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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music, good food and horsemanship :)

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  1. Congratulations Chrissie and Eli ~ what a great feeling eh
  2. Congratulations to you both x
  3. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you ~ very well done x
  4. I am so very sorry, my deepest condolences x
  5. Congratulations to both of you x
  6. very well done Georgia & Pearl, love your work xxx
  7. Thank you yes Meredith, got mine. Great to see what is going on with everyone and catch up with the QS news. I particularly like hearing about the Brumbies and following their journeys to their new homes xx
  8. Very good, you must have had fun making this xxx
  9. Welcome back Jill, sorry to hear you've been going through it. Horses definitely sooth our souls, we are blessed to have them with us. Much love Tracy x
  10. A big welcome back to Brandon, this time with his new horse Annie.
  11. Thanks for the inspiration for our upcoming WBPD x
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