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    Holistic riding, dance, writing, yoga, swimming, fun with the kids as I help out at Pony Club.

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  1. It’s official - Lordi can fly!
  2. KellyM

    OK. Wow.

    Thank you too Alexia, Lorraine amd Tracy for your lovely replies - he is really an amazing teacher pony 😁😁🎓🎓🎓
  3. KellyM

    OK. Wow.

    Thank you i will 😀😀😀😀
  4. KellyM

    OK. Wow.

    So, I've just read all the amazing success stories from my classmates, and here is my own. I just read a John Wayne quote which went: "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." And I thought, no, that is not courage but stupidity, because the horse will know you are scared and will not accept you as a leader, then they'll get scared themselves and then we end up with Shane's quote: "There's nothing worse than sitting on a horse who's trying to outrun your head." Well, during last weekend's lessons I experienced the whole range from scared to death (literally, having to get out of the stable i was so scared) to magic moments and a massive aha about the phases thing. This was that I was working at the pre-phase one energy level, getting Smartie to trot on a circle from walk just from the energy of my belly button, and getting him to come back to a walk by breathing out. I was also communicating 'halt' a couple of paces before the cone with my body life and watching him stop perfectly in front of it. Honestly, it was like magic (and my classmates heard me actually giggling!). I realised that (with Smartie anyway) it's kind of about getting up the phases quickly when you need to, and yes at the moment that does seem to mean phase 4 - really, really quickly - and back down again and then making sure I'm finding that sub-phase one energy place again, rather than accidentally staying tense and ending up stuck in the phase 2/3 area. Stuck rather than using it intentionally, I mean. So awesome, and the contrasts have never been so strong. I told Alexia that I don't think I've learnt so much in any hour and a half of my life. On the 'scared to death' side, Alexia helped me get back in that stable and take the lead, giving me some great tools so that i have strategies for the future, and on the pure magic side, a massive aha! Thank you Alexia, Meredith, Smartie of course and my awesome classmates. xxxxx
  5. Well done, Kendall! It was awesome to see! xx
  6. Yay Tracy *cheers* - and I got to see your beaming face, too! Well done, and thanks for keeping us all warm and well fed. xxx
  7. Amazing, Fiona! And I was so honored to be there! x
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