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    Horses: their ability to read us - inside and out - and their willingness to get on with us (or not).

    Most interesting horse book: “True HorsemanshipThrough Feel" by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond.

    Horse interests: Vaquero traditions, Western saddles, Western clothing and using-gear, roping (roping sled), mounted and 3D archery.

    Horse related interests: Aikido, “the Way of Harmony” and Kenjutsu, Japanese swordsmanship. My practice is inspired by Mark Rashid, the well known American horse/people trainer and 2nd Dan Black Belt who teaches Aikido for Horsemanship.

    Chilling: being with my wife and son, canoeing, fishing, making fires.

    Work: “Wooden House” our Forest & Garden School inspired by Reggio Emilia. A place for home educating families interested in child lead inquiry as an alternative to mainstream education.

    Formerly: Painting, sculpting and architecture.

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