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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music, good food and horsemanship :)

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  1. Tracy44

    And the Red String goes to....Judy and Zoe

    Huge congratulations Judy and Zoe, so well done xxx
  2. Tracy44

    Natural Worming

    I have been using diatomaceous earth for a number of years now with great success. The only downside is that it must go into a wet feed. It has many other health benefits too.
  3. Tracy44

    Older horses and QS

    I thought I ought to give you a little update on Buster. He has been taking himself to QS practice when I'm not around! I've been told he joins in with the others, at liberty, trotting circles but not jumping the barrels lol. So it just goes to show that they do enjoy the work and it seems like he is ready for some more assignments after his few months holiday. How great is that Happy, healthy horse all thanks to QS
  4. Well Apollo and I are getting along quite nicely now. He tries very hard to get it right and is a quick learner, really quick. I did what you said Shane and he picks up the pattern very quickly when I am consistent and when I am not focused it gets messy. In fact he is so quick at picking up the pattern that he then anticipates what I am going to ask him to do so I need to keep it interesting for him and chop and change it around quite a bit, that is what I am supposed to do right? He is forgiving as you said Jen, thank goodness! I have been riding him more now we've built our relationship and got to know one another and he is a good boy for me although he does still try to play with the lead rope and tries to take it in his mouth from time to time. I try not to give him the opportunity to do this as it isn't very safe although I don't want to tell him off or over react. I am guessing it will get less and less as time goes by as he no longer does this when I am putting his halter on and off like he used to do. I suppose its a young horse curiosity, playfulness thing being mouthy like that as he isn't nasty with it. I really am very pleased with his progress and we had a great time away with the girls in Thursley. Onwards and upwards
  5. Tracy44

    Inspiration and motivation!!

    Great fun
  6. Tracy44

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Just watched your video, you must be very proud, amazing and an inspiration to us all Luna x
  7. Tracy44

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    HUGE congratulations Luna and Darcy, what an achievement, well done xxxx
  8. Tracy44

    Proud flesh

    Oh, and don't wash it off either as you will wash off any healed skin cells so leave well alone, trust it is working and keep putting it on, you will have beautiful skin in no time at all x
  9. Tracy44

    Proud flesh

    I found this one in Australia. https://www.healthandhappiness.com.au/online-shop/earthsgarden-diy-raw-ingredients/mineral-clay/australian-green-clay-detail There are some recipe ideas at the bottom of the page however I would either use it on its own or offer the bottle of lavender essential oil (buy top quality from reputable brand) and if your horse responds positively by smelling it, lifting his top lip, yawning, licking and chewing, walking away and returning to it is also a positive response so do take your time and allow this to happen. Buy a kilo of clay and make a mix of 100gms clay to 10 drops of selected oil and mix as you would flour and butter by rubbing it in then when ready, using gloves, put it all over the bare flesh and cover it. The clay will stick where it is supposed to and just keep reapplying every day. It will be absorbed into the body, some will drop off and some will sit on the skin, just keep putting it on. Your horse will enjoy the effects I am sure. It is protective, healing and cooling. It can be put on wet however it can pull the skin as it dries out so see how you go with applying dry. The oils I commonly mix into clay are Yarrow (inky blue in colour) for open wounds and fresh cuts. Thyme for infected tissue or to prevent infection Orange for itchy skin Lavender for healing and proud flesh German chamomile (inky blue in colour) for allergies I would ask the horse which oils it wanted, looking for positive responses and make it as above and it can be used on its own too. It is amazing stuff and I use it effectively all the time, every first aid kit needs green clay Keep us posted Tracy xx
  10. Tracy44

    Congratulations Clare!

    I have been telling all our members to watch your videos Claire, very, very beautifully done. Are we still able to access them, I tell them that's how it should be done Congratulations xx
  11. Tracy44

    Challenges at every corner

    What a beautiful thread This programme is amazing and when you realise just how deep it penetrates your soul it is even more amazing. I find it difficult to express my gratitude in words, QS has already given me the skills to feel confident around most horses even in a strange place. To feel empowered to know our way is cool by the horses and so they don't run away from me, where they do from others. I see their curiosity in their eyes as they look around at me and see I am no threat and I love those moments. A few years ago I was quite unsure around horses, even though I loved them. QS has given me the skills and understanding to know how to be safe and sure in how I am around them. Just these past three days I have been working with quite a few rescue horses and it has become second nature to me to apply QS principles whilst handling them. I am in a strange place (traditional but relaxed) around folk and horses I am not familiar with and I feel quite capable and confident around all of them. I could not be this me without QS. It is a journey of self discovery and amazing opportunities as we develop our knowledge through our horses, as they teach us how we can be. We are so lucky Jack and I must say that your posts are very refreshing, QS does open us up to bare all. As Jill said, so many tears and all worth it. I got my red string quite recently and even that has had such an impact on me that I can't put into words. It only took me four years to get it, many times I felt we would never get it however we did so keep at it and don't give up on your dreams, they really can come true All the best Tracy
  12. Tracy44

    Proud flesh

    Is it wet or dry? it looks dry to me. If it were my horse i would make a gel using aloe vera gel and selected essential oils including lavender oil. Very good for getting rid of proud flesh. i would also be offering peppermint oil and if selected add that to the gel. If it were infected id add Thyme oil. If it were wet, i would mix some oils into dry green clay and dust that onto any wet bits. Just plain green clay on its own is fantastic on wounds and open, wet sores. its what they would do in the wild, roll in some dirt to protect the wound from flies and stop bleeding, a natural plaster. Offer some oils and see what your horse says Good luck x
  13. Tracy44

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Fantastic Liv, so very happy for you both......... I feel a big red party coming on............. "to the left........ To the right......."
  14. Congratulations Hannah and Bella x
  15. Tracy44

    Training course for you and your horse.

    Thanks Shane, looking forward to watching all of these