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  1. Bindibo


    Hi Lisa just curious to find out what a kissing spine is and how do know its there. Thanks.
  2. Hey Georgia , since I 1st meet you i new you were special gal, and you have always believe in this program and you are living the dream . Hopefully catch you soon to congratulate you in person. Awesome
  3. Very exciting Meredith, a platform for your voice . I bet your message will be catching and true to your beliefs and values. Can't wait .
  4. Bindibo


    Hallo Alieen , Liberty is a game changer for you and your horse its nice to know you have a tool e.g. forgot your ropes , to have a session with out any equipment , just remember to keep smiling and have fun with liberty . Meredith would also say Turkish bath (open hand).
  5. Ok 12 months on and my guys have there teeth done by Karen once again, Bindi were a bit rougher and need a bit of extra muscle, Ruby has had her at 1st file at 2 years ,Karen will come back in 6 months to check on her baby teeth and do Frankies they weren't needing any immediate work this time .Very happy to be doing this before winter and all went very well with Karens soft handling . Thanks again Karen.
  6. How proud as punch you must feel,would be a great challenge for everyone.
  7. Sounds awesome Meredith, I'm in !!! Zoom is my only set back. Love your work
  8. Time to shine everyone ☆☆☆ Old mate is cruising my backyard.
  9. Bindibo


    A glossary of terms and apprevarations. Have a great day.
  10. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Chilling at HOME , quite relative now.
  11. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Ruby goes in Ruby goes out. She probably wondering what happen next. Jen, I just need a boy one to make it work.
  12. Kerri awesome Ozzie awesome Well done guys.
  13. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Big day for Ruby, needs a kip. 3 amigo , they are almost all the same in there leg pozzie.
  14. Plain and simple, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  15. Cool bananas , see you then, really looking forward to the weekend so much going on and so much to be learnt and PIZZA'S.
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