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  1. A few month's ago a asked a question on the forum about Pardotje. The pony was running away from the Hurt..... Bodil has worked hard on her skills to be a good horsewoman! By now she's abble to go out for a short walk, the trailer is easy to get Pardotje on and...... The best off al,in her summerholiday she can go out for a ride, together with her girlfriend Pluk and her other pony Wonder... Thanks to Carola Colson for her support! And proud of her, she's commited to make the best of it!
  2. Sharing QS at school

    Hello, of course you may share this on Facebook. Thank you all for your reply!
  3. Sharing QS at school

    I had a project at school about the farm and everything around the farm. My subject was horses. That was a great oppurtunity to share information about QS.