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  1. Hi Claire, I would take the less stressful way by setting up a yard, I think I would stress more about the movement and moving in the float then "loading them". She is lovely, your very fortunate to have such cutness to look at daily. Bring a smile to your dial daily . P.s. is Willow sass mum.
  2. Hey Chrissie totally awesome, I'm at the similar stage, next is bareback and bridless doesn't that sound like a challenge.
  3. Hey Claire, would love to see a photo of your precious .
  4. Shaw am Claire, taking Ruby, I'm taking Frankie the mum and Bindi , should be a very huge learning curve for all of us.
  5. Hi Shane , getting geared up for horse training in November, wanting to do a check and requirement list for the course. Could you please gives a guide thank you.
  6. Awsome guys, how many acres is the property it looks like it goes a long way , amazing outback. Great to see folks comming together and enjoying a common theme. Enjoyable
  7. Wow a great work shop , learnt alot of valuable lesson and quality finishes ( polish to our horsemanship) . Fiona truly place a lot of effort and thought into each rider at the workshop and showed us the right way and enjoyable way to enjoy a trail ride. Thanks again Fiona had a ripper time.
  8. "Awesome" , Sarah and Dakota going great guns.
  9. Hey what she doing, i would say back in the day you would call it stubbornness. But i know now its lack of confidence, I encourage her and we are working through the homework we have forward but could be better , sideways and backwards . "Alas" horse training is right next door now in November .We trucked Frankie and Ruby to Jones St very happy she took my offer to go in it was a sweet moment. With the farrier it was a shuffle but now i just send her sideways back to Leigh and we work on lots of release with even a small lift ,there is no Malice in this mare. I don't think she every been ask
  10. Awesome Tania, enjoy watching your bare back assignment you and Connor made it look easy.
  11. Hi , Frankie she a bit of a worry wart about alot, and has trouble bringing her back leg on to the tray of the float and comming all the way in ( she tries so hard and has been in twice only yesterday) also with the farrier the back legs are a no go yet. So I'm asking for advice and guidance to set us up for sucess. We do small trys with realease and reward, I feel her confidence is very very poor ? But she has come a long from a untouchable girl.
  12. Ok ,week six and we are on the home stretch the stain didn't colour the ulcer so we are on top of this little pest I can finally slow treatment down and the vet bills. Ahhh might go out for ride finally . Very happy with a great outcome.
  13. How good is that 6 weeks in, well done .
  14. Hi , we are in to week 4, the top picture is last week and second is just now the vet has just left the ucler is shrinking "YEE "very happy. We haven't gone to any extreme vet horse husbandry (tubes, sowing of the 3rd lid ) all which was freaking me out so its just been drops and gels as often as i can get them in her eye. Getting the potion in her eye has been easy with the QS foundation's no mucking around just using release and reward . Thanks girls for your thoughts . Wishing everyone safe days ahead look after one's self and keep a "eye" on your horse's .
  15. Well, week 2 of treatment and the ulcer has shrunk by 1/2 good to know persistent is paying off, we have to repeat another week of treatment with a change of medications . Hoping so much we come though this with a great result . The quicker you disocover this issue and get treatment the better the result. Ulcer in the eye is painful condition for the horse, don't hesitate in treatment "asap".
  16. Hey Kerri ,cool picture did have a bit of a giggle at bra idea . Vet will be back in a few days time to see how its going , her eye this morning looks a bit happy. Time well tell, a fair bit of dedication is invested .
  17. Hi, Bindi has a eye ulcer at present 4 weeks ago the vet pulled out like a cobber peg seed from her eye ball and was treated . Her eye started to weep and swell again a few days ago the vet came again and this time its a ulcer. He came at 3 in the arvo and said he had only done eye ulcers all that day "wow" I said, so Bindi been treat for the ulcer (you can lose the eye from ulcers). I'm writing this as a warning of how important it's to check our ponies over and not hesitate to call a vet when you gut tells you something not quite right. He suggested they can because from a few thing on
  18. Bindibo


    Hi Lisa just curious to find out what a kissing spine is and how do know its there. Thanks.
  19. Hey Georgia , since I 1st meet you i new you were special gal, and you have always believe in this program and you are living the dream . Hopefully catch you soon to congratulate you in person. Awesome
  20. Very exciting Meredith, a platform for your voice . I bet your message will be catching and true to your beliefs and values. Can't wait .
  21. Bindibo


    Hallo Alieen , Liberty is a game changer for you and your horse its nice to know you have a tool e.g. forgot your ropes , to have a session with out any equipment , just remember to keep smiling and have fun with liberty . Meredith would also say Turkish bath (open hand).
  22. Ok 12 months on and my guys have there teeth done by Karen once again, Bindi were a bit rougher and need a bit of extra muscle, Ruby has had her at 1st file at 2 years ,Karen will come back in 6 months to check on her baby teeth and do Frankies they weren't needing any immediate work this time .Very happy to be doing this before winter and all went very well with Karens soft handling . Thanks again Karen.
  23. How proud as punch you must feel,would be a great challenge for everyone.
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