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  1. Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Thanks for that Shane. I'll give it a go his co operation would make the task alot easier thats for sure.
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently started trimming my horses feet myself after attending some peter laidley clinics and am having some trouble with jimbo. He is constantly ripping his feet out of my hands and walking off. And when it comes to his back feet he is even worse. Ive tried backing him up quickly as soon as he does it or doing short range circles to hind 1/4 stop but as soon as i pick his foot up again he pulls it away. I am hoping someone has some ideas as to how i can help him be more willing to stand quietly or some tasks which will help him out. It takes forever to trim with him constantly pulling his feet away. I would really appreciate any advice. Thankyou
  3. I learned that a horse that seems 'quiet' or 'lazy' is usually just shut down and switched off which can therefore lead to possibly dangerous reactions. And as alot of people tend to refer to their horses as quiet it really makes you wonder if they truely are or if they've just shut down. Definitely an eye opener in regards to my little fellow. Ive also learnt alot about position and body energy which i will be needing in the years to come. And lastly how great everyone is. So amazing to meet everyone and see first hand all the awesome things you have achieved, such a great privilage thanks everyone
  4. WELCOME - Sandra from Fraser Coast Qld

    Thankyou everyone Very excited although slightly nervous. Looking forward to this weekend my 4 legged friend is in for a bit of a surprise thats for sure. Cheers everyone look forward to meeting some new faces. Thanks Fi for all your help and support