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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music, good food and horsemanship :)

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday Meredith, even in the rain ~ thank you
  2. Ive uploaded mine too, I wanted to watch the others however they've dissapesrd Tracy x
  3. Help I cant locate the video's is that because youve nicked them Meredith?
  4. Fascinating chat ladies, loved it. I will put a post up on the forum about the new mwmbers in the herd. I am working with Apollo now and am being mindful to be sure he is feeling good about what we are doing. little sessions to begin with and often I feel is the way to go right now. Love these chats Tracy x
  5. Hi, i'd like to join in too if i can please? Great chat earlier xx
  6. All the best Jane and Murphy. Sciatic pain is not fun is it ~ speedy recovery to you both x
  7. Oh Aileen what a beautiful post. You are such an inspiration with your hearfelt words, keep on doing what you are doing and shine your light for all to see. Well done, I am so proud of you two too xxx
  8. an excellent find Riddhima there are so many though lol my advice is to immerse yourself in the video's whenever you can, I even take QS into the bath with me!!!
  9. Thank you for my CD and Lorna also received a CD Who else has received a prize from over this neck of the woods?
  10. Congratulations Aileen & Monty i hope you will both be celebrating on this massive achievement ~ very well done indeed xxx
  11. Clive said your barrels are too far apart Charlie lol, i guess that depends on whether you want Silverado to go between your legs or not? or will he come from behing and collect YOU! Ha Ha you have got me going now as I am thinking of our L1 imagination
  12. Please extend a warm welcome to Riddhima and her horse Bill. They have been biding their time while Riddhima recovered from knee surgery last year and now they are out and about and have just joined up with The Hoofers. We are delighted to have you both join us and cant wait to get together and have a play
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