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  1. Aileen it will be a memory that you will keep forever. Image what else you can do with horse with great energy.
  2. Bindibo

    Cow camp

    Hi guys, just checking check in time on Saturday i saw 12 am. Can't wait
  3. Awesome Shane, I will be setting up a south cross this arvo looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Well deserved Georgia and Pearl . Enjoy your break, loved watching your assignments .
  5. Hi, I would like to share my 2019 ultimate camp experience: 1st question Meredith ask "WHY" are you here. Really wasn't quite shaw. I had that question in the back of mind for 8 days. Answers came that morning at around 6am as I'm doing layering with Bindi and watching the sun rise. "WHY" come and spend 10 days with a group of like minded people. Sleeping in my float, having camp fire each night, hanging with the horses ,learning from the horse, learning about me, learning to let go, feed the good stuff , pass the shitty stuff (HA HA), making my self commitments and know what my are ,finding what I store in my self so that I can harness energy to pass though me to make amazing things happen , Setting my unrealistic GOALS for them to happen, to have life changing decisions to believe I can just do it , being stripped of our tools to find I don't need them to make awesome moments ,to ask the question, I can release. I'll stop here...…….. so "WHY" did I do the ultimate because I can Simone make the change to become , best horseman for myself and horses. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE AND JUST DO IT.
  6. Hey Jack, You are you own mirror so went you are looking at yourself have the biggest and best smile, stay true to your goals and never forgot your valves and please believe. You are one of a kind.
  7. Hey Fiona The no rider one is Bindi thats why Jen the amazing is Brave.
  8. Hi Jen THE amazing, i just wanted to put this picture up to show how much brave you are.
  9. Juthid Judy hey Jude You are awesome .A picture can say A thousand words. ...........
  10. P.s. full stop.........
  11. Hi here is were i realease thats ultimate
  12. Hi laying in the grass with Bindi thats ultimate.
  13. Hey Jack ,not only will you do your goal you will fly like a bird . I believe in you. Have a great day.
  14. Hi Karen doing my newbies for the 1st time 6 months ago these were unhandled horse's and here they are no drugs or gags getting there teethdone Thank you Karen... the buckskin Ruby is 12 month she won't have her teeth done like the big girls until she 2 just knowing she will accept this makes me simile
  15. a cuddle from me Jill Simone
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