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    All animals but mostly horses and dogs. Anything to do with natural therapies and healing, Nature, gardening, good music and good food!

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  1. QS Horses are second to none. Know it, Believe it!

    You must be very proud of her Jen, what a star
  2. How Far You Both Have Come

    Well done you guys, so much achieved and so much fun to come xxx
  3. We got it :)

    Thanks, i lengthened my stirrups today which seemed to help a bit and rode the rail in the jump paddock - got some nice forward going too
  4. We got it :)

    Thank you Lorraine, yes it really is coming together now. every time is better than the last, so that is great. Still not offering release properly though as too many other things to think about all at once however it is nice to actually feel like we are getting there. We are working on staying fluid and moving rather than getting stuck and also me not moving my legs around...........aaaargh its almost there though
  5. Tying a horse up

    We tie up to bailing twine also, i beleive it is incase the horse does actualy need to get out of danger. Ideally your horse wont pull on the rope to break the twine and will just stand with his rope tied to the ground - ideally
  6. Yay Nancy and Summer

    Huge congratulations Nancy and Summer, very well done xxx
  7. retired pony and a new one

    She is beautiful
  8. retired pony and a new one

    Thatss funny, my boy Buster is a Welsh Section D with a white face . he is 30 now and i have another horse coming into my life in 11 days. Not at all like Buster, he is a Fresian x Dutch warmblood. I have been waiting for him to show up since last summer and it all feels right. i will continue doing what i feel Buster is up for to keep him fit and healthy and plan to finish level one with him soon. Will we see Quince soon? lovely name
  9. Sore feet

    Yes indeed, I am about to buy some scoot boots for Buster so we can get out and about. He had his shoes off the fronts three months ago and his hinds six months ago. His feet are looking great and making a great comeback he is still a bit tender when out and about and he goes on very stoney ground. Tracy
  10. New member

    Welcome to the QS family x

    You are only after the Tim Tams Alexia, i have you sussed

    Wow! Lucky you

    Thank you Meredith, Merry Christmas to you guys too xxx
  14. 2017 Achievements

    Lovely, he is beautiful He will look very handsom in a QS saddle too
  15. Lesson packages with Alexia

    I do believe he is enjoying himself Meredith, it is clear to see and the staff at the yard have noticed his confidence increase which is great. He is a real character too, when Alexia and I are chatting he joins in with the odd little whicker, so sweet I was chatting to Lorraine last night and she was shocked that he was 29 years young, gave her hope for Miss Chief x