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  1. I thought I'd throw it up on the forum first to see if anyone knew of anyone that was selling a second hand one first but if not I'll get a flash new one 😉
  2. Has anyone got a bareback pad they no longer want?
  3. Talk about aggressive...

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. It hasn't been a problem again and I'm mindful of what I'm asking of him at feed time and am being a bit more polite about it not demanding and he appreciates it. Thanks guys!
  4. Talk about aggressive...

    I'm glad I'm not the only silly one 🤦‍♂️ I don't think he's holding too much of a grudge, he's been calling out at the gate to me when he see's me and has walked up to me for a hello. And also waited patiently for his dinner which I didn't make him wait too long.
  5. Talk about aggressive...

    Thanks for that great advice everyone. I totally see where I went wrong and as I said before, hindsight is a lovely thing and thinking before acting is also a lesson I have learned. I guess it came from me thinking he was being disrespectful with his little "cow kick" but I guess I wouldn't like it either if someone was poking me in a place it was most likely tender especially whilst I was eating... and kept doing it. I obviously was feeling a need for control yesterday and poor yogi was the one I was trying to get it with. I'll stick to the chickens next time 😊
  6. Talk about aggressive...

    Thanks for that guys. I realised I probably really pissed him off and pushed him too far. In hindsight there was a point I was on top of the leaderboard and asked for more instead of release..... story of my life 😊 Another lesson.
  7. Had some very unusual behaviour occur at feed time today which frightened me as I had yogis back end coming at me with his back feet aimed at my head. So I usually feed him with our 2 cows at the same time. I just break up the hay and spread it out. Yogi is obviously the leader in the herd and picks his pile while chasing the cows away. Today I went back into the paddock when they were nearly done and was just patting yogi like i sometimes do and was patting him near his flank when he did a little cow kick when I pressed a little on his thigh muscle (he's done this before but just thought it was a bit tender) i then yeilded his hind a couple of times to see if he was tender and then he decided to move off to another pile of hay. I walked over to that pile and he put his ears back and started to try and hunt me away. I picked up my energy and said no. He tried another time. This went on a little bit and then he got more aggressive and started walking towards me with ears back. I unfortunately didn't have my stick with me but waved my arms around and looked big.. he then turned his hind and double barrell kicked in my direction. I at that point lost the leadership battle. I did a little yield of his forehand after that but then left it. This is very unusual for yogi to be this aggressive. My question is should I start separating him from the cows for feed time and take my stick in and do some leadship stuff (or defence) at feed time as a result of this altercation? Completely irrelevant to this I'm guessing but he went to wee just before feed time and he aimed wrong and peed on his leg which scared him and he stopped weeing (was funny to see but seemed something's not right). So maybe he was annoyed i interrupted his wee.... if only I could read a yogi mind.
  8. Our beach experience

    I just thought I would share the wonderful experience Yogi and I had last weekend at the beach. We took the couple hour trek north to the Fraser Coast Practice day where we had an awesome play on the Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday headed down to the beach for our first beach experience. I had no idea what to expect but with the skills and confidence I have gained in the last year with QS I saddled up, did our mounting checks and off we were riding down the beach. What an experience! It was so great being able to help Yogi when he was unsure and being able to keep it all together and doing so, safely and in control. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! We even managed to do some impulsion practice For those that don't know, there would of been no chance of thinking about doing this 6 months ago let alone doing it, and wanting to go again! Thanks to the Fraser Coast ladies (and Graham) for the opportunity and the support!
  9. I'm selling my 2016 PBL 2HSL float. Bought it in December last year, so basically brand new. It's the SL model which means padding on chest and sides, kickboards etc. only selling as I'm buying another PBL with a kitchenette. $9000.
  10. Well done Luna! 👏🏼
  11. What a great opportunity to have a practice before the BIG QSports event later in the year. Don't feel like you need to be performing at a certain level to come and have a go! we can have fun and have a laugh with each other!
  12. Consider yourself invite Simone! Looking forward to it!
  13. Creating more personal space

    Thanks everyone for the advice... sometimes you just need to hear it again and again! Highlights the importance of not letting them get away with it and then expecting it will be different next time in a similar situation. we will persist.
  14. Creating more personal space

    Thanks for those idea Simone... I did have a chuckle at the smile one I find he isn't too bad when were doing a "working session" it's more when he goes crazy brained in an unfamiliar environment and forgets about all the "work sessions".... Maybe I will just need to do more of them in unfamiliar environments and not just expect him to be able to "get it" in these situations.
  15. I'm after a few opinions on what to do to create a bigger personal space bubble. I find yogi will really push it to the extent of pushing me when he's particularly anxious.... on trail walks etc. I've really tried to make myself big and use my stick which works sometimes... not when he's really hyped up tho. is this just something that will get better as he starts to respect it more in the ground work exercises? The incident that really made me write this post was when we were on a trail walk and I was asking Yogi over a log on the ground. I stood at the end of the log and asked him over it as I would a drum... he stopped at the log then pushed around between the end of the log and me... literally pushing me with the side of his body. I was waving my stick in front of me to try and block but he pushed through anyway. He did the same with a little puddle. He could of walked around the puddle so it was between him and I but instead pushed through me. I'm guessing you're all going to tell me I need to establish my personal space better but I need to hear it I guess 😊 Thanks!