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  1. Our first Grad for 2017!

    Very Happy!! Thank you Mel for the great coaching and thanks to everyone for the encouragement! There were some things in L2 that we really struggled with but perseverance does pay off in the end! Looking forward to the L3 fun!
  2. What a great idea and What a great offer for someone
  3. Very excited to get my blue tick for the L2 gallop ! Persistence pays off - just the imagination challenge to go now for L2!

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    2. meredith


      Wow Josette that i fantastic news. Congratulations. Looks like a Blue String celebration coming up shortly then!


    3. FionaP


      Sooooo close now! Well done!


    4. josettep


      Thanks everyone, just got to get my imagination flowing!!

  4. Congratulations Libby and Bertie!!

    Fantastic Libby, well done to you and Bertie!!! xx
  5. Sore feet

    I've just got hoof boots for my horse who is barefoot on the hinds. He was really struggling on hard or stony ground out riding. I got the Cavallo Trek boots, and so far they seem to give him instant relief, in that he is now not walking gingerly on the tracks he was struggling before.
  6. A good horse

    You can't beat a good paint!! Hope you have a lot of fun with Oscar
  7. Wow, we got our blue tick for L2 contact riding - it's been a long time getting there, but we finally made the breakthrough!

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    2. del


      Congratulations.Josette. It's great whan it comes together

    3. VickiK


      Congratulaions Josette.


    4. josettep


      Thanks everyone - I just have one more to go - so close, Need to re-film the gallop so just need to get somewhere with a lot of space and good ground which is not that easy where I am!!

  8. Hi All, Trying to review the assignment video on Module 6 week 3 (L2 contact riding). I know i have seen it before, but i just get a blank screen. Can anyone else view it (in which case i'll know it's my computer!). Or can anyone who has passed this one share with me their assignment video ?

  9. The UK does it again!

    Well done Sam!
  10. Congratulations Kerensa!

    Great achievement, congratulations!
  11. A Blue String for Elise!!

    Fantastic, well done!
  12. Proud Mummy moment

    I saw the video - very very sweet, both Rhiannon and her pony!
  13. Yay, we got the tick for our L2 contact challenge!! Only two more to go! These are hard assignments but so worth it!

  14. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if gold membership gives access to modules 7 & 9 in level 3? they appear to be protected ? Thank you!

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    2. meredith


      Filming Module 7 as we speak. Module 9 next week. Josette do you get the QS newsletter? Think there was some info about the new Modules in there. The liberty one has just been released for L3. Very exciting!

    3. josettep


      Ah thank you! I was just sneaking a look before the connection clinic!! Yes I get the newsletter, obviously I didn't read it properly.... I looked at some of the Liberty - it's great :) see you soon x

    4. meredith


      Keep sneaking Josette as it will be out soon.


  15. Doing the spirals exercises appear to be helping everything!!

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    2. josettep


      Well it wasn't my favourite to start with, but it is becoming more appealing!!!

    3. meredith


      Reveals a lot doesn't it Josette. More to come still I'm sure.


    4. josettep


      Hi Meredith - it has really helped the connection particularly on the circles, and he is suddenly offering me really nice liberty circles (without leaving)!