues do so until we get going. This happens everytime we become stationary. I am not sure what to do to help him out. Thank you anyone who can help me to help my pony out
  6. Thank you so much everyone, look out level 2
  7. Congratulations Liv, truly inspiring
  8. Congratulations Georgia and Perl, well deserved as you have worked hard for this xx
  9. sending all our love and light
  10. Congratulations Fiona & Coolie 👏🌺🐴🤗
  11. Congratulations Tania on your amazing journey
  12. Congratulations Tye, you are inspiring
  13. Tracy01

    Dear Human Mind

    Our Quantum Savvy journey is so much more than learning horsemanship skills... if I allow my horse to push on my personal space, do I allow people in general to push my personal space. Oh Human Mind, we tried to deny the truth as I truly couldn't be this way. Thank you QS as not only am I learning to be a better horseman, I am also learning to be a better me
  14. Tracy01

    Dear Human Mind,

    We learnt something very valuable, didn't we! The lighter we are, the lighter our horse
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