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  1. Hi Claire, I would take the less stressful way by setting up a yard, I think I would stress more about the movement and moving in the float then "loading them". She is lovely, your very fortunate to have such cutness to look at daily. Bring a smile to your dial daily . P.s. is Willow sass mum.
  2. Hey Chrissie totally awesome, I'm at the similar stage, next is bareback and bridless doesn't that sound like a challenge.
  3. Hey Claire, would love to see a photo of your precious .
  4. Shaw am Claire, taking Ruby, I'm taking Frankie the mum and Bindi , should be a very huge learning curve for all of us.
  5. Hi Shane , getting geared up for horse training in November, wanting to do a check and requirement list for the course. Could you please gives a guide thank you.
  6. Awsome guys, how many acres is the property it looks like it goes a long way , amazing outback. Great to see folks comming together and enjoying a common theme. Enjoyable
  7. Wow a great work shop , learnt alot of valuable lesson and quality finishes ( polish to our horsemanship) . Fiona truly place a lot of effort and thought into each rider at the workshop and showed us the right way and enjoyable way to enjoy a trail ride. Thanks again Fiona had a ripper time.
  8. "Awesome" , Sarah and Dakota going great guns.
  9. Hey what she doing, i would say back in the day you would call it stubbornness. But i know now its lack of confidence, I encourage her and we are working through the homework we have forward but could be better , sideways and backwards . "Alas" horse training is right next door now in November .We trucked Frankie and Ruby to Jones St very happy she took my offer to go in it was a sweet moment. With the farrier it was a shuffle but now i just send her sideways back to Leigh and we work on lots of release with even a small lift ,there is no Malice in this mare. I don't think she every been ask
  10. Awesome Tania, enjoy watching your bare back assignment you and Connor made it look easy.
  11. Hi , Frankie she a bit of a worry wart about alot, and has trouble bringing her back leg on to the tray of the float and comming all the way in ( she tries so hard and has been in twice only yesterday) also with the farrier the back legs are a no go yet. So I'm asking for advice and guidance to set us up for sucess. We do small trys with realease and reward, I feel her confidence is very very poor ? But she has come a long from a untouchable girl.
  12. Ok ,week six and we are on the home stretch the stain didn't colour the ulcer so we are on top of this little pest I can finally slow treatment down and the vet bills. Ahhh might go out for ride finally . Very happy with a great outcome.
  13. How good is that 6 weeks in, well done .
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