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    Massachusetts, USA
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    ECE (Montessori guide!), horses, and other things if I have time! (Ha!)
  1. xodanio

    Winter weather

    Well you guys might be warming up, but it is FREEZING here in New England!! My guy doesn't have a shelter yet, so he gets tossed into his stall when the weather is too rainy or windy. But the nights are beginning to get cold now. When do people start blanketing their horses? Jack (knock on wood!) is a happy, healthy 7 year old and doesn't seem to be too bothered by it but someone told me horses can catch colds! Is that true? It is his first winter and he is not as fluffy as some of the other horses are, but he did finitely has more than he did. I don't know. I put a blanket on him a couple times when I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to the barn before a freezing rain started, and brush him out and let him roll in sand to get him all fluffed up again. Otherwise I was avoiding blankets. Now I am beginning to wonder! Is there a hard rule for this? Is the stall fine for inclement weather? Should I give in and do the blanket? Or does this, like everything else, really just depend on the horse? We do farenheight here, and a normal winter night can drop down to 10 degrees F for a few weeks. It has been averaging in the 20s, warming up in the day. Is being cooped up worse than being cold? Everyone seems to have their own ideas at my barn!! Got five different answers, split just about down the middle!!! Thought I would try here before I just flip a coin! Thanks in advance!
  2. xodanio

    yippie !

    That has to feel great!! 👍
  3. xodanio

    USA shipping?

    Ok, sorry about this but once again, I am getting the message, "Contact your local dealer." That has been a recurring issue with the shop login. Sometimes I get through and sometimes I do not! Does anyone know what I am doing, and how to stop doing it? Thanks in advance!
  4. xodanio


    Yeah, thanks guys! And I laughed out loud at yours, Alexia! That's what I was thinking before I went into the arena. I almost said no to her invitation, but he was being too cute to resist that day anyway. He's a doll when he is in that mood. It was why my trainer invited me, in spite of the QS training (which she is wholly on board with, and supportive of - she is NOT zone of the nags).
  5. xodanio

    just starting

    Hi from the U.S.!
  6. xodanio


    I have a little story to share, and you QS horsemen out there will have heard some variation of it but I am too pleased not to share. I have had my trainer riding Jack a bit - he needs miles and while she is not QS, she is very savvy! She surprised me the other day (I was watching) and threw me up on him! I have ONLY done QS with him, and only up to week 3 stuff. My first time up was not QS-style, probably, I'm embarrassed to say, but it was lovely (and supervised! Lol)! He can be a little stubborn or uncertain, and my trainer commented on how relaxed he was, and I was surprised by how easily he responded - so aware. "All that groundwork is really paying off. He's really comfortable with you up there - you're just doing it up there instead of beside him." After listening to EVERYONE admonish me for weeks (WEEKS), with "you have to get up on him or ELSE" it was really rewarding to have that experience just to confirm that, no, actually. I don't. We're good. We just had one little walk around the arena and I hopped off and we went about our business - positive experience all around. It was so nice. It really speaks to that ethos of building your foundation, and I am so happy it is so built into the videos and books. And I have a lot of fun teaching him what I want and learning how to ask him for it. But tell you what: cheating was kind of fun.
  7. xodanio

    Question about savvy stick

    Sorry that took forever; I did just order the stick! Will put in an order for the string now. Ha. Thanks
  8. xodanio

    Question about savvy stick

    Ok, good to know. I will check to see which it was tomorrow. Thanks, Mel!
  9. Hi guys! I had a question (not sure if the shop email works?) about the savvy stick I ordered - it didn't come with a string! Is that shipped separately, or is it a separate order entirely? Or was this just an oops that can be remedied? Thanks in advance!
  10. xodanio

    Relaxed ex race horse

    Yay!! Thanks for posting. I have an ex racehorse too, so this is heartening to read. Good for you both!
  11. xodanio

    You Can Do It To Tour Demos

    When does it hit the US?? 🤗
  12. xodanio

    USA shipping?

    Thanks Shane! I put an order in for just the stick, now. Sounds like I'm in for it if I lose that, and I will! Ha. I will get the started kit later. Thanks!
  13. Hi guys! I was wondering how to get a savvy stick in the US, and the lead rope you make. Or any of the stuff, really! The website now says "contact your local dealer" and I don't know that I have one! Thanks in advance
  14. xodanio

    Quantum Shift in Thinking !!!

    Thanks for posting this, tkp. At least for me, it's really heartening to read this! Not to be afraid of sending in the mistakes? That is outside of my comfort zone, too, so reading this over - where you and the others speak only praise for it - is really incentivizing!