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  1. Lovely after noon trail ride up in the hills Bindi was awesome she gets a huge blue tick from me. Look what the rain left ( green grassy hills)
  2. Hey Sarah stay safe. I have 3 mare herd and I'm the leader. Bindi would be the most expressionist, Frankie just looks for leadership and release and Ruby rue`the young one is very relax and abit hoe hum but when i ask for a task i have to follow through and finish with the rub other wise she would be all over me and we would have to go again, she dose have a short attention spand so short and sweet is the key with her for now. So to sum up "leadership" . I've never changed anything when they come in season Bindi has tried to change my "focus" once when there was some new horse's at the neighbours but i stuck to what ever we were doing to show "leadership" and continue on .They can still function in season don't make a big deal off it .Happy Horsey .
  3. Liquid Gold "Hope" its also going to where it's needed.♡♡ It's taken awhile to get here in the Mary valley.
  4. Wow what a wonderful post Aileen and picture. Das hast du gut gemacht We can all speak the same language.
  5. Ok Kerri ,Fiona told us what really happen ! You and Ozzie did heaps more than you wrote great story by the way , bring on that red string girl.......
  6. Hey Kerensa Opening up is all part of the journeys to better horsemanship it not only help us, the horse benefits . Let the bad s...¡¡¡*** go and only receive the great things. Have awesome day.
  7. Hi Carolyn, Pressure is how i would get things done with Bindi ( steed) , the journey with QS will change your mind set because pressure dos'nt work in the long run. You will have soooo many WOW moments working through the steps and challenges. Creating a partnership thats light and responsive is so rewarding and special.
  8. Just putting out a heart warming thought and wishes to all person's, all animals dealing with these fire's down south. May rain be around the corner it would make as all smile. Be safe....
  9. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    IT seem there a new horse in the paddock, Frankie the white horse going under cover in a dirt disguise , this is how she presented her self this morning. To funny.
  10. Hi, just wondering how the chatbox and chatroom works .This is new to me.
  11. Wishing only the best out come for everyone and horse's if the fires in the south are closes to you. Be prepare and act. May the new year have plenty of rain for everyone.
  12. Merry Xmas enjoy and it's raining here on the sunshine coast that's my present wish . I hope liquid gold falls everywhere .
  13. Judy remember the ultimate, now smile. Good thoughts create great moments . The support is here...
  14. Awesome Chrissy, it's great having this personal journey, and to be 100% confident in the outcome for us and the horse. Wish more people got it.
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