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  1. Woohoo go Hannah!!!!
  2. sarah_c

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    That's beautiful Luna, well done! Your dedication keeps me motivated
  3. sarah_c

    Proud flesh

    That would be great Luna, thanks
  4. sarah_c

    Proud flesh

    Thanks Tracy for all that info, really interesting stuff. Thanks Meredith too - good to know you've used Copper. I've heard about that book of Pat Colby's from other threads, so I must look out for a copy.
  5. sarah_c

    Proud flesh

    Thanks everyone, some good suggestions here. Tracy, it's a wet wound. Green clay sounds very promising but I can't actually find it anywhere to buy (Australia) any ideas? Luna, interestingly enough Proud Aid actually contains copper sulphate but they say that in the formulation they have made that it won't damage surrounding skin if you accidentally get it on good skin. Anyway I had a few people at Sandale recommend Proud-Aid so I'm giving that a try. Will post back with some photos if I get some good results. Otherwise a couple of other options here from this thread for me to try. Thanks again everyone.
  6. sarah_c

    Proud flesh

    Thanks Jen. Yes you're right it's not infected anymore & most of it is healing well other than that section of proud flesh which sticks out about 1.5cm. It won't heal until that section of tissue gets back to the level of the surrounding skin. It was a vet that suggested copper sulphate. Just wanted to see if anyone else has used it
  7. sarah_c

    Proud flesh

    G'day everyone, I need some advice around what to put on proud flesh. Red got his leg stuck in fence wire nearly 4 weeks ago. It subsequently got infected and he needed 9 days worth of Penicillin injections. He is well again now (still tender on the leg) but the wound has come to a standstill. The deepest part of the laceration is now sitting out quite proud (hypergranulation tissue). I have tried Yellow lotion, Manuka Honey and silver dressings. Silver is really good for humans with the same issue but it's not working for Red. Another vet suggested to me today to try Copper Sulphate. He said mix about a teaspoon of Copper sulphate with a teaspoon of Vaseline and apply. He said be careful as it can be damaging to the good skin. I have used this mix on a horses hoof with separation in the wall but I've never used it on a wound. Has anyone else? Or has anyone got any ideas? Cheers Sarah
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to lend/lease or buy a beginners pony for my daughter Charlotte. She is nearly 12 years old. Something around 13hh-14hh would be ideal. She's a complete beginner so needs a been there done that pony. Guaranteed a loving QS home. Located in Queensland, Sunshine Coast. Thank-you Sarah
  9. sarah_c

    Challenges at every corner

    Hi Jack, Thanks for sharing. I think its natural to develop some level of fear after having children because we need to make sure we're around to look after our little ones. I am certainly much more careful and hesitant than what I was pre-children. We're all facing challenges as well, so you're not alone - keep going! Lessons are also helpful when you get to the many roadblocks we all face. I feel most motivated and supported when I get along to the practise days. I have a TB too and he can be pretty scary when he's emotional! The thing I love about QS is that as well as developing my horsemanship skills, the program also challenges me as a person on so many levels and as Rebecca said pushes you out (way out for me!) of my comfort zone which is good. Cheers Sarah
  10. sarah_c

    Luna and Darcy L2 Spirals - Blue Tick

    Nice one Luna!
  11. sarah_c

    QS Horses are second to none. Know it, Believe it!

    Wow Jen what an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing and good on you
  12. sarah_c

    Tying a horse up

    Thanks Shane, that answers my question. Love this forum!
  13. sarah_c

    Tying a horse up

    Hi Everyone, I would like to hear the QS opinion of tying up a horse straight to a fence with the lead rope or tying the lead rope onto baling twine which is attached to a fence. I've recently moved agistment & they like you to tie the lead rope to baling twine before tying it to the fence. I can see the idea with the baling twine but does that teach the horse that if they pull hard enough they can escape? Same with a float - should you tie straight to the tie-up or attach to baling twine first? Sarah
  14. sarah_c

    Never say never...

    Wow that's awesome Sophie Thanks for sharing...it motivates me to keep going!
  15. sarah_c

    Float Covers

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at purchasing a float cover for my new float. Does anyone have any experience with these, positive or negative? I've read that some are quite difficult to get on, that some rub your paint and that some make it sweat and rust. You can PM me if you'd like to mention any specific brands. Thanks in advance Sarah