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  1. Bindibo

    Red String events

    Love to come on the ride weekend ,BUT I need a red string
  2. Bindibo

    Woolooga Fire

    Thanks guys and girls, I know, sleep well.
  3. Bindibo

    Woolooga Fire

    All good keep safe.Watching the fire bulm from home.
  4. Bindibo

    Woolooga Fire

    Hey were my float Meredith.
  5. Bindibo

    Woolooga Fire

    phew, it can be a scary place to be around a bush fire sooo glad all is good, the ABC radio had said to get in contact with any one in that area and make sure they are ok ,so good you's are ok good to hear.
  6. Bindibo

    Boredom Busting

    Hey Luna and Darcy, My grandfather use to find all sorts of horse related and horse actives for us to do when we complain about begin bored on the farm, cleaning tack would be one stables and vehicle cleaning bit like spring cleaning all areas, and fencing ,rock pick up prepare summer paddocks cleaning water troughs ,cleaning and snorting though tack to insure in good working order checking all feed station and manure clean ,happy gates in good working order all brushes ready and clean for winter coat removal, no old feed has left weavils and bugs. The E has heaps of application. ENJOY...
  7. Bindibo

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Good on Ya Luna and Darcy, look how far yuzu's have come I bet yuzu's are looking how far yuzu's can go...ENJOY.. I'll bring a carrot for Darcy on play day he deserve it, do you want one too you deserve too
  8. Bindibo


    Hi there Sophie, I have no answer but I did goggle there were answers... when we are at home chilling and my black mare will hang with us in the sun and the other half will do fake yawns at her and she seem to join in the yawning game. Quite funny to see them respond to the good old yawn I know I enjoy a good yawning it dose feel good with a stretch..
  9. Bindibo

    Challenges at every corner

    Giday Jack, since meeting I was wowed at you and the other girls where quite blown away with your outlook on generally everything and the way you handle yourself so just remember your a cool guy and your human. So we all had a lot to process then, but you had more to take in and this is only the start of your journey some of us have been kicking around for a bit longer remember don't reflect on others and focus on you and what maters. Meredith would say SMILE I find it helps plenty with the horses and most life issues if some things are quiet not working out. remember Jack, be kind to your self and kindness will come back to you. one more quote I know you know this, but sometimes we forget LIFE is short and potentially essentially we will only get one shot DONT WASTE IT just ride with it Jack eventually everything comes together...…..
  10. Bay is the filly, cremo is the colt ,,call Ken on 54841546 both at Kilivan," need to be sold"....
  11. Bindibo

    what the??

    Hey Jen she just politely has a poo and then loads fine its the communication and understanding she needs to do this 1st, I've given her my ear and I'm listening. Not wanting to rush rush so we can get somewhere in the float making the experience so much nicer, it dose make closing the ramp a lot easier with no poo wedge in .
  12. Bindibo

    Saddle Care & Storage

    hi Chrissie I brought a saddle rack from saddle world which is for western type saddle around $140 with wheels and keep a towel over the top. Tying to remember if Peter said the saddle only needs light oil every 6 months please correct me anyone if I'm wrong, he didn't put a huge emphasize on oiling the saddles more on how we treat the saddles and get cracking and use them.
  13. Bindibo

    Not wanting to be caught

    Hey Claire, Been there as well its like a huge insult to us, I just keep beening the biggest carrot in the paddock and now with the approach I have the biggest smile and chat away to her(eg like how good she looking today) Bindi is standing still now ready to sniff which ever tool I have (even a carrot is a tool) this has been one of our biggest challenges , I have big open paddock so chasing was not working out with us, I think the more practice and homework we get though the better our friendship grows (reason to smile), Fiona told me, was to keep the horse moving in the same direction and you chose when to stop (using your stick as body extension ) when you have a couple of horses the ones your not focus on will the drop back and then its just you and her then you have to taken the lead ship for her, I always have a focus stopping point as well. Keep yielding the hind .HAVE FUN.....
  14. Bindibo

    what the??

    Hi Jill Bindi will do a little semi stop (half halt) most time going in to the float which I seem to know, she is going to plop before walking all the way in I quite like the understanding because I've heard her and listen to her body lingo , I must check again if she dose give me a face because she dose with everything else. Who wants to stand in their own plop.
  15. Bindibo

    Congratulations Clare!

    Coohee over there in WA, keep up the great work Claire. Awesome to see you jumping in leaps and bounds good on you Girl star.