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  1. Harley79

    QS Community News

    Yayyyyy! Better hurry up and pass these last 2 assignments then
  2. Harley79

    QS Community News

    Great newsletter :) . Where can I find more info on the red string camp draft & beach ride events?
  3. Harley79

    Clare and Codee did it!! L1

    Great job guys
  4. Harley79

    Horse Training in QLD 2017

    Hi Mel, I've confirmed Dustys spot for both weeks at Cooroy in Sept. Wahoooo!!! Can't wait.
  5. Harley79

    Horse Training in QLD 2017

    Dusty is booked for Cooroy. I'm so excited, it's going to be AMAZING for him.
  6. Harley79

    Feminine Distractions

    Hi all, A bit of an awkward question..... but here goes. During the WBPD there were a few mares that joined us. Most of our group is geldings and the sight of so many new spunky mares affected poor Dusty. He spent almost the whole play day with his tackle out - (to the point that I thought surely that can't be healthy), trying to catch a scent of the mares, and basically acting like a very amorous teenager. I do suspect he was cut late as he's always been a bit riggy but I've never seen him this 'enamoured'. We managed to get through the obstacles, not very well as most of the time 70% of his attention was on the mares and things got a bit silly when I tried leading by the nose. He wasn't acting crazy, or pulling to get to them - just always had to have the mares in his sight. Wondering how I can help him through this? Should I have moved off to the side and done some groundwork to get his focus back on me? I feel that would have helped in the moment, but then he would be back focused on the mares. Is it a leadership thing - why listen to me over nature? I'm not sure that I would have felt safe riding him with his mind so distracted, so I'm hoping others may have experienced this and have some suggestions Stay safe in this weather xo
  7. Harley79

    Purple tick for Di and Bonza

    Congratulations Di & Bonza. Your video was so beautiful to watch. So soft, lovely and connected. Something for us all to aspire to!
  8. Hi, I had the same thing with Dusty. When asking for a flex, if he walked off Lorraine had me flex to a stop and release when he softened. We had to repeat it a whole lot of times but he eventually worked out it's ok to flex without moving off.
  9. Just checking if anyone around SE Qld has spare barrels (plastic or metal) that they would like to sell?
  10. Hey Belinda, we catch up on 4th Sunday of each month at Arundel if you want to join us as well. Chris and I are planning to catch up quite regularly to work through our homework cards (I've just changed to part time work - yay!!). I'll try to find you on FB, that way I can message you and let you know when we'll be meeting up.
  11. Hi Tamara, Welcome to the forum. If my boy gets distracted while we are doing ground work I keep him moving forward with lots of disengaging the hindquarters and change of direction so he has to think about what I'm asking. I guess it would be the same when you are in the saddle, but I'm sure others will have suggestions
  12. Harley79

    Congratulations Adrian!

    Congratulations to u both 🎉
  13. Harley79

    A Blue String for Elise!!

    Congratulations Elise & Diva
  14. Harley79

    Big Move Pending ...

    Hi, the girls at Nudae have had some success with a product called Fight Back. I know Nita had some success with it. I believe it is quite expensive, maybe give Kerensa a call?