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  1. Introducing Saint Sonia

    Sonia is one lovely horse in looks and nature. You have already done well at shows the future is going to be fun and rewarding. Good luck in your endeavours.
  2. Behind the scenes progress

    nothing quiet like a bush ride to feel invigorated.
  3. Talk about aggressive...

    Yes agreed feeding time is no time to test your leadership skills and yes you have lost your leadership roll at that point in time but as Shane had said you will regain the respect once you get the foundations going well with the home work cards. Just keep in mind the little subtleties of dominance your horse will show you on line and address them the best you can as quickly as possible.
  4. felt like spring

    Dear diary, I have felt more up lifted in the last 2 week as the weather has felt like spring is in the air. Cold starts but by mid morning the sun has a bit of warmth with low winds. 1 more month of winter to go. August is usually the worst for me as the winds are higher, colder and more rain. But so far so good. Ive had a slump of motivation but slowly it has been regained. I have been practising bits and pieces of activities but still not ready to hand in any assignments as yet. I have been doing short range circles while holding the stirrup and with the stick on the saddle then allowing Iggy to drift out to a larger circle while doing transitions then bring him back with a spiral. Then sending out by backing and getting the step over with correct leading leg. Then in the saddle I have done follow the rail on a loose wind in the reins walk and trot for 10 minuets intervals. Poor Iggy has been in a lather of sweet by the end. I think he is a tad unfit. Just like his owner. Im in no hurry to hand in any assignments as there is so much to consider bio mechanically and refine.
  5. shut down mode

    Thank you, glad you found them interesting enough to read Fiona and thank you for your concerns. You sound like a loveIy group organiser. I have sent you a personal message.
  6. shut down mode

    Dear diary, Winter is here and it is my least favourite time of year. I will go into to shut down mode and take time off. So no more writing form me for a while. Bye.
  7. video taken down

    Dear diary, I got my video of the spirals assignment taken down as I knew it was not a pass. To me there was no harmony nor bio - mechanically correct movements. Plus other things that made it unsightly for me to watch. I feel better that it is gone.
  8. lost motivation

    Dear diary, I have lost all motivation today. Tried to watch some videos to get me going but unfortunately I cant play them. On a bit of a low today.
  9. tweaking my problems

    Dear diary, It turned out to be quite a nice day today no wind and not cold at all. I just had to get on and have a ride. Iggy has been changing shape so I re-looked at the fitting of my saddle and moved and added the shimms to a way that may suit his physic at this time. I really don't know if it is Iggy or me or the both of us but I keep on being pushed over to the right side and every now and then I have to stand in the left stirrup to sift the saddle over. I am finding it really annoying and disappointing in myself as a rider that I am getting weaker and not as able to hold my body steady. I am also finding that my hip is starting to give me a few little twinges of discomfort. I really do need to get my core back in shape and do stretching exercises but it is so hard to do the work required to be strong and get stronger and stay there. It is getting harder as I am getting older but so important to maintain ourselves if we want to continue to ride. Today I thought that I would try to refine some of my ground work skills,. After seeing my video assignment I want to start addressing my backing as it looks like I'm throwing the rope at Iggy and I think it looks unsightly. If I translated my body language to words I would be yelling at Iggy. IGGY! BACK UP MORE MORE MORE, thank you". I want to whisper to him, "Iggy, if you don't mind could you please be my partner and back up." I can alter myslf , Im sure of it. I also did a few change of directions as in the video it looks like Im pulling Iggy into the change. This is not the case but it looks like it so I have to re think my body language so that it looks like I'm asking the hind 1/4s to make the change through to the shoulder coming over. I also did some circling and encouraged Iggy to stay a little father away from me . I did some cantering on the circle as I usually don't do this but I thought I had better get his fitness levels up. So I thought I would do a little cantering each time I do things with him starting with 4 laps each side or longer as he some times gets carried away with himself and looses his rhythm and panics. When he gets his rhythm back we stopped for a break. My ride was the southern cross pattern in sitting and rising trot with a little canter. I had a great time.
  10. assignment is up

    Dear diary, Well my assignment went up this morning. I don't think it will be a pass, as the change of direction will be regarded as to close and not enough forward from Iggy as the change in the direction he drops down to a walk. Our sends take to long but moving off on the correct leg.Our circle may be regarded as to close. I may get a comment about how I should use my body language more to get Iggy to move up to a trot and Iggy walks off after the send instead of trotting off, again lack of impulsion. Lastly we are over time as Iggy missed his first jump so I had to re ask for that and missed the first change of direction so I had to re ask for that also and I did not trim enough off the end of the video so time is waisted with me patting Iggy and walking off. On the up note there are no star fish, or only a few. He is backing well but could be better. The hind leg cross over is OK in the spirals but also loosing impulsion and dropping down to a walk. I feel that I need to get more subtle with my request to back up as it looks like to me that Im throwing something at him. So may be I will work towards a finger wiggle and at most a wrist wiggle. As always it is alway interesting to critique myself as there is so much that needs finessing and an eye for detail is what I need. I would love it if I could double myself during practise time. Now that would be handy indeed.
  11. practice at home

    Dear diary, I had a run through of my spirals assignment today. I video it, it was pretty ordinary but I have not handed anything in for a while so it will have to do. I think I will also hand in another as I was not happy with this effort today. It is interesting watching yourself in the camera. When I am going through the procedure of the assignments I think I am being rough and forceful with lots of energy but when I watch myself I'm not like that at all if any thing I have low energy and calm. Very interesting
  12. a day at elco

    Dear diary, It always confuses me when someone wants to know what you are doing. They sit and listen and want to be shown how to do it. So you show them and give them instruction. They are all excited so you leave them to it and in10 minuets, if that, you see them in the corner of your eye and they are back doing there old stuff. Why do I bother. While out at Elco I was watching some one train a young horse in the classical way. I love the classical way. The methods of old emphasis on the hind 1/4 which makes the front ends so light. That horse is going to be gorgeous in a few years with muscles on the bums and top line. I do wonder why QS do not do haunches in, out and shoulder in till much later in their program, as I see it as basic training that prepares the horse for renvers, travers half pass and correct flying changes rather than flying changes by throwing the horse weight over. Which I have never understood with both QS and Parelli. I had a chilli but lovely day at Elco
  13. rode at home

    Dear diary, nothing special today just practising circling game, rebounds, jumps, change of direction around cones and bare back riding at the walk. I noted today that I was collapsing in my left hip each time I went around a barrel. So I readjusted my posture by looking up and being stronger in my core . Iggy was also pushing me over to the right so I have a double wammy to work with, my posture in Iggy's asymmetry imbalance
  14. What cheeses my off!

    Dear diary and others, Nothing screams our louder than someone who thinks their time is more important than yours, when they say they will meet you at a venue at a particular time and turn up 45 mins late. That really cheeses me off. Any way I did my thing of practicing small and large circles and a change of direction then jumped on and rode the southern cross pattern. I left after what I wanted to do as I had other things I had to do and left them to do there own thing. Im a slow learner in that you can only rely on your self.
  15. bare back pad, Mondays ride

    Dear diary and others, I enjoyed doing the southern cross pattern so much the other day. I love the repetitive pattern as it makes me feel comfortable and securer. I felt so comfortable in this pattern that I had the confidence to do it with the bare back pad. Iggy felt very comfortable to sit on and warm. It was a really nice feeling to be this close to Iggy. I could understand if people prefer to ride with out a saddle as there is so much more to feel the breath, the warmth, and the steps where much easier to feel. I am blow away by the sensation. I knew there was a separation between the horses back with a saddle but was unaware just how much the saddle separates you from the horse. The exercise is also very beneficial to the way the horse moves. I found this is an exercise that can be used in so many ways to get variation, it is just your imagination that would hold you back. The area is relatively small which promotes hind 1/4 activity which in turn leads to engagement. I was only riding at the walk but felt very templed to step up into a jog. I think I will stay at the jog before stepping up into a trot just a little while longer to get my balance in check. As I was doing the pattern I all of a sudden though of a kaleidoscope and I could see colours with each turn I made. I also imagined the doodling stencils of the spirography set that I had as a child as watched the pretty patten that was being left in the sand. Which made me want to ride my line even more correctly so I would not blur the pattern. The pattern did get lost in the end it was no longer recognisable but a mush of hoof prints in the sand. Writing this highlights how the pattern relaxes me, I'm in a cloud of imagination and not getting lost in the riding so to speak. Im getting lost in colours of the kaleidoscope and the pattern of the spirograph that resembles a flower to me. I was riding in the moment and nothing else was in my mind. What a great lesson the southern cross pattern turned out to be.