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  1. This is going to be great to come and watch! I’ll order a burger as well if it’s possible...
  2. So I’m looking at finding Yogi a new home again I really don’t know if it’s a good idea to get rid of him but it’s killing me watching him not do as much as what he would like to or as much as I would like to with him (I was warned that children would halt some plans in life for a while ) We are working on level 2. If you’re or someone you know is looking for a horse to move through the program with consider Yogi. Would love to seem him go places with QS and stay in the QS family!
  3. Wowsers!!! Such a generous Christmas pressie!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  4. I hard decision has been made.... I’m regrettably selling my paint horse Yogi . I’m due to have my first child in May and have come to the realisation that I’m just not going to have the time for him. He is too good to be a paddock ornament also. He is an 8year old registered paint gelding, approximately 15.3hh. We have been doing QS for just over 2 years. We have been working on level 2 and have completed the online assignments. He is a beautiful boy with what has been labeled as a big play drive. So in saying this he wouldn’t be suitable for a beginner as he needs someone that has conf
  5. Well done Simone! Very inspirational with the way you just keep on going and try again and again! So happy for you!
  6. Yogi


    Hey. I haven’t noticed yogi yawning as much just chilling in the paddock since I month or so after I had his teeth done. So maybe the yawning after the teeth had been done was just him thinking it was still irritating and has since realised the problem is gone. I haven’t done much with him lately so as far as actually knowing how he’s going with his yawning during work, I can’t comment. But yes, I ageee with the sign of relief thing. He definitely does this when I’m working with him. So, I guess I’ll get back into things and see how it is then.
  7. Yogi


    Hi Meredith. He’s been doing it more so the last few months and that why I got he’s teeth done thinking that might slow it down a bit but it didn’t change I don’t think. And before this he tends to do it on and off ever since I’ve had him. Maybe it has got a bit to do with boredom cause I also haven’t been doing a whole lot with him the last few months. So to answer your question on how he’s going.. good considering I have been a bit slack. I might get Tork out to check his pole just to rule out another factor.
  8. Yogi


    I thought it was releasing too Jill but I’m finding he’s doing it way too often. And wouldn’t say he is too stressed grazing in his paddock to have to release so much. He does it a bit when I’m working with him also which I can put down to releasing but then when we’re just chilling he will continue to do it like a habit more than anything. Maybe he does just hold a lot of tension and always needs to release. He is one of a kind.
  9. Yogi


    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on horses yawning? Yogi seems to yawn A LOT! I know a lick and a chew and a yawn can all mean “processing” when we’re working with our horses. Yogi does this. But the yawn comes out a lot more than any other horse I’ve seen. Not only does he do it when I’m working with him, he does it when he’s chilling in the paddock. I’ve had his teeth done which I though may have help but it’s still happening a lot. Any ideas on why? Thanks!
  10. Awesome work Clare. Very inspirational!
  11. This is not going to help you any Simone... but my mare used to as well. Interested to know why as well.
  12. QS Sunshine coast’s world biggest play day, Quantum Games, is all about fun competition inspired by the commonwealth games. Sunday 25th March @ Buderim pony club grounds All welcome! Contact me if you want more info!
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