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  1. Older horses and QS

    So, so, so , so happy for you and Buster Tracy. what a journey it has been. I know right now you are feeling very happy, proud of your boy and no doubt a tad emotional also. Give yourselves a big hug from "that Meredith"!!! Enjoy your celebrations, you so deserve it. And thank you for sharing this with us. M p.s. for those in Oz, Tracy has given Buster a mandarin, not a plum.
  2. Dressage Test

    Fantastic Amanda. What a wonderful story. Well done to you and to Sonia. What a very special girl she is (and you too!) Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Im sure there will be loads more to come for you two. M
  3. Pony wanted good home guaranteed

    Thank you Luna. Yes please. I think we may have one for her but I would like to know a bit more about this one. M
  4. New payment option for members.

    We use Stripe on our Wave account Alexia. International credit card payments. M
  5. Happy Easter everyone


  7. Hi everyone.....well it's that time again. Time to plan your summer and choose your events for this year's visit with Shane and Meredith! Yippee! Full details will be listed shortly to the QS events page, but for now, here is a sneak peak of what is on offer and where. Please note that if you are booking for the Netherlands or Germany, please contact Carola. You can fill in one of these booking forms and get it back to her asap. If you are booking for anything in England please contact either Alexia or Carola. If you are booking for Scotland, please contact me (Meredith). It is going to be a super summer once again. Lots and lots happening both with our clinics, camps and social event. We'll have full details over the coming weeks. Oh and the English events will all be at our new centre in Thursley....which we are very excited about. Can't wait to see you in very soon. M p.s. if you're in England, be sure to drop in this week and see Shane who is currently training horses (in the snow!) in Thursley. QS European Summer Tour.pdf
  8. New payment option for members.

    Thanks Shane. M
  9. Just a thank you...

    Fantastic Simone. So glad you love it and that Bindi is a happier girl. Just wonderful. And thank you for the feedback. It is great to know what folk are thinking of their QS saddles. M
  10. The World's Biggest Play Day

    List your event details here Fiona. M
  11. The World's Biggest Play Day

    SOARING WITH EAGLES PRACTISE GROUP Would like to invite you to our WBPD event at QS Headquarters, 1 Jones St Woolooga Qld FROM 9am to 2pm We'll kick off with our Opening Ceremony which will no doubt be filled with emotion and patriotism as we ponder our dreams of winning GOLD....or at least chocolate and maybe beer. We have a full event planned for a wide variety of competitions to test our athletes. But not too testing as we don't want to get too worn out to enjoy BRUNCH! Following brunch will be our competition finals and then our Medal Presentations. Hang around if you like for a late BBQ lunch as we consume our prizes! All welcome, with or without a horse. Contact Me (Meredith!) for more info.
  12. Join in the fun of our annual Quantum Savvy celebration at The World's Biggest Play Day. Practise Groups all over will be hosting a fun filled day of games, laughs, fun and challenges, all on the same day - March 24th. If you LOVE QS, join in our world wide celebration and help us make this the biggest day yet! This year's theme; THE QUANTUM GAMES Contact the QS office or your nearest Agent for full details or to find out where your local WBPD will be. We look forward to seeing you there.
  13. Mindset Video series released

    Terrific. I think you'll all really enjoy these and maybe even discover a thing or two about QS and why we do what we do. Enjoy. M
  14. QS Horses are second to none. Know it, Believe it!

    Yes!....you sure do Jen. A real credit to QS. M
  15. Rider / Horse Ratio

    Hi Elise. Sounds about like Shane and Mejor....Shane is a tad heavier than that! And Mejor is 14.3hh but a female rider on a 14.2hh QHorse should be fine. I have ridden Mejor and I'm over 6'. As Lorraine said, QHorse should be okay. M