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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music, good food and horsemanship :)

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  1. Tracy44

    2019 Surrey UK

    Thank you, I'll be in touch soon xxxx
  2. Tracy44

    2019 Surrey UK

    Hi guys, I was just wondering when you will be coming over to us this year. Can you let me know dates so that I am sure to keep the time free so I can attend. It doesn't need to be exact dates just a rough idea, which weeks in August? Can't wait Tracy x
  3. Tracy44

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Congratulations Georgia and Perl, super well done xxx
  4. Tracy44

    Congratulations Tracy!!!

    Congratulations Tracy and Big Fella, very well done x
  5. Tracy44

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas one and all and a very Happy and healthy New Year The days have started getting longer over here so roll on longer days to play with our ponies Lots of love and happy horsemanship Tracy xxx
  6. Tracy44

    Trot passenger lesson TADAH!

    Well done ladies and ponies, great work x
  7. Tracy44

    Drum roll for Simone and Bindi

    Congratulations Simon and Bindi, its such a great feeling, enjoy xxx
  8. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well done indeed xxx
  9. Tracy44

    Natural Worming

    We work our way up to 1 tablespoon full a day. Start slowly as you will get detox symptoms if you go too quickly due to parasites dying off releasing crap into your system.. I add mine to my muslie at breakfast and Clive mixes his up in a half pint of water and drinks it before it settles. We have found that folk find their own 'dose' as every 'body' is different. It takes about 10 days or so to get up to dose then you have it every day for 60 days to get the whole worm cycle. I find a three month programme is best to get you into the new routine then you can ease off a bit if you like or carry on a bit every day, it has plenty of health benefits other than being a natural wormer
  10. Congratulations Caitlin and Briggy, what an achievement for you both xxx
  11. Tracy44

    Liv has done it again!

    whoop whoop well done Liv, that lucky slap did the trick i see ha ha Fantastic achievement and you win the double red string race lol Cant wait to hear all about your travels when you come home Lots of love Tracy x
  12. Tracy44

    Natural Worming

    Yes Carola you must
  13. Tracy44

    And the Red String goes to....Judy and Zoe

    Huge congratulations Judy and Zoe, so well done xxx
  14. Tracy44

    Natural Worming

    I have been using diatomaceous earth for a number of years now with great success. The only downside is that it must go into a wet feed. It has many other health benefits too.
  15. Tracy44

    Older horses and QS

    I thought I ought to give you a little update on Buster. He has been taking himself to QS practice when I'm not around! I've been told he joins in with the others, at liberty, trotting circles but not jumping the barrels lol. So it just goes to show that they do enjoy the work and it seems like he is ready for some more assignments after his few months holiday. How great is that Happy, healthy horse all thanks to QS