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  1. Hi Shane. Khmari got a bit emotional and reactive a couple of times here, I'm thinking due to the loud football going on across the road. I look forward to our feedback, thanks
  2. Hi Shane. I'm pretty happy with this one. Only thing in Khmari braced up in the hindquarters off of the right circle. I look forward to some feedback to help us improve
  3. LunaMorrow

    Troubles with no contact hindquarter yields

    Glad I can help. Will you be coming to the play day tomorrow?
  4. LunaMorrow

    Troubles with no contact hindquarter yields

    Hi. I'd recommend trying to just get one good step at a time. Ask for the hindquarter but make sure Ladybird doesn't step across and into your personal space with her front end. If she does try to put a block up with your leadrope or stick so that she is running into the block, rather than you phasing her - and keep asking for the hindquarter until you get a good step. Then release and rub. Once you can consistently get 1 good step without her shoulder barging into your space then you can start asking for 2 to 3 steps at a time, giving release between each ask. I hope this helps and good luck with it
  5. LunaMorrow

    Boredom Busting

    I'll do my best to do this, thank you
  6. LunaMorrow

    Boredom Busting

    Thank you Meredith and Jill I'll try to focus a bit more on smoothing over and improving our current ground work, and maybe take a little break from stuff to give Darcy time to feel better. I'm just really uninspired because Darcy is quite unhappy from being sore (he is spending more time with his ears back than forwards), and its like he doesn't want to connect and do things with me. He has been getting progressively more unhappy about trotting too, so I think I'll go back to walk like we were doing a few months ago and see if I can engage him a bit more. Its a bit tricky because I'm not used to Darcy being like this, so it's kind of throwing me off and I don't know what to do.
  7. LunaMorrow

    Boredom Busting

    Hi everyone. As some of you may know, Darcy has recently gotten sore again right after we were getting back on track. He had a massage therapist out 2 days ago, which he really enjoyed and released a lot throughout with yawning, licking and chewing and lowering his head. It seemed to had improved him a little bit, and hopefully we can get him better just with body work and not have to resort to more vet bills. While he is like this he is fine for groundwork (just not to intensive), but I'm not going to ride him again until he looks like he isn't so sore. As a result, we have been doing tons and tons of groundwork (in addition to stretches and exercises recommend by the therapist). We have been working through the HiM assignments - with 2 purple ticks so far for short range and liberty, and long range not far off now - but we have started to get really bored from doing the same stuff all the time. I've tried mixing it up and adding in extra things like trail walks with lots of obstacles and transitions, some things from the '101 things to do with your horse' video like sending through water, backing over different objects, etc. and other random things like making toys for Darcy, taking Darcy for a hand graze and spending time with Darcy just feeding him carrots and giving him scratches and pats. The only problem is now I'm totally out of inspiration and I don't know what to do to keep stuff interesting, but I don't want to stop doing stuff because then Darcy will loose his progress on his current range or movement and fitness I've spent months working him back up to. I'm considering possibly getting the first module of Level 3 and just starting on some Level 3 groundwork to get us inspired and to keep us moving through the program, as well as possibly taking him to the beach or a lake for the day just for some fun. So, please hit me with any suggestions for some fun groundwork things I can do with Darcy to keep us progressing and not getting bored. It'll be very much appreciated! Thank you
  8. LunaMorrow

    Darcy's Leadership

    Hi Meredith. It seems to be getting a little better, but I think Darcy being sore has something to do with his leadership. I think he tries his best but can't do as much because he gets sore from yielding Khmari around. I guess time and education will tell how their herd of two pans out. Thank you for providing some insight for me, so I can understand whats going on a bit more. I can't wait to improve Darcy's education further because I am already seeing so many differences! He used to push straight through a single strand of electrical tape on pigtails (unless it was turned on), but at QSports he was in a little yard with the single strand and pig tails (and not linked to any power) - and even though more than half of the horses got out and were running around in the paddock where his yard was he stayed in there all night. He would have never done that before QS!
  9. LunaMorrow

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Thank you Tracy!
  10. LunaMorrow

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Thank you Sarah and I'm glad to hear
  11. LunaMorrow

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Thank you Simone! Darcy will love that. I think I'm going to treat myself with chocolate and some Darcy cuddles.
  12. LunaMorrow

    Purple Tick - HiM Liberty

    Thank you Rebecca!
  13. Hi everyone, We just got our second Purple Tick, and for our HiM Liberty! I'm so proud of Darcy and I, and I still can't believe that we actually passed this assignment! Darcy will be getting a giant carrot and lots of pats and cuddles this afternoon. Our HiM Long Range is super close now, so we have to get out there and film it again ASAP. Here is our HiM Liberty -
  14. LunaMorrow

    Uneven Shoulders

    Yes, its not good. I'll update this thread with findings from Darcy's body work treatment on Thursday.
  15. LunaMorrow

    Proud flesh

    Ok, cool. Glad I can help out. I'll make sure to bring it on the 12th.