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  1. Beautiful video Jen. Looking forward to seeing the documentary too.
  2. Congratulations Aileen and Monty! Wonderful achievement.
  3. Kerri_

    Facing The Truth

    Wow Tracy, what a journey so far. Love this...Now I want read more....
  4. Welcome to QS Riddhima and Bill.
  5. Feeling on top of the world! The story behind this is my horse Ozzie had 18months of due to a paddock injury. He had two tears in his tendon in hock area. It has all healed well, so we are back at it again. I needed some extra help by a professional as a lot of rehabilitation like phisotherapy was needed to help out Ozzie. I tried to the best of my abilities ,but needed extra help. He was not wanting to use his hind quarters at all,lost all soft feel and was very braced and stiff, lost his confidence and mine also. It was so sad for me to see him like this. So I decided to put him into horse training with our awesome QS professional Fiona Prescott Five days of training and hand over was today,day six. We have been in contact everyday on Ozzie's progress. He emotions have been good,it was more physically hard for him. In hand over this morning ,I,ll admit I was a tad nervous,but I had full trust in Fiona. I am still blown away on how beautiful he is to ride again. I never imagined that here I,d be out cantering around weaving in and out of the trees having so much fun. Also doing level 2 riding.What a cracker of a horse I have. He is a real star,and can't thank Fiona enough for not only getting soft feel back again and building Ozzie's confidence, self carraige, him starting to use his hind quarters ,and to show me how to continue on from now on. Think I might have a cry now. Tears of joy. Thank you so very much Fiona.
  6. It's great isn't Kerensa, that way you will never miss out
  7. Lets kick start the new year off with getting together and having a play with our horses. All QS members are welcome to join us for a fun day out. To beat the heat we will start eariler at 8am. We can have a talk about how we can plan for success our goals for the year, if you would like to join in with our chat over our afternoon tea break. If you could bring a note pad, and homework cards ,that'll be great. A $5 fee apply' s for insurance coverage. For more information please phone Kerri 0455556017. Hope to see you there.
  8. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
  9. Amazing how much one can learn through observing! Being able to stay calm and focused in that situation to help them out.Way to go Art.
  10. Wowsers! What a wonderful,generous Christmas gift to receive … this is such a kind gesture...a beautiful Christmas spirit of giving.
  11. Here is what we got up to with our SEQ/ QS Fraser Coast group for our Christmas party event- Xtreme Obstacle Challenges. Theme was pool.... time challenge,putting our Horsemanship skills to the test, while having a whole lot of fun! What a fantastic time we had!! Starting late in afternoon was good to beat the heat. Such a great team effort to make this happen. A special thanks to Fiona and Sandra for setting it all up and QS Fraser Coast crew for making the Obstacles,and everyone who came along. Enjoy the slide show.... inbound3668271049420742269.mp4
  12. That's awesome Kerensa,and looks like whole lot of fun! What an amazing opportunity this clinic was.So Wished I was there with you all. We have our Christmas Obstacles PD this weekend coming... and all of us have been busy making some Obstacles. Will share some pics,here is a sneak peak of the spider jump idea,except we are using a half barrel,so not so high.
  13. That's really awesome Kerensa. Now you will be hooked on trail riding
  14. Great to hear all your stories, all so very inspiring. What an amazing QS team we have! I have had the pleasure of meeting you all in person. I am forever grateful for how Fiona has given me support, and coaching me when in need.
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