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  1. This is a great idea. You could use all of the photos that you took from the Level 3 camp?
  2. Woohoo congratulations Dr Deb and Woody!
  3. Woohoo congratulations Marie and Zkye!
  4. Here is a reference of a blue tick simple lead changes assignment if anyone would like it - please note to not do Butterly rein, this isn't a contact riding assignment
  5. Hi everyone. Thank you for all of your tips and encouragement! I actually floated Darcy out to the Play Day last weekend without a divider on the way there and then with the divider pushed over at an angle on the way home. I did watch what Darcy was doing a little bit through the back window and I'm happy to say that without the divider he was making the decision to stand on the passenger side (where he can't brace) for a majority of the trip, or more frequently angle himself with his butt pointing towards the centre of the road. He also seemed to be bracing a little less and he didn't scramble once. He was also great with the divider in at just an angle. I will definitely be floating him like this for a while to get up his confidence, then hopefully we can go back to bays eventually.
  6. Hi everyone. With all of your advice in mind I went out today and took the centre divider out of my float, then I loaded Darcy in. When I first shut the ramp he turned around backwards to look at me, so I had to turn him back around again! Then I asked him just to move forward, backward and sideways in his double bay for a few minutes. He once again had no problem moving his forequarter but his hind was a bit stuck, although he did give me a few good tries of moving his hind from one side of the float to the other. He didn't however offer to disengage his hind (definitely an emotional thing), but I didn't pursue it as he was at least moving around a little - even if it was only a shuffle. I will try again tomorrow and see if he can offer me his hind. Then my Dad took us for a drive around the estate and I went with Darcy in the float to observe what he was doing as well as to be there just incase he were to go down in the larger space. I did film a little bit too, which I can upload later if anyone is interested. Here are some observations I made: Darcy will choose to stand on the passenger side of the float so that he is able to do his brace where he pushes to the left. He would only move into the centre of the bay after I asked him to move sideways a few times. Darcy was unable to scramble, but he did however spread his legs a lot a couple of times, especially when he was bracing. His hind took over about 1 1/2 bays a couple of times. I would like to float him like this a few more times to see if he gains confidence with the larger area, as well as getting him more comfortable to move around inside the float. Then the plan will be to float him with Khmari and without the divider, so that if Darcy tries to brace he will push on Khmari and hopefully Khmari will have a go at him and it might discourage Darcy from bracing so much.
  7. Yes. I can't believe he even loads at all! I would love to invest in an anti-scramble float but there is no way I can afford one unfortunately. Thank you. I think a trip in your float might really help him gain some confidence.
  8. Thank you Jen and Shane, I completely agree that he is bracing and not balancing himself properly, and fingers crossed he will improve slowly as his education increases. Now that I have seen just how bad he is travelling in the float I can't believe that he loads at all, let alone quite happily! I will try moving the divider across the next trip we do and see if that helps Darcy at all. I might see if my Dad can just drive us around a little on the property and see how Darcy reacts too.
  9. Hi everyone I’m looking for some help here. Since I’ve had Darcy (3 years now, yay!) he has always scrambled in the float and for the first time last week I actually sat in the float with him while my Dad drove through our estate and around the PC grounds. I was able to watch what he was doing and while it was certainly eye opening to see, it was also a bit scary seeing him suddenly go from calmly standing in the float to braced and scrambling up the wall of my float! I also videoed him and you can see how he randomly braces, and if it happens to be a left turn that is when he scrambles. I know this has something to do with his confidence however I’m not sure how to approach it. He loads and unloads beautifully and can load in anyway you can imagine, and at a standstill and during most of the float trip he is calm. He also doesn’t seem to have problems with claustrophobia and will go through basically any strange obstacle I ask. I have talked with Fiona about it and she explained that it is because he isn’t comfortable moving his hind legs in the float. This makes sense and I saw it firsthand while I was in the float with Darcy. However I have tried asking him to move around in the float bay a few times and while he quite easily goes forward and backward, and even moves his forequarter across he won’t move his hind. I have tried going through my asks and phases like I would do normally when asking for a hindquarter yield but he stays stuck and if I keep asking he gets really worried, so I have avoided doing this as I want the float to be a nice place to be. For the time being if he is going anywhere with Khmari I put Darcy in the passenger side bay which prevents him from scrambling (and potentially hurting himself), however I know that this is just a bandaid for the problem until I can fix it. If anyone has any helpful tips that would be amazing! I have attached a video filled with small clips and some photos that show him bracing and a small scramble (I have seen his hind legs go up to the bottom of the padding however I didn’t get it on video), plus some photos of the imbalance of sweat on his body after a trip (from bracing). I really worry about Darcy and I want to help make floating a more pleasurable experience for him. Thank you!
  10. Hi Tracy. Darcy sometimes does this once the float is all closed up and we are ready to go. Just if we are sitting there for a few minutes before we depart. For him I think it's a bit of an impatience thing, and possibly linked to claustrophobia? As he does it less than he used to. I'm interested to hear from the Profs.
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