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  1. Really looking forward to my first cast free day this year. Should be an awesome time. Do I need to bring a game? Or do we have enough
  2. I have since found Murphy's problem which is a relief as now I can go about fixing it. It is affecting her sciatic on the off side hip. Now we.have matching ailments.
  3. Thankyou Kerry. If not for QS things may have turned out not so well for Murphy
  4. So here I am typing with one hand as my other one hindered by a cast. I got this injury and a few others from missing some cues from Murphy that she may be sore. During the saddling procedure I did notice that she was having trouble softening. We were also aware that she has a tightness in her hind end with picking up her feet which I have been a bit slack lately in relieving it. She has always been calm and easy to ride. NOT last Wednesday. She was easy to catch took the saddle well. Was a little more impulsive after putting the saddle on but this was not unusual. She did the best ever over the barrels too. I had been one rein riding at the walk practicing one rein stops and rein positions. We were just walking her head was low and ears forward, she turned to the right at the corner took about two steps and just exploded into something between a buck and deer leap. Even after I was off she kept going until the next corner. It was like she had a sudden pinched nerve. So even though I knew what to look for and saw some indicators that I had seen before and all was well before, it wasn't good enough to just accept it as good enough just because it had been normal for her didn't mean it wasn't still bad and by not being on top of it I got myself in an unsafe situation. It may be the smallest of signs and when you have a forgiving horse like Murphy it is easy to get complacent and bad things can happen. I hope this helps someone else to take more notice of the little signs and keep safe out there.
  5. This Demo was really fascinating. It was really good to be able to finally put together what it looks like and how to tell when you are doing your short range and has given me more tools in helping Murphy to soften. Thankyou so much for that opportunity Meredith
  6. Sorry it has taken so long to upload but thankyou so much Shane and Meredith for the prizes.
  7. I will have a look at this
  8. Can't wait to see the documentary
  9. I was waiting for something too. Too much facebook I would say for me. Very brave
  10. Here is our Calendar of Play Days that we have come up with so far. January 12th Plan N Play at Janes February 9th Stirling Creek (Sarah to advise) March 28th Worlds Biggest Play Day Woolooga April 12th Combined Easter venue to be determined May 10th Stirling Creek (Sarah to advise) June 14th Simone's Place July 12th Lynne to Advise location August 9th Stirling Creek (Sarah to advise) September 13th Qsports Practice Buderim (Sophie ?) October 17th 18th Qsports November 8th Jane's Place December 12th 13th Fiona's for Christmas Party
  11. Thanks for the photos. Loved seeing those moments again. Must do again definately
  12. Sure was fun. Thanks for a great day simone
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