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    horses, kids, and health - all naturally...
    Travel, languages, extracting ALL the juice from life
  1. Relaxed ex race horse

    Beautiful story so exciting to see what our amazing racers can offer us to share together )
  2. Seriously concerned I will blow up my laptop with the uploading of videos - surely I am doing this wrong...?!

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    2. Shaw


      How did you go with your assignments? I passed!!! I have 3 more in level 1 to crack. I've been trying for ages. Im the slowest ever


    3. clairestack


      No feedback yet still waiting :)

    4. clairestack


      Sorry hit the comment button too quickly congratulations lady!!!!

  3. Considering buying a Float...

    ps apologies for typos was using fat fingers on my iPhone!
  4. Considering buying a Float...

    Jillion thanks for tour message since this is a joint purchase I'm going to take your offer to the other party and have a chat... However fair to say I'm interested!!!
  5. Had a really cool day today with Paula. We took some time to revisit and review some patterns we're about to video. Miss P decided to "check in" with my leadership as we explored getting clearer, more specific and lighter with our communications. Needless to say some of her thoughts were a touch higher than she's shown before, she really was asking "do you mean it? Are you really ready to be my leader now?" (Complete with a modicum of leaping around!) it was SOOOO...

    1. wahineoz


      ahhh aint life grand. Well done Mrs Stach..and of course Miss P

    2. Tracy01


      Don't you love those days when they ask "do you mean it", so awesome to see you and Miss P together

  6. Considering buying a Float...

    Thank you every one for taking time to post your thoughts. I have only just discovered how to follow posts here on the forum hence the immense delay in acknowledging you all!! Fiona that's a wonderful story - I think I met you as I popped in at the Clinic and met Mr Snorty! Congratulations on coming so far Shane and Meredith, thank you, I know this is your home, creation, vision, mission, but the way you ensure your presence is felt here keeping the focus on what's best for Horsemanship and the future is inspiring. I'm off to trawl a few more pages and sales!
  7. Considering buying a Float...

    Jen thank you for taking time to reply and share your experience I hope the "right" one turns up at the right price soon
  8. I keep wanting to say something really positive... yet today was confusing, contrary and messy. So instead I'll say thank goodness for practice, tomorrows and that sweet spot on your horses nose that's perfect to nuzzle - whilst I work out the rest of my S....tuff!!

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    2. wahineoz


      what she said...

    3. Lorraine


      Hear Hear for days that are contrary, confusing and messy as these are the days that have the biggest aha moments. at these times I believe that we have the biggest growth because it causes us to think through our emotions. Let's celebrate our confusion knowing that there is always a breakthrough at the other end that takes us to another level of understanding and at the end of the day we have our horse to thank for being part of this journey with us.

    4. clairestack


      thanks ladies, I think I was most challenged by uncertainty around having the skills to get myself out of "trouble" and feeling horrible for losing my sense of connection and love for Miss P, basically losing sight of all her greatness in the face of fear - saying I don't trust her to do the right thing by me and feeling that brewing up inside me... not a very nice view of myself...

  9. perfect - I shall focus some goals on joining you one day too... happy travels!
  10. I am curious, I see how this is a wonderful opportunity to attend as a Rider, but for those of us working at lower levels, I wondered if Auditor opportunities will be offered? I plan to attend Mel's Connection Camp the week before and considered the idea I could plan to stay on for a while...?!
  11. Hi there I'm currently looking at the possibility of buying an "entry level" 2 horse Float with a friend. We're considering spending up to $6k. This will be my first float purchase (previous experience has been the generous offers of other people!) So I wanted to start a thread asking for your feedback! What to look out for? How to make safety checks other than RWC? What worked well for you with certain brands? What was limiting/challenging/dangerous in your opinion/experiences? and of course if you're aware of anything fitting this description you know of for sale please feel free to post!
  12. Claire & Paula Level 1 Approach

    haven't stopped grinning all day
  13. 2nd hand bought last winter in great used condition no rips or tears. Purple check colour combo. $175 pick up only 0411888191