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  1. Looking forward to it too! I can give you a lift Fiona if you like.
  2. Totally agree Simone. A truly awesome clinic indeed. I learnt so much. Preparation is everything, and looking for quality rather than quantity. I got to know how clever my horse is on changing my focus,hence why he tests my leadership. That all went away once I kept my focus,all thanks to Fiona. This was a life changing experience, and great feeling to be able to go on an enjoyable trail ride. Thanks so much for all your effort Fiona and a great weekend everyone.
  3. Way to go Sarah and Dakota! Congratulations
  4. Congratulations Adele and Fonzie
  5. Great Photo's,looks Awesome!
  6. Way too go!! Welcome to QS Caroline and Alice
  7. All QS members are welcome to join us! We will be working on our homework cards and anyone who would like to get some assignments filmed ready for feedback. Please RSVP Kerri ,or comment below if you would like to join us
  8. Hi Simone,poor Bindi. I have gone through similar with Ozzie. Back in 2011 was his first Ulcer and yes can be possible to loose their eye,as vet said the layers keep building very quickly like a film hourly trying to heal,so ointment won,t penertrate to heal Ulcer if not got onto quickly. It was ointment and drops at least 4 to 5 times a day to treat ulcer and had to keep the sunlight out as drops dilate the pupil. It has left some scar tissue there as well. Since then I know the signs and have got on to straight away and what I found is as soon as I see any swelling I flush his eye out with w
  9. Wonderful news Georgia! How exciting. Congratulations
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