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  1. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Great hanging out and watching the gang. Afternoon things is hanging around on the front steps of the house where the brezze comes under the house and the shade is blissful ,coolest place to be in the arvo, I read a book, they laid down, check me out sniffing, realxing , falling a sleep generally we are all just doing our thang! Together is something special.
  2. Bindibo

    It's not about the task!

    You can really get stuck on the task its only when the ""light bulb goes on""" that we as human realise that the task is just the path we to follow . Release is the task. Loving the journey .
  3. Fair to be fair!!! 40 degrees in the shade , brain cooked. Everyone was scored on the 16 obstacle out of 5 . But we all laughed and had a ripper day . Live and learn ¡¡¡¡¡¡
  4. Hey Jen whats up with his back feet . I reckon if a horse has teeth work and they have been sore they understand its not to bad the process . I 've witness it for my self many times.
  5. The Coolie bar was Christian . Merry Xmas to you Kerensa hope all your wishes come true.☆☆
  6. 9th one Juliet and Missy car wash happiness. last one Meyior and Charlie watching Cooliee antics . Thank you Frazier QS for fun Xmas party Merry Xmas to everyone.
  7. 7th one Kerry and Aussie. 8th one Fiona and Cooliee car wash (Happy host).
  8. 5th one Nicole and Polly maplepole. 6th one Meredith and Charlie arcoss the bridge.
  9. 3rd one Sandra and Ben on the free ride. 4rd one Sandra and Ben ranch rope the flamingo.
  10. 1st one Ben unicorn . 2nd one Di and Bonza and Fiona new Cooliee bar in the back ground great venue Fiona.
  11. Bindibo

    Facing The Truth

    Keep the story comming Tracy don't get writer's cramp.
  12. WILLY WONKER LIVES very exciting Some members are going get a Merrier Xmas.
  13. Bindibo

    A Brief History - To Date

    Hey Tracey , I absolute love a good story I'm shaw its going to be "Big", that fellow of yours blows me away I can image the stretch getting on the big fellow. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
  14. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    put the soaker hose underneath Bindi yesterday she did'nt move for a hour now thats a thinking horse. Great Xmas present for your horse,,, what a cracker
  15. Well done girls, looks like Jack has a new horse ??
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