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  1. Congratulations Shiloh Staines!

    Congratulations Shiloh & Donkey x
  2. We are seeing GREEN!!

    Congratulations Fiona & Coolie 👏🌺🐴🤗
  3. Another Red String!

    Congratulations Tania on your amazing journey
  4. Level 1 Grad for Murwillumbah!

    Congratulations Tye, you are inspiring
  5. Dear Human Mind

    Our Quantum Savvy journey is so much more than learning horsemanship skills... if I allow my horse to push on my personal space, do I allow people in general to push my personal space. Oh Human Mind, we tried to deny the truth as I truly couldn't be this way. Thank you QS as not only am I learning to be a better horseman, I am also learning to be a better me
  6. Dear Human Mind,

    We learnt something very valuable, didn't we! The lighter we are, the lighter our horse
  7. Wishing all my QS family a very magical Xmas x

  8. Wishing all my QS family a very magical Xmas x

  9. A Blue String for Elise!!

    Huge congratulations Elise & Diva, huge achievement
  10. Hi Jen, Why are you selling saddle regards Tracy
  11. Thank you all for your amazing support
  12. I had a lesson with Lorraine and it was truly the best by far. I have been slowly putting layers on Tagonal, though have felt like Tags and I were going backwards, not forwards. Tags and I have had some difference of opinions these last couple of weeks and I couldn't work out what I was doing to offend him so much. During my lesson, I had many a WOW moment, actually from start to finish was one big WOW. I have spent afew hours thinking about my lesson, all that Lorraine has shared with me over time. Even had a really good read over all the notes I had taken whilst at Mel's clinics. What was so different today, than I realised that it was me. Today I was a confident leader ( with Lorraines' help of course ), and what a difference it made for my beautiful boy Tagonal
  13. Have just reprinted my Level 1 Homework Cards, want my pony to have the best foundation to help him out

  14. This afternoon, Tags and I did a passenger lesson and I am feeling on top of the world. A big thank you Lorraine and Miss Chief for supporting us, and continuing to build my confidence. Thank you again Mel for adding some important layers to Tags

    1. clairestack


      looking great this arvo friend xx

    2. lorraine22


      Thanks Tracy, it was as beneficial for Miss Chief as it was for Tags. Great to see you out there and now moving on to trot passenger lessons.

    3. mel


      Well done Tracy, passenger lessons will be awesome for him.