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  1. sarah_c

    Luna and Darcy L2 Spirals - Blue Tick

    Nice one Luna!
  2. sarah_c

    QS Horses are second to none. Know it, Believe it!

    Wow Jen what an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing and good on you
  3. sarah_c

    Tying a horse up

    Thanks Shane, that answers my question. Love this forum!
  4. sarah_c

    Tying a horse up

    Hi Everyone, I would like to hear the QS opinion of tying up a horse straight to a fence with the lead rope or tying the lead rope onto baling twine which is attached to a fence. I've recently moved agistment & they like you to tie the lead rope to baling twine before tying it to the fence. I can see the idea with the baling twine but does that teach the horse that if they pull hard enough they can escape? Same with a float - should you tie straight to the tie-up or attach to baling twine first? Sarah
  5. sarah_c

    Never say never...

    Wow that's awesome Sophie Thanks for sharing...it motivates me to keep going!
  6. sarah_c

    Float Covers

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at purchasing a float cover for my new float. Does anyone have any experience with these, positive or negative? I've read that some are quite difficult to get on, that some rub your paint and that some make it sweat and rust. You can PM me if you'd like to mention any specific brands. Thanks in advance Sarah
  7. Congratulations Sandra! That is such great news, you have totally earnt it! Ye ye
  8. sarah_c

    Going down in the float

    Hi Luna, That sounds like an awfully scary scenario! This is my worst nightmare with Red especially since he has started scrambling. It's good to hear that although Darcy was completely on the floor, that he managed to still get up relatively uninjured. Sounds like you handled the situation incredibly well Luna! I hope Darcy gets some relief from the chiro. Sarah
  9. sarah_c

    Stumbling badly while in the float....HELP!

    Hi Everyone, An update - today we had our first try on the float again. So first I asked Red to step over the tailgate from both sides. He was initially a little unsure but then had no problems with this. We took out the divider and then I asked him on the float. He again was a bit unsure and needed a bit of stick tapping on the rear to get him in (he usually walks straight on - however this time the float looked different as Yogi wasn't it there and the divider was out). So then he got on and was totally braced in the feet and wouldn't move - he even tried to lean forward for the carrot instead of moving his feet forward (and no I don't usually entice him with carrots but I was trying to make it a good experience!). We then did contact and no contact yielding sideways until he started to move his feet. We took him on and off a few times and did more sideways in the float. By this stage he was looking a lot more comfortable and had figured out that he could move his feet in the float. Sophie then got in the car and drove a few metres forward, then a few metres backward and I stayed in the float and watched what Red's feet did. I watched him re-position himself a few times to get a nice stance. We probably did this about 6 times. I then noticed him cock his back leg, like for a rest but it was as we were moving. He didn't kick but I'm not sure if it was a precursor for a kick. We then stopped with the car driving as I didn't want to push him. Stopped gave him some a little hay in the float and he seemed very comfortable and decided he even didn't want to come off! To answer the last post, he scrambles on both sides but I think it's worse on the passenger side. Also found out Red's floating history - he was always floated on an angle load and never had a problem. So where to from here? Do I do this a few more times or do I just get on with it and float load without the divider? Also noticed that after we got off the float and we were doing lots of sideways on the ground, he got sweaty on the chest and under the front armpits again....weird! Also I am getting stuck into my Module 3 Connection homework
  10. sarah_c

    Tania Does it Again!

    Fantastic Tania, congratulations!!!!
  11. sarah_c

    Stumbling badly while in the float....HELP!

    Thanks Simone - yes always good to experience things from a horse's perspective Thanks Carola also. I have already completed my Level 1 so have done float loading & Red loads wonderfully. You have some good ideas there with trying to get some movements happening in the float so that he learns he can move. We have tried to also rock him side to side while he's in the float so he plants his feet firmer. I'll have another look at the videos, thanks.
  12. sarah_c

    Stumbling badly while in the float....HELP!

    Also I don't know if it's related but I noticed hours later that Red was sweaty on the chest and under each 4 legs but no where else.....
  13. Hi Everyone, I am having some serious issues with Red in the float. He is stumbling around corners to the point that I am very concerned he is going to fall and sustain a serious injury as well as injuring his co-floater (Yogi). The float is being driven super slow so it is not a speed issue. We have noticed that the problem is actually getting worse. So a bit of background info - absolutely no problems going on the float, he walks straight on. Red is a TB a little on the skinny side even though I am trying to fatten him up. I bought him last year so don't know his floating history. Since being with me, he's always been unbalanced in the float as you can see in the rear vision mirror. The back of his tail is always rubbed when you get him off the float where he must be leaning on the back door. But the stumbling is increasing and becoming more serious, as distracting to the driver (Sophie - thank you!!!) so its a safety issue. Since buying him he has been a bit touchy picking up his back legs, especially his back right and he has kicked me once when I was trying to pick it up. He also kicked the back of the float the other day. I don't know if its related but I'm also having trouble with my canter transitions on the circle. I can get him to canter easily on the straight but its an awful leap forward, not a smooth transition. I would appreciate any opinions on this. Cheers Sarah
  14. Congratulations Luna, that is so awesome!!!!! You should be very proud of yourself Sarah x
  15. sarah_c

    Wanted Horse to buy

    Oh thanks Elise! I did however find a horse last year. His name is Red and he's just perfect for me I do remember someone else at the practise day asking about a good quiet horse though, so I'm sure you'd have no problems finding a home for your horse. Thanks anyway