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  1. Had to laugh, 2 days ago I was doing my homework with Waz. I had the sheets of paper on the ground so that I could check it off as I went. Next minute I could hear paper rustling and tearing. I turned around to find my hand raised kangaroo destroying my homework sheets! I thought to myself will anyone believe me when I say my kangaroo ate my homework :D HAHAHA!!

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    2. mel


      he..he...only in Australia you could get away with it.

    3. lisa roberts

      lisa roberts

      my daughters pony picked mine up and ran off with it :) but just can't beat a kangaroo..

    4. katiea


      Hahaha, I'm not sure the teachers would ever believe me.

      The pony running of with your homework would have been pretty funny also :)

  2. just had the best training session with the boy :)

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    2. katiea


      Oh too true Jill! I'm trying not to get slack with the program by using the baby as an excuse to miss a day training. So far so good :)

    3. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      This cold weather is my biggest hurdle, Im not a fan of gale force freezing winds!


    4. katiea


      Me either, my horse is also not a fan!