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  1. Bindibo

    The Quantum Savvy Experience camps

    Hi Meredith, curious were is the info on the 2019 camps. I'm not on face book.
  2. Yeaha!!! Hannah you are awesome... xoxo
  3. Bindibo

    what the??

    Here's a thought?? dose a horse have wee or poo face ; example, we are riding along and our horse is trying to tell us he or she has to go . Its all about reading our horses and understanding them so if they could talk we could take the time to consider there needs. Sound crazy but maybe some one has observed something.
  4. Bindibo

    what the??

    What the?? when my horse pees in the float, she a mare, any ideas on why in the float...
  5. Bindibo

    Float Loading Focus Play

    Hi, I enjoyed the backing in float, there was a look from Clancy which said, I did this now I want my rub, he's a good boy .
  6. Bindibo

    Just a thank you...

    Now this is the only saddle that takes pride of place very happy owner and horse...I did say my older saddle was not servicing Bindi well so she is still ajusting to her new one, I think she looks really smart.
  7. Bindibo

    Just a thank you...

    Hey you keep all your old saddles so we never forget and we are collective by nature....
  8. Bindibo

    Rapid Change

    Hey Jack, good on for really expressing what your heart feels. Many chapters to be written for your life's journey stay focus on the prize and true to your self the book going to be a good read. Well done mate.
  9. 1 quarter horse mare chestnut (with golden highlights) white blaze 7yo 15.2hands, broken in ,intelligent suit educated and connected rider bloodlines are to flapper breeze. no itch, gentle mouth and sure footed $3500 1x QH x stock horse gelding black/brown 6yo 15hands, broken and educated, suit educated and connected rider no itch, gentle mouth and sure footed $2000 contact Julie on 0437183018
  10. Bindibo

    Just a thank you...

    Hi Lorraine, I plan on doing my one rein assignment in the new saddle which I have been avoiding . I think it will be a great test for us because I know how she felt in the old saddle ( which was not a cheap saddle and a well known brand) doing the homework and assignments. Look forward to be just cruising around and getting Bindi to forget about what I had made her put up with for so long. I feel I could be a 'advocate' for ill fitting saddles,""" please listen to the horse"""".
  11. Bindibo

    Just a thank you...

    My ta to my new QS saddle in which Bindi is showing great feedback already , Alot happy girl when beening ridden. My other ta is to Peter the Sadler and the designer Shane. If this is the change in my Bindi after two rides im going enjoy the next 20000000000 rides. Thanks ,very happy.
  12. Hi Meredith, I hate to say this but the Gympie horse sale are on this weekend. Very interesting people watching as well.
  13. Bindibo

    horse shelter/stable

    Hi This is a oldie but a goodie it also has a round yard join to it and large working yard to the right. I recommend which this has is a over hang on the roof . Thanks.