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  1. Meredith

    Natural Worming

    Yes, as always, minerals matter. Worms won't be a problem if the horse's gut is a healthy environment. Thanks for the feedback Georgia. Nice job. M p.s. you all should see the state of our poo pile after we've had lots of people/ horses here. Some of the poos are so toxic they kill everything so I can't even use it on my garden. All thanks to the chemicals we put into our horses!
  2. Yep....it's true. I know Simone won't mind me saying, but finally!......she and Bindi have completed their Level 1. Congratulations Simone (Dickson Sunshine Coast Qld)). If determination were gold you'd be Midas. Well done on sticking with it, never giving up and try, try, trying until you reached that goal. So happy for you and for Bindi. A wonderful goal achieved. M
  3. Terrific thanks Georgia. We have events for all levels and modules over the summer. Basically we have a ground work weekend, a ridden weekend and then the last one is a more advanced weekend. We are still tailoring to what is most requested so just let us know what you'd like to focus on. Lessons are group of 3 - 6 people. Costs are $220 for one weekend (3hr lesson and audit the other 3 lessons plus dinner Saturday night), $400 for two weekends, or $570 for all three weekends. Auditors $40 for a half day or $60 for a full day. $100 for two days. Dec 15th & 16th: L1 for people getting started on their HMS journey with QS. Level 1 is all about taking the mystery out of horsemanship and making it possible for anyone to have the partnership of their dreams with their horse. No matter what you want to do with your horsemanship, understanding your horse and how to communicate with her or him is the place to begin. We'll focus on building leadership, confidence and communication on the ground. With better ground skills comes better understanding, a stronger partnership and confidence and trust in each other. Everything, no matter what you do with your horse, begins on the ground. Of all the summer lessons, this one is undoubtedly the most significant and life changing for horse and human. L2 for those taking their horsemanship to the next level. Longer ropes, liberty, transitions, positive reflexes.....all things that go further toward cementing our connection with our horses and them with us. Our focus is on getting good spirals, jumps on longer ropes, direction changes, transitions, trailer loading and more. This level is really where all the fun begins! L3 the skies to limit. L3 ground is a tonne of fun and so engaging for horse and human. Did you ever imagine being able to work with your horse confidently and lightly on a 50' rope? Or communicate without a halter or even any rope at all? Or long-reining. And there is so much more in L3. QSSC Woolooga is the ideal venue for getting out and about with your horse and exploring the wide open spaces. Attaining horsemanship is right at your finger tips. Harmony in Motion ground work lesson. Lateral drift, lateral softness, self carriage, position, unity and harmony. In this lesson we focus on the on-line aspects of HiM and get the two of us moving and working together. January 12th & 13th L1 during this weekend is where we take what we have learnt on the ground and apply it to riding. The ideal follow on from the December lessons, if you've done your homework you'll make huge progress with your riding skills and confidence during this weekend. Yes we'll be riding in a halter and one rein.....which is all you need to develop safe and effective riding habits. We'll look at saddling, mounting, rein positions and transitions and get you well on your way to having not just a great seat but a safer, more confident partnership. L2 is all about impulsion this weekend. We'll be cantering!....simple and flying changes, jumping and tossing in some gallop. So much fun, especially when your horse is enjoying it too. This lesson is all about forward confidence at all gaits for horse and rider. And what better place to do all this that QSSC Woolooga. We'll focus on all of the impulsion programmes so that you and your horse are prepared for this step up into an independent seat and flying feet. L3 and there is no other way to put it than that we'll be riding bareback and bridle-less! This lesson will really get you feeling for your horses feet and rhythm and making your communication feather light, soft and almost imperceptible. We'll also be working on stick riding and the most fun of all, the barrel gallop. Harmony in Motion lesson this month we look at liberty and ranch rope. So much fun and intriguing to explore new sections, new perspectives and new tasks. February 9th & 10th L1 we'll be advancing on with our ground work and ridden. Polish up your ground skills and set yourself up for L2 and revisit your ridden work to consolidate what you've been doing in your homework. We'll put another layer on your one-rein riding and also add in two rein riding. That Red String will be well within your grasp after this weekend. A confidence builder and preparation for Level 2. L2 introducing contact riding for the first time with two rein riding. The beginnings of self carriage and collection, we'll look at lateral softness and using our seat instead of just the reins for communication. We'll also revisit the gallop and jumping programmes and check out how your flying changes are going. Another hugely fun weekend. L3 Collection is our topic for the weekend. True forward, lateral softness, collection and self carriage. This is a huge topic and one that we'll take a big step toward achieving with this lesson. Understanding how our lateral seat and feel are crucial to achieving true collection and lightness with our horses....the foundation for elevation. Adv Harmony in Motion. We'll get into some fun gymnastic exercises to really soften our horses laterally and vertically. Walk, trot and canter, pirouette and the beginnings of elevation. Contact riding with softness and harmony.
  4. Yep.....proud Mummy moment number two! Rhiannon and Tilly also passed their Level 1 last week.....I thought I'd let Caitlin have her own special moment for a while. But yes, these two have finally mastered that bend to a stop from the canter which was a big emotional test for them both. And at last have their much prized Red String. I am so proud of Rhiannon. Tilly is a wonderful pony, but she has given Rhiannon more than a few challenges along the way. She has become quite the horseman with lots of skills over the years so this is a wonderful achievement for them both. Well done Buggie. You've done so well and worked at this for a long time. Wonderful things await you in Level 2. M
  5. Meredith

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    Fantastic thank you Georgia. Love the montage and boy what a wonderful event the WHWW were. And next year it'll be bigger and better with more presenters, demonstrations and loads more! M
  6. Meredith

    Red String events

    Terrific.....thank you Georgia. This is wonderful. As Georgia mentioned, if you'd like to get a Red String event going in your own area, just contact your local QS Team member (Agent, Instructor, Coach, Horse Trainer of QS Coach) or us here in the QS Office and we'll help you to get one going. M
  7. Meredith

    Red String Trail Riding Weekend Woolooga Oct 2018

    Fantastic....thank you Georgia. What a lovely memento to have. M
  8. It's a very proud day for me today.....proud Mummy moment number one. We have one of our youngest ever Level 1 Graduates in Caitlin Ransley (who is only 7 years old) and her pony Briggie who is the best pony in the world and is one of our oldest Level 1 grads at 27 years old. Caitlin has been working hard on her Level 1 (and would ride her horse all the time if I let her) for a long time and has been oh-so-close.....but getting that sideways has been pretty tricky, but at last they've done it. Well done sweetheart. You are an amazing little horseman and Mummy and Daddy are very, very proud of you.
  9. Meredith

    Liv has done it again!

    It's not that long since we congratulated her last time, however here we are back again with more congrats for Liv Slee on achieving Level 1....this time with her borrowed horse Ben. Liv has been hard at it here at QSSC for a few weeks and all that time and effort has paid off with her achieving Level 1 for a second time. Well done Liv. You've put in a mighty effort and it's been a joy seeing you progress with Ben (thanks Sandra). M
  10. Yes it is true! Georgia Rose and Perl have achieved this momentous goal....and are now Level 2 Graduates. Please join me in congratulating them....they have worked long and hard on this and put in a huge effort, so it is wonderful to see this now rewarded with the completion of L2. And they've already got a blue tick for L3!!!! Well done girls. I'm very proud of you both. M
  11. Georgia, can we have the video here??? M
  12. FREE introductory week. Come along all week to Elcho Park, Lara Victoria and meet Quantum Savvy founders Shane and Meredith Ransley, Senior Instructor Mel Peacock, QS Coach Jen Renouf and a host of wonderful QS students and find out all about Quantum Savvy and how you to, can achieve all your dreams with horses. OUR ITINERARY FREE OPEN PRACTISE SESSIONS each day from Tuesday Dec 4th to Friday Dec 7th. Please do come along and meet and chat with the team. 9.00am to 12.30pm DEMONSTRATION DAY Saturday Dec 8th from 9.30am to 1.00pm followed by a Q&A over lunch with Shane, Meredith, Mel and Jen. Bring all your questions and make the most of this chance to chat with Shane and Meredith in person. DEMO TOPICS Working with young horses with Shane Connection and Harmony with Meredith Jumping with Mel Safe ponies Happy Kids with Meredith and Rhiannon Giving your horse a voice with Meredith and Mel Lunch and refreshments available on site. CHRISTMAS PARTY DEC 9TH Please contact Jennifer on 0403 995 550 or email qsgeelong@gmail.com for further information. RSVP's essential. or the QS office 1800 156 111 enquiries@quantumsavvy.com for details.
  13. Meredith

    Red String events

    Hi Sarah. Yes we'll have plenty yards....but we can do more if we need to. It is going to be a fabulous weekend. We've been finding even more trails to explore so we might be gone for days!!! M