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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music and good food!

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  1. New to QS

    Welcome to the woderful world of QS
  2. One day sooner than the other day
  3. Welcome Hazel and Rusty

    Yes, this website is HUGE! Lol enjoy finding your way round x
  4. Congratulation Sandra and Ben, very well done xxx
  5. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    How lovely all round, well done
  6. Well done Alexia, I kinda feel like ive done lots of it with you, lets hope it rubs off xxx
  7. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Massive congratulations Fiona, well done xx
  8. Instant Stop

  9. What can I say? Where to begin? We have had an amazing ten days with Meredith here in Surrey. Buster and I did the level 1 mini camp and the HIM two half days and have learned so much as well as acheived so much in such a short time. It has been emotional, uplifting, refreshing, insightful and funny. I was fortunate enough to watch everything too and have learned so very much I dont know how i will cope with watching others not into QS with their horses! For Buster and I this past camp has cemented our relationship, he was amazing for me and now offers me beautiful flexes on both sides (I have struggled with this for so long) all i had to do was be patient and wait for him and there they were. I feel a whole new journey unfolding in front of us now and I am so excited about our future. Thank you everyone for making it so special and thank you Meredith for coming all this way to help us, we really do appreciate it. Tracy x
  10. Thank you both for sharing your latest journey with us all, it sound like profound learning has taken place, no surprises there lol. jessica, thank you for your amazing description of your exoerience, i really was with you on your journey! I am up at 04.30 when I should be asleep as my camp starts tomorrow, well, Friday really however we are all gathering tomorrow to start our open forum after a nice lunch at the Compass Inn of course I am even more excited having read your post so thank you and very well done for all your bravery, the QS family are a support network in themselves which makes it so very special through all our ups and downs they are there for us, thank goodness. Much love and joy to you and your horses xxx
  11. Welcome Hazel and Rusty

    Welcome Hazel & Rusty to a whole new world of horsemanship - enjoy the ride xx
  12. I feel reassured already lol. Have a good sleep and see you soon Tx
  13. We are excited too Fiona. Just getting everything ready