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  1. What a great experience i've had this week! Last weekend Carola was in Holland and together with Jessica, Gaby, Els, Bodil and Carlijn we've had a great time. Great moments of exercise and experience, jeehaa!!!! I've had great tips to work on positive reflex. Working with Carola on nu riding skills, really a great time. And a great talk about goals for the future! A talk about "How difficult it is to have time to work trough all the stuff, together with the other things like time with your family, work, housekeeping...... 10 minutes is more than nothing, look at possibility's not in problems.... My horse shows me that this is right! She enjoy's to work togheter even if I don 't have the time to work longer. This week I've had a busy agenda, spare time to work on the things we did in the weekend togheter with Carola, but it was great and we really made progress. In my liberty work she showed me Nice things. The positive reflex was zo much better and at the 22 rope her impulsion was so great. And that in 10 or 20 minutes!!!!! We will keep up the good spirit! ENJOY
  2. What a great experience! The impulsion clinic and the building report! I've learned so much. Also great to look back from were we started and see what a progress there is togheter with my lovely horse and friend; Amica! A beautiful time with lovely people. A lot of commitment to the QS program and our responibility toward our horses and ourself!
  3. Thanks to all of You! So happy with it, and looking forward for all the stuff that we can learn in Level 2! Thank you Carola for your help and Shane for working with Amica last April.
  4. We have a New pony for my daughter since september 2016,the're some leadership issues with my daughter and the pony. She working on it. My question is: when we are walking with the pony's and the "new" one get's loose she runs away from the others, she completly shuts of and it looks like she doesn't stay incontact with them. We thought that's strainge.... We tought that pony's and horses woud like to stick together. Any one Any idea or suggestion what we can do to help her???? And keep her save for herself and our sourrounding.....
  5. This morning we've had our first come together after the clinics. What a succes, an experience to see that we can build on a lot of trust. The first time that we used the arena of our locale ridingclub. It was a very nice place to be. Gaby and I practised the first one rein riding together and Els was working on her groundwork! Very very nice and more to come👍!
  6. Thanks for all of you. Very nice to read. I'm alsof looking forward to meet you and Shane, Meredith!
  7. Yesterday i've had an experience with my horse Amica. I was angry at myself and thought that I completly distroyd her trust to step into the trailer. I was with her at my friends home for a lesson. I had to go with my car and trailer. When I asked her to step out of the trailer she did what I asked her to do. I'd forgotten to loosen the rope. She was in panic. She pulled so hard, her halster got loose and she went off. Completly my mistake. I thought that her trust to get in the trailer was gone. With the help of Carola, my friend and myself she get's back her confidence and stepped on. She had tension in her muscles and we had to focus on release. After a while it's getting better! So great to see what this program has done to ingrease her trust and has given my the tools to handle this situation with the help of Carola and Gaby, my friend . And it made me see how forgivingly a horse is. I'm so proud at her!
  8. We will keep up the good work together! It's nice to see that we both have different struggles. We both learn a lot from each other. And each time it get's better! Thanks for your enthousiasm!
  9. Yes, i managed to change it. Now it's a shorter version! Samen veel leren dat gaat helemaal lukken Gaby. En wat jij ook al schreef; relaxed met de paarden samen met onze meiden door de bossen. Hoe gaaf is dat?
  10. It didn't go right posting this story. Sorry!!! I'm not that handy It became very long. I don't know how to make ik different. I didn't manage to change it ! Next time it will get better!!!!
  11. Three years ago we decided to buy a pony for our daugther Bodil. From the moment she could talk, she talked about pony's/horses. We bought her a nice 18 year old mare. A great pony, from who she could learn a lot. The enthousaism of Bodil made me decide to buy a horse of my own and the pony needed company. What a luxery that this was possible. I went on surging and Amica came along. She is a 9 years old mare (at that moment) and we thougt she woud fit with us and the pony. Unfortunatly the pony became ill, We had to let her go ! She was with us for almost a year. Bodil was very sad about it and so are we. The whole family liked her a lot. We were very attached to her but after a while Bodil said; "Amica must not be alone and I want to go on with horseriding. We went on looking for a pony. Wonder, would he be the pony for Bodil? He is a young pony, 4 year at that moment. I very nice looking black Dartmoor pony. I thougt seriously: "should we be able to handle this pony? We decide to do so. He went on doing very wel, Bodil was happy with him. She got lessons on the tradional way her in Holland. And after a coupple of months it didn't go right. Wonder didn't like to be ridden on. He was not motivated to work with Bodil. But we didn't know what to do. We had different kind of advise . What is the right way???? Do we have to sell him??? Carola talked to me at the Phone, we didn't know each other. A neighbour of Carola was a client of me. He thought that it would be nice if we meet each other. Carola told me about QS. She had my atention. I was very curious and a day later i went on looking for her website. We needed her help with the pony, that was our solution. We made an appointment. She told us that there wasn't enough safety, for Bodil and Wonder. We had to work on that! We didn't have to sell the pony! This was the first RELEASE !!!! Now we are on the right way. Both, Bodil and I are very enthousiastic about the program and doing the best we can to help our horses and ourself. The rest of it will follow...................
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