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  1. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Chilling at HOME , quite relative now.
  2. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Ruby goes in Ruby goes out. She probably wondering what happen next. Jen, I just need a boy one to make it work.
  3. Kerri awesome Ozzie awesome Well done guys.
  4. Bindibo

    Horse fun

    Big day for Ruby, needs a kip. 3 amigo , they are almost all the same in there leg pozzie.
  5. Plain and simple, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  6. Cool bananas , see you then, really looking forward to the weekend so much going on and so much to be learnt and PIZZA'S.
  7. Good morning Meredith, Just checking out what i need to bring for the weekend , the time of arrivals, will there be some where to boil a billy . Looking forward to this weekend have a great day.
  8. They are off and racing, everyone loves a close race. GO girls play fair. P.S. have fun.
  9. Hey thanks for having us, level 2 would be us.
  10. Hi Mereidth, I'm keen to join in.
  11. Bindibo


    On face book QS it was at Woolooga 18th of March Friday nite posted on face book on the 6th February . ???
  12. Bindibo


    Hi Mereidth would like to RSVP to carriage course free chat, just checking the date . Thank you.
  13. Lovely after noon trail ride up in the hills Bindi was awesome she gets a huge blue tick from me. Look what the rain left ( green grassy hills)
  14. Hey Sarah stay safe. I have 3 mare herd and I'm the leader. Bindi would be the most expressionist, Frankie just looks for leadership and release and Ruby rue`the young one is very relax and abit hoe hum but when i ask for a task i have to follow through and finish with the rub other wise she would be all over me and we would have to go again, she dose have a short attention spand so short and sweet is the key with her for now. So to sum up "leadership" . I've never changed anything when they come in season Bindi has tried to change my "focus" once when there was some new horse's at the neighbours but i stuck to what ever we were doing to show "leadership" and continue on .They can still function in season don't make a big deal off it .Happy Horsey .
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