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  1. Hey Jack ,not only will you do your goal you will fly like a bird . I believe in you. Have a great day.
  2. Hi Karen doing my newbies for the 1st time 6 months ago these were unhandled horse's and here they are no drugs or gags getting there teethdone Thank you Karen... the buckskin Ruby is 12 month she won't have her teeth done like the big girls until she 2 just knowing she will accept this makes me simile
  3. a cuddle from me Jill Simone
  4. Hi Judy O what fun, our horse make us feel so little some time , that why we have to bigger and stronger in our minds and heart .When this occur for me at home i carry on with the task or exercise and move around maybe even to a different spot mean while focusing on softening her out and asking her to forget about the monster because there heap more going on where I'm am and i will look after you. Getting the 4 legs relaxing head down again and happy ,challenge your self Judy I'm shaw we have all been there its just QS gives us tool.Keep your effort 30% percent and hers 70% make her see it not scary on your side of the fence. Smile Judy a relaxed mind means a relaxed body.
  5. A Big good on ya Traci from Simone, and sexy nicker from Bindi. HUGE effort ...
  6. Go Claire , Gotta love a challenge, you will get so much just out of the practise your confidences in your horse's will grow and in your self. Please Claire, show us what your challenges are maybe we could use them in our practise session and we can compare and share. Sort of like beening there with you. Keep us posted.
  7. To every one Wishing You a Merry Xmas and of course a Happy New year Lets hope our horse journeys' are bigger and brighter that last and just as fantastic. I cant wait , From Bindi and Simone .
  8. Hi This is my ta da from the contact clinic in Buderim on the weekend. We have been at our homework with a couple of different sessions since Sunday and today beening only Tuesday we had softness on the change of direction ,ridden. Bindi was very heavy on the superman rein to the point " I" did get emotional. Merethid saw this and quote this is part of your horseman journey, Simone stick at it .So we have done horse yoga, and ridding with a smile and using my hips and today we flew instead of flopping. So Happy.Thank you.
  9. Thank you, I am doing this for the love of horses, I ridden enough horses to know what is not right. Loving the journey and inspired by the knowledge.
  10. Rhiannon thats amazing well done☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆.
  11. love love IT,,,, your not scary clowns,,,,, great imagination challenge....
  12. Caitlin your a shinning star ****** well done.....
  13. A BIG Aussie good on you Liv... Must have been the luck from my float . Give Ben a big pat .
  14. Good on YOu and Pearl.. I reckon you should thank the kangaroos Georgia, Pearl was trying to keep up with them . P.s. that how it looked yesterday when I was watching you. Well done .
  15. Love to come on the ride weekend ,BUT I need a red string
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