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  1. Meredith

    Happy Easter!

    Thanks Georgia. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you're having a fabulous and horse filled weekend. M
  2. Meredith

    The Whole Horse Wellness Workshop is BACK!

    If you're coming please book before Monday when all bookings will definitely be closed. Costs are $80 for the full weekend, $50 for one day only. Shane and I are doing a free evening demo on the Friday night for those who come then, plus there is free camping for the weekend, free BBQ Friday and Sat night and lunch both days is included in the cost. Very good value for money anyway you look at it. We hope to see you all there. M
  3. Meredith

    Hooves & Power tools

    For many years......a long, long, long time ago.....I used a dremel to do our horses feet. After watching our dentist do our horses teeth with one. I thought "brilliant....this'd work fab on feet". I love the dremel as it is small and gets into all the little places easier and it doesn't take wads of hoof off at once. Thumbs up. These days I've got pretty handy with a sander which is much quicker, but for those a but nervous about the bigger power tool, the smaller dremel versions would be perfect. M
  4. Meredith

    Girthy Horses

    It sounds like you're on the right track with this Deb. That pectoral muscle is a very long muscle and any restriction on it or injury to it can make horses pretty unhappy with a saddle. Even if they are feeling okay, if it has caused them discomfort in any way, it can take a while to over come their expectation of whats coming. It'll be good to see what Shane says about it. In the meantime and for as long as it takes really, be really patient with your saddling procedure. We recommend at least 3 adjustments of the girth during the procedure but you can do as many as you need to. My mare Angel had a chronic pectoral muscle injury and if I didn't want to end up on my head, or with a love bite!.... I had to take my saddling very cautiously and considerately and take the time she needed. Keep us posted. M
  5. Meredith

    Carmeline's starting L1!

    Yay!.....this is wonderful Deb. Im so happy for both you and Carmeline. Just lovely. M
  6. Meredith

    The World's Biggest Play Day 2019!

    Twister! M
  7. Meredith

    The World's Biggest Play Day 2019!

    Woohooo......now the challenge is on. Best costume! Wonder if I can get one big enough for Charlie. Remember GOs.....we have prizes for the GO who goes all out for the WBPD. So get your pyjama party on and take lot of photos to be in the running. M
  8. Meredith


    Yep....that is exactly the problem Luna. With a forward facing float, the natural stance of a horse is going to be quite wide for them to be able to balance. Forward facing forces them to stand narrow. So unless they are happy to move their back end around a lot, they soon get braced and stuck and the scramble begins because they loose balance. Angles are great but failing that, giving them the chance to stand with their feet wider by taking out the divider. Horses don't really need dividers...it's more for our sake (we like things tidy! and to keep our horses separate). They'll travel quite happily loose in a stock truck just like cows will if we let them....but I guess we don't want to turn up to our horsie events with a stock truck. Well actually I do want exactly that but most don't. Keep at it. You're doing great and everyone is learning from your efforts Luna so thank you for sharing. M
  9. Meredith

    2019 Surrey UK

    Great news everyone. We have dates at last and costs for all events. Please do check out the list below, and let us know what you are interested in doing this year. Please note - we do need firm interest in the HiM camp. For the tour to be confirmed we need a minimum of 5 definite riders for this. Once we have this confirmed, we can go ahead with the rest of the planning for the tour and add the extra events. EVENTS FOR THE SUMMER Aug 1st & 2nd - Lessons Germany Aug 3rd & 4th - Clinic / Lessons Holland Prof Seminar Aug 6th Aug 7th to 11th - HiM Camp UK Aug 12th to 15th - Lessons / Horse Training UK Aug 17th & 18th - Lessons Scotland COSTS: Harmony in Motion Camp: $1400 per person. 5 full days studying Harmony in Motion. Group Lesson: $245 for the first lesson. $225 for the second lesson. $200 for third or more lessons. Groups of 2 - 5 people studying a specific topic. Private Lessons: $215 per hour. One on one private lesson with Meredith. Special!. Horse Training: $215 per day Have your horse trained by Meredith - minimum 3 days. Auditors: FREE - for any course attendee to audit any other course. Non attendees - $40 half day, $60 full day for the first day. $50 per day for any additional days. Please express your interest in the events below. CAMPS Harmony in Motion 5 -day camp HORSE TRAINING minimum 3 days LESSONS L1 ground or ridden L2 Impulsion L2 / L3 Liberty L2 Connection L2 Contact L3 Connection L3 Impulsion / confidence L3 Collection GERMANY Level 2 Lessons Level 1 Lessons
  10. Meredith

    2019 Surrey UK

    Hi everyone......well we are well underway with planning this year's events for August. We do have preliminary events and dates and very soon everyone will get an email of what we have planned. For now, I can tell you that we do have a 5-day Harmony in Motion camp lined up for Surrey UK. I will also be offering lessons and horse training in Surrey while I'm there. We will also have some events in the Netherlands.....likely Level 2 at this stage. Also on the cards is a visit to Germany as well as Scotland. We are still planning so if you would like an event in your area / country, please do let us know ASAP so we can make sure to include you. Stay tuned....more very soon. M
  11. Meredith

    Our Camp Brumbies are for sale

    I know Mel.....I would loved to have taken Boston also. Thanks Jen. That is really a great offer. M
  12. Meredith

    Our Camp Brumbies are for sale

    Thanks Jen. Would love to take them all. Someone MUST take Boston...he is fabulous. And Mel....how could you pas up Arwen. M
  13. Meredith


    Yep....it'll all come down to his confidence and ability to soften his hind (doesn't everything!) and be happy to move his back feet around. It's a bit like when we do a hind1/4 yield or a sideways move and our horse just steps / shuffles across without really committing to the hind coming under. So often they just step across and then step together without the hind coming under at all. It'll give us trouble in many areas, and is highlighted in trailer travel. And anti scramble trailer just narrows at the top where the horse's body is and is wider (usual width) at the bottom for the feet to have 'more room' supposedly. But it doesn't fix the problem of the horse not being confident enough to move their feet. Very often trailers are made too narrow so the horse can't move enough. And of course, front loading trailers are the worst design for a horse float as it tips all the horse's weight on the front end all the time and so they brace to try to be able to stand up. A horse in a loose area, like a truck, will turn sideways or even backward, to balance when traveling. Makes sense to the horse but not always to trailer builders! So if you ever get a new float, get an angle load. M
  14. Meredith

    Congratulations Tania and Connor!!

    Congratulations Tania and Conner. You'll know L1 inside out by now Tania. M
  15. Meredith

    Our Camp Brumbies are for sale

    Hey!.....just realised you said Arwen!!! Is she for sale again? Mel.....you can keep your pony. Wonderful. We seem to be getting a collection of Brumbies. Up to 4 now.....and those of you lucky enough to be coming for a QSE camp, clinic or lessons here at Woolooga and partnering one of our lease horses, will get to experience them first hand. M