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  1. Jaquita and I received our formal paperwork yesterday from Ruth - we are Level 1 graduates!!! A huge thankyou to Meredith and Fiona for organising the Summer Lessons - we wouldn't be graduates if this support was not available. It will be a little sad when the Summer Lessons have finished however I have learnt to use the website for support and especially the forums. Thank you to all the students for all your encouragement - it's priceless. I wish all of you the very b...

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    2. MissMusic


      WOOHOO! well done Karen, very well deserved

    3. VickiK


      Congratulations Karen. Fabulous result.


    4. josettep
  2. Last weekend was fantastic - picked up a lot of new things - the one that stands out for me was watching Elise and Diva work on their connection, it was beautiful to watch the connection grow. Then to see how much stronger that connection can be by level 3 - by auditing the level 3 lesson. It is something that I make sure I am aware of as often as I think of it, while I'm playing with my mare. It's opening up a whole new world of horsemanship to me and no doubt my mare is loving the release she is receiving as I work through the tasks. Mind blowing!!!