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  1. It was a great fun day! I was so inspired by watching you all,and learnt a lot as a spectator. Thanks .
  2. Hi Jane if you have a game in mind you would like to do,we,ll be sure to play it,thanks.
  3. Whoo Hoo! Can't wait, it's going to be so much fun
  4. Looks like so much fun! Now I just need to get that red string!
  5. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations Jen and Jett
  6. What a journey it has been for Ozzie and me. Ozzie had two tears in his tendon in his hock area due to a paddock injury, and needed 18 months off to heal. After such a long break and coming back into work was very challenging for both of us. It wasn't like we picked up from where we left off as Ozzie needed rehabilitation like phiso to start him using his muscles and hind quarters. During this time I started asking myself how far do I go? ,am I asking too much?,is it painful or just him finding it hard?,he is not happy ,i have lost my timing and confidence. I started to feel unsafe ,so when the opportunity came for Horse training with Fiona, I booked Ozzie in for 5 days of Horse training. It was a very interesting week, and at first Ozzie really did struggle ,both physically and emotionally, but Fiona has the skills to help him out. In the hand over ,i was on cloud 9,as I was not expecting to have that feeling back so soon(before injury he was so beautiful to ride),he wasn't like a square tyre to ride anymore like he was. I fully trust Fiona, and what ever she wanted me to do, i just did it, no questions asked. Not only did we do some L2 riding in handover, Fiona took me out in amongst the trees in the paddock, and here we were doing transitions from trot to canter, and then just cantering around weaving amongst the trees. Ozzie is such a fun sure footed horse, and can turn as quick as a dime! It was amazing!! In my eyes he is a super star and am very excited for our future. So now we aren't afraid to canter one rein, and have been doing some more ride the rail doing one rein in canter and am now confident with bend to a stop from canter, as it was rather messy lol.We are getting there. I am still struggling with my direct ,and indirect reins a little, and we have just been doing them as part of whenever I can pop them in,as it is too much just to keep doing over and over again, as Ozzie is finding them physically hard ,so much so he has been putting his tongue out. Ozzie is trying so hard.We had a small break with this lovely rain, it was very wet,and are ready to start practicing again. I think I need to get out of feeling like we are at school, and just pop in where I can our direct, and indirect reins to help soften him more and for me to get better at my timing and feel. As Fiona said in past we had a wicked direct rein,and we will get there again.It is all coming together in time. It's great to have Nicole also at the same last assignment for L1,so we can do it together. Many thanks to Fiona Prescott to not only get us going again, but continued on going support,and all our cheer squad!
  7. Love is in the Air! Please note this event was originally Sunday the 16th February, and we have now postponed to Saturday 22nd of February ,as conditions are to wet to practice at venue's in our area, as well as risk of getting bogged with our floats. Hope to see you there
  8. Oh golly gosh Jane! I,m feeling for you. It must of been quite a shock.That was one very tricky situation for you....but thanks for making us more aware of even the smallest of signs especially with our good boy horses to get them checked out if in any doubt. I too had an experience before QS days on my horse Buckles. He was 20 Years young when I bought him. He was a good boy horse and lovely to ride. He had a real rocking horse canter and I loved getting out cantering on him. One day out of the blue I popped him into canter he buck me off. He didn't have a bad bone in his body,so i got him checked and he had what the call wind up syndrome. The muscle would spasm in the action of canter,only one direction in the circle. His only escape for pain was to buck. The cause for this to happen was for most of his riding days he only used one side of his body. Sadly he was to far gone to reabilitate and was he was getting aged. So I retired him from riding and took great care of him till the day he died. One of the many things I love about QS is least you will know by following the programme that our horse's will last, by using both sides of there body,carry themselves correctly, (self carriage) good posture,muscle developement where it should be,emotional fitness ect.. at least you know you are doing the very best for Murphy by doing QS with her to help her out. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and Murphy a speedy recovery. Big hugs from me
  9. Kerri_

    QS Works!

    Hi Riddhima, this is so wonderful to see. So glad you found QS!
  10. Beautiful video Jen. Looking forward to seeing the documentary too.
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