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  1. kerri_

    Uneven Shoulders

    Hi Luna, my advice would be get a professional equine re-alignment and muscle release therapist to have a look at him if you haven't already. Least we know by doing QS that Darcy is going to be using his body correctly and not be all one sided,building muscles in the right places... as we go through the program.
  2. kerri_

    Our First Purple Tick!

    Beautiful Luna Congratulations.
  3. kerri_

    Darcy and I

  4. kerri_

    The World's Biggest Play Day

    QS Fraser Coast World's Biggest Play Day ,is to be held at the Maryborough Show Grounds. Theme this year is Commonwealth Games inspired. We have obstacle course challenges planned with some fun competition. Prizes for the Best Dressed! For more details you find us on Facebook ,or you can contact Kerri.
  5. I would like to share my experience I had last weekend at Cooroy lessons with Fiona. I went thinking I am going to give all I have in me....because I know Ozzie(my horse) and Fiona will be doing the same! We covered all the ridden in Level one. During the weekend I found the calm horse by becoming clearer in my direction, and my ask ,and have regained my confidence ,and have learnt to become a better leader for my horse. I trusted Fiona with what ever she said(,eg trott now!!!!) knowing I would be staying safe, and have changed my way of thinking, and really did let go of my fear by gaining more knowledge and now have a changed horse ,who I can enjoy. Ozzie really is such a lovely boy. He has such a beautiful trott that I hadn't felt in a long time, and felt just how light and responsive he can be given the chance. I now feel we are understanding each other. A huge thanks to Fiona Prescott for getting me through this. After a big weekend ,to help with Ozzie's emotional fitness, i now have him in a herd with Qs horses,(suggested by Fiona) as Ozzie lived by himself. I mentioned to Fiona that I may have trouble catching him now being in a herd. She said don't think like that!! So I managed to put all those negative thoughts out of my head, and off I went the next day to catch my horse. I went to approach Ozzie and he was looking so content ,he looked at me and flexed towards my hand and gave me his permission ,and was happy for me to slip on the halter, and walk calmly with me, and had a great ride.
  6. kerri_

    Never say never...

    Awesome Sophie, that is wonderful ,so happy for you both.
  7. Congratulations Sandra and Ben. We will have to celebrate your huge achievement at our next play day.
  8. kerri_

    Cooroy Summer Lessons Ta-dahs!

    I have learnt to find the calm horse,and to follow through{eg,not do 3 phase two,s} Be clear in phases and mean it. My confidence was getting in the way. Since then have gained a little more confidence,and getting better at following through .I,ve discovered that one rein riding is showing up everything ,like my lack of forward, timing and release, body and focus. Ozzie is waiting for me to become a better leader for him.I was really out of my comfort zone in ridden, it was like un-pealing the layers bit by bit, and to keep trying and not give up. It was just what I really needed. My Ta da moment was STOP FIDDLING, FOLLOW THROUGH, Always look for the try. Thanks
  9. kerri_

    Getting Nowhere

    Hang in there Jane. It sometimes gets us down especially when our body stops us from doing what we would like to do.I have had shoulder issues for the last few years that sometimes stops me from doing what I would like to do. On those days,i might just spend some undermanding time with ozzie,like give him a brush with my good arm,lol. Or watch a video on here.It gets my motivation happening again, then when all good to go again, I can,t wait to get out there and have a play. You are doing great,and have helped me out with the play days,hope to catch up soon...