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  1. New to QS

    Welcome to QS Danielle and Jack! You're going to have fun and learn so much with Nero.
  2. Congratulations Bodil and well done Pardotje! Welcome to Level 2!
  3. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Thank you Meredith and Alexia. It's getting better and we got the correct leads bareback today!
  4. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Go Fiona!
  5. Instant Stop

    Thank you everyone for your comments
  6. Visual Art Feedback

    Hi Simone. That is an awesome suggestion. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Thank you for your suggestion
  7. Visual Art Feedback

    Hi Jillian. Yes, it certainly is a bit heavy! Its not to bad to trot in luckily. These feathers were ones that my Dad found from yellow-tail black cockatoos and pheasant coucals'. These were Darcy's last pair of shoes before he went barefoot, so they are the last thing that was attached to his hooves. So by wearing them as a set, it represents connection between the two of us. Thank you for your feedback
  8. Visual Art Feedback

    http://img03.deviantart.net/9011/i/2017/252/5/d/visual_art_aol_by_dawn_photography5-dbmy6ho.jpg http://img12.deviantart.net/69c2/i/2017/252/7/e/visual_art_aol___2_by_dawn_photography5-dbmy6ox.jpg http://img03.deviantart.net/53a6/i/2017/252/e/7/visual_art_aol___3_by_dawn_photography5-dbmy6xa.jpg http://img01.deviantart.net/46c7/i/2017/252/8/b/visual_art_aol___4_by_dawn_photography5-dbmy75i.jpg
  9. Visual Art Feedback

    Hi everyone. For Visual Art in school we are required to make a wearable art piece that represents our personal cultures. My chosen cultures were Natural Horsemanship and Nature. I have represented these cultures by creating a matching set of horseshoe and feather necklaces with leather thread for Darcy and I. I would really value your feedback and responses to my work. Do you think I have represented these cultures well? Do you think the materials used represented the cultures well? Do you find it aesthetically pleasing to view? Do you have any suggestions for improvements or modifications? Thank you in advance
  10. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Thank you Jillian. I will do. I just can't wait for Darcy and I to make it through Level 2 and start on Level 3. I know that we can get there
  11. Instant Stop

    Hi everyone. Today I was out having a play with Darcy and trying out sets of 4 small jumps in a row. I was slowly building them up from ground poles, to cross poles and then to small jumps about 30cm high. I had just propped up all 4 poles to a 30cm jump. I sent Darcy out and around then asked him over the jumps. I didn't have enough energy so he barely had any impulsion and I knew he would knock all of the poles down; so I just thought "stop" as he went over the first jump and he instantly did! He landed his front feet on one side of the jump and his hind feet were on the starting side. He just looked at me like he didn't know he could do that and he wasn't sure what to do next. I gave him a big rub (and a carrot) then I asked him over the row again with no problem and enough impulsion. I just thought this was really cool and thought I would share it if anyone else has experienced a similar thing.
  12. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Thank you
  13. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Thank you Alexia. We got it again today! Turns out its actually to the right that he struggles. I found flexing him in and then asking helped him strike off on the right lead.
  14. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Just an update. I went out with a mindset of us doing it and we did! It took us a little while to get used to the new saddle, then we trotted around and Darcy was nice and soft so I opened up on his bad side and he got it right the first time! We did a nice big laps of canter then I stopped him with energy and gave him a big rub. Then we went his good way and as I was asking him by opening up a kangaroo jumped out of the bush about 10 metres behind us and Darcy shot forward quickly, but I relaxed instantly and he stopped straight away. We did a lap of some nice soft trot and I asked him again and we went up to a canter on the correct lead and we did a lap, then stopped with energy. Hopefully soon he will always strike onto the correct lead
  15. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Thank you everyone. Hi Jen. I haven't been able to practice much as I have grown out of my saddle so I've been stuck bareback! I just bought myself a bigger saddle yesterday (hallelujah), so I'll try opening up more when I ask for the canter today and see how we go. It is a little tricky to open up bareback sometimes when trotting. Thanks Alexia. I'll try today and I'll let you all know how it goes. Hi Jill. Right now I'm working on the 3 purpose plays, the trail walking/sideways (float loading), the liberty and the bareback homework cards. I think I do understand what he means and Darcy is definitely more laterally soft now than when we started and he can pick himself up and move sideways as well as flex easily and comfortably standing still or in motion. His body is also moving side to side as he moves now too, which is really good.