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  1. Wowsers! What a wonderful,generous Christmas gift to receive … this is such a kind gesture...a beautiful Christmas spirit of giving.
  2. Here is what we got up to with our SEQ/ QS Fraser Coast group for our Christmas party event- Xtreme Obstacle Challenges. Theme was pool.... time challenge,putting our Horsemanship skills to the test, while having a whole lot of fun! What a fantastic time we had!! Starting late in afternoon was good to beat the heat. Such a great team effort to make this happen. A special thanks to Fiona and Sandra for setting it all up and QS Fraser Coast crew for making the Obstacles,and everyone who came along. Enjoy the slide show.... inbound3668271049420742269.mp4
  3. That's awesome Kerensa,and looks like whole lot of fun! What an amazing opportunity this clinic was.So Wished I was there with you all. We have our Christmas Obstacles PD this weekend coming... and all of us have been busy making some Obstacles. Will share some pics,here is a sneak peak of the spider jump idea,except we are using a half barrel,so not so high.
  4. That's really awesome Kerensa. Now you will be hooked on trail riding
  5. Great to hear all your stories, all so very inspiring. What an amazing QS team we have! I have had the pleasure of meeting you all in person. I am forever grateful for how Fiona has given me support, and coaching me when in need.
  6. It is going to be great fun, can't wait!
  7. Tokay is already a great example on how QS has helped her, and as you have mentioned every step is earned, she gives nothing away.... Boy oh boy, by the time Equitana comes along and the story from where she has come from will be mind blowing! I have enjoyed watching her and Shane, and looking forward to many more to come. Tokay truly has a breath taking presence about her, and she warms my heart to see each and every try, and to see her more relaxed. I'll admit it, it makes make a little teary when I watch.
  8. How cool! Great pics.... Such a great opportunity to showcase all your fabulous horsemanship skills, on how far you have become. Very inspirational … Congratulations everyone.
  9. Hi Judy, that is really exciting. Well done. I remember that feeling too, and yes as already mentioned you will be doing all of trot PL all the way through before you know it. It makes such a difference of having that lovely forward moving horse afterwards. I remember I would do first 10minutes in walk, then after 3minute rest do full 10 minutes in trot, then last 10mins at walk again, and worked my way till did all 3 sessions in trot,most of them have been on my own to. It's been great when you can have a friend to do PL with you. I signed up to do PL challenge, and plan to get started with Passenger lessons happening this weekend..... Thanks for sharing
  10. Wow, lots of great information. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it all.
  11. Congratulations Rhiannon and Caitlin! It was such a joy to watch you both.
  12. Thanks all for a such fantastic, inspiring, fun filled weekend!
  13. Whoo Hoo!! Congratulations Hannah and Bella
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