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  1. Nytes; rising 5 pure breed arab Nawahri; rising 4 pure breed arab Tinkerbell; rising 3 anglo arab Ring Dany 0419304575. $5000 neg
  2. """O""" you little ripper ..you rock good on you and Ben just the BIG fellow to go.😛
  3. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Thank Fiona for starting Mary Valley we are so lucky to have you hanging out with us and beening able to progess all of us and the horse's we have. Thank you for your dedication it inspires me .
  4. Visual Art Feedback

    Luna hi, The horse shoe could be used as something to write on, which depicts the culture story so that all symbols tie to together and have a purpose. Looks like fun....
  5. Welcome Mary Valley New Members!

    "Yea" for the new members ...🙌
  6. Talk about aggressive...

    Sophie if only they could talk😉
  7. Our beach experience

    It is a amazing thing Sophie,to have the support of like minded people around us so that what we love we can enjoy..our's journeys are going along perfectly . I'm loveing the changes to Bindi as well its such a pleasure to hang out with her .xxoo
  8. Green seem to be all the rage ... Well done Jill and Leroy ...
  9. hi Sahara try traveling in the float your self and see what its like for RED. Always good to have the horse's outlook.
  10. Yeehaa Nancy! A Blue String for you!

    Good stuff Nancy, did you and Junior go faster than a Chrysler. Gosh your assignment look great to watch who ever film did not fail.
  11. Yea luna yea darcy It is about hard work ,super big carrot for darcy...
  12. We are seeing GREEN!!

    Yeah for you Fiona, meeting you and Coolie has certainly give Bindi and I alot to think about to know our's journey's are with in reach. We can all reach for the STAR'S 🌟Thank you.Hugs on it's way.
  13. We are seeing GREEN!!

    And it's Fiona's Birthday..
  14. Free 44's

    Are chasing some barrels you will have to pick these up from Caloundra QLD and ring Greg on 54925540.