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  1. I'm really looking forward to the time trail for me its going to gauge our progress having super fun with our riding have learnt heaps of new ways to improve our riding out, even bundle Bindi up the float the other day and went Yabba creek swimming love it , been on my wish list for a while, i do believe Bindi enjoyed that as well she was quite fascinated with the mullet jummping up . Super keen for the trail .We going to learn heaps, See you there.
  2. Eagerly awaiting ,hopefully my bad luck session is over for this year bring on the fun stuff.
  3. Hi guys, "just thinking" of some of the challenges that you have in mind that we can add to our practise for this event. Looks like a lot a fun .
  4. "Gosh" go girl ,well done awesome. Now the riding module's , see you at camp.
  5. Go Georgia ☆ Go Pearl ☆ "great guns"
  6. 6 cylindar, 3 seater ,great condition Ring 0455736433 Simone Qld
  7. Hi Mereidth Hi Shane once again one year has come around hoping rain came your way on Saturday , Blacksnake we had 3.5 ml with a easy storm and Imbil 15 ml very dry . Hope all is great.
  8. Bindibo

    Cow camp

    Howdy fellow cow hands, a picture of Bindi trying to use her new found cow skills and energy to move those cows, but i think she just dreaming of the next cow camp which was soo much fun.
  9. "Please explain"very interesting and interested .
  10. Well done guy's. Hey Judy thats one for the "pool room" (Aussie saying).
  11. Awesome Hannah just putting your assignment in when your not quite sure, gives you a amazing result . Well done
  12. Aileen it will be a memory that you will keep forever. Image what else you can do with horse with great energy.
  13. Bindibo

    Cow camp

    Hi guys, just checking check in time on Saturday i saw 12 am. Can't wait
  14. Awesome Shane, I will be setting up a south cross this arvo looks like a lot of fun.
  15. Well deserved Georgia and Pearl . Enjoy your break, loved watching your assignments .
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