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    I wish I could have made it! Darcy and I are aiming for next year if there is one
  2. Hi Shane. COD's are getting better but they still aren't there. Fiona helped me out on the practice day and I'm a bit confused how because she showed me a different way to ask for COD's?? Please review second video because I'm super confused. Thank you
  3. Never say never...

    Go Sophie. I was there and it looked awesome! Bareback is heaps of fun
  4. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Jill. Will do. Hoping to film spirals and non-contact riding today with Darcy (if I can drag my Dad away from gardening to film)! Thank you
  5. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi everyone. The last few days when I have been going over the barrels with Darcy he has picked up landing correctly to the left, but I have lost all try on the right lead going to the right. I've tried opening up again and Darcy is trying so hard but its like he can't do it! He tried stepping over the barrel instead of jumping and he tried hopping over just his front feet then his hind. I feel bad as he obviously didn't find release the first time, so he is trying everything for me. I've tried just sending him over again like in the video Shane, but it doesn't make a difference and he continues to land counterflexed. I'm going to see if I can get some help at the practice day this weekend as I think he is physically struggling to do it because even when he got the correct lead he was really sloppy and barely made it over the barrels, when he is usually really smooth over the barrels and lands neatly.
  6. New member

    Hi Natas, Welcome to QS
  7. Landing Counterflexed

    Just an update. I went out this morning to go over the basics again with Darcy and make sure we were good to get back up to what we're up to. After lots of circles and some COD's, spirals and falling leaves (without my stick because I've misplaced it somewhere!), I asked Darcy over the jump to the left and landed flexed the right way. So I stopped him and went the other way and he landed counter flexed. After looking at the spot where he was landing (lots of sharp quartz stones) I moved the barrels to softer grass to try again. He still was landing counterflexed, so I stopped him right in front of the jump, then I shuffled over to give him lots of room, then I opened up in the largest and most exaggerated direct rein EVER and he took my offer and landed flexed the right way!! I yielded his hind and he had a big lick/chew plus a big rub from me and we finished on that. So glad I found a way to help him out and show him what I am asking instead of confusing him.
  8. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Shane, I have watched that video a few times but I didn't see any tips in particular. I have tried asking him again but he still lands in counterflex so I don't want to release on that, right??
  9. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Jen, I've just gotten back from a trip for two weeks so Darcy had a nice little break. When I was asking him over the barrels I shortened the rope to just the tiniest bit longer than a short range circle to about the length of the 12 foot rope to try if different circle sizes might help him get that flex. He does have an old muscle tear on his right hind leg, so that might be making it tricky for him to land with that leg ahead because it isn't very flexible.
  10. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Simone. I'll try that out and see how he goes. He is consistently landing on the correct lead going to the left now, but still haven't gotten it to the right. Will keep you updated.
  11. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Simone. I've done a bit of the rebounds after the jump, I'll see if doing it more often helps Darcy. I generally do lots of sideways, spirals, COD's and circles before I ask Darcy over the barrels. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  12. No feedback or engagement

    Hi Shane. Yes, I think that's what is happening. I've talked with my friend and she is thinking about it. She really wants to do it but isn't sure if she will have time as she is going into year 12. Fingers crossed she joins!
  13. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi everyone. I am up to my Impulsion module now and I was watching over lesson 3 and I had a lovely reminder to make sure Darcy is landing from a barrel jump with his inside hind leading ahead of his outside hind. I wasn't sure if Darcy was doing this or if he was landing counterflexed/counter cantering. I went out and we worked through the groundwork impulsion diary and when it came to jumping the barrel I watched Darcy's hind feet and they landed counterflexed going to the left and to the right. I asked him out to the left (his better side for canter) and after a few goes over the barrel and me playing around with my positioning he gave me a really good try and landed with his inside hind leading. I stopped him there and he had a lick/chew and I gave him a head rub. I sent him out to the right and after going over 10 or so times he was still not understanding. I tried so many different positions, and I tried speeding him up or slowing him down, shortening or lengthening the rope and still he was landing in counterflex. I made sure that his ribs were soft and he was flexed and the best try I got from him was to take off with his right side leading then switch leads over the barrel. I'm not sure what he was doing, but I had to stop there as he had tried and was really hot and sweaty from the temperature. How can I ask him to land flexed the correct way and on the correct lead? TIA
  14. No feedback or engagement

    Thanks Alexia. It's a bit tricky. I'll see if I can persuade her a little when she gets back from her holiday.
  15. No feedback or engagement

    Hi everyone. I've just got a question I've been pondering for a few months and I still need some help to answer it. I have a friend and her mare is really irresponsive to any kind of offer or phase. I've had a play around with the mare when she was over at my house with my friend. I tried some no yield on her, she was a bit concerned about my stick and string, but was good after a few minutes. So I tried some basic yields with her and some short range circles. I got a tiny try of hindquarter and forequarter but I had to run through my phases a few times for anything (so it doesn't count as a try in the end). When I tried some circles with her I found that she has absolutely no understanding of personal space. When she came into my space I asked her out again with some energy and had no response from her, so I went through my phases with a nice big and visual phase four but she still didn't get out of my space! I tried for a while longer and I pretty much had to phase four right on top of her poll to get her to just lean out a little. So basically, how can I help my friend to show her mare the good deal and release if the mare isn't responsive at all to any kind of offer or phase. She just totally shuts off and shuts me or my friend out. **please note that my friend looked into QS but her family can't afford it** Thanks in advance.