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    My wonderful family....horses, helping people, teaching, learning, writing, gardening, traveling and meeting new people and horses.

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  1. Enjoy the latest news from QS Worldwide. M QS Community News_June2019.pdf
  2. Yippee!. So easy to find and so much information. Thanks Shane, M
  3. I can't wait for this one. it's been a few years since we did a L4 camp. Folks if you are coming to this one you will need to be pretty close to that green string as we will have no strings attached. You'll need to have completed your L3 liberty, L3 online and the bareback riding sections. It is going to be a HOOT and pretty thrilling! M
  4. Fantastic job Marie and Zkye. Yippee! Welcome to L2. M
  5. Hey everyone. We had a great time didn't we! For those of you hoping to join us for QSE in 2020, here is the booking form, showing all the current discounts etc. Super Early Bird bookings get 25% off if booked before June 30th and Return Riders from this year's camps get 30% off if booked before Sept 30th. All you need is a $600 deposit to secure your spot and get your discount. Please find the booking form attached below and enjoy this montage from QSE 2019. M SEVENQSE_EarlybirdSpecial1_Medium.mp4 QSE booking form 2020_final.pdf
  6. Hi folks.....we've just finished a momentous QSE 2019, with so much achieved, conquered, experienced and enjoyed. And as always, we're already starting to prepare for our next huge QSE which is only 9 months away! For those of you wanting to grab a bargain and get a HUGE discount off of next year's camps, if you get in early - before June 30th 2019 - you can save up to 25% off of any QSE 2020 camp. And Return Riders who were with us this year for QSE can get a whopping 30% discount if they book before Sept 30th. So be quick and book your spot today. These offers will end soon unless sold out beforehand. Check out this video montage from this year's camps and see below for the QSE 2020 booking form. QSE booking form 2020_final.pdf SEVENQSE_EarlybirdSpecial1_Medium.mp4
  7. Hi everyone......are you counting the sleeps yet? I know I am and it's only 8 weeks now until I hop on board the big jet to bring me to summer in Europe! I can't wait to see you all somewhere in my travels. I hear on good account, that some of you are getting prepared and ready for my trip, to make the most of my time on your side of the globe. Which is terrific news. It is going to be 3 fabulous weeks so lets cram as much in as we can while I'm there. We'll be doing lots of riding and lots of stretching to new things, so if you need extra help, now is the time to book in with the girls (Alexia and Carola) for some lessons or horse training so you are ready to go come August. A little closer to the trip, Carola, Alexia, Tracy and I will put together some fun social events for Surrey, while I'm there. So stay tuned for those....I'm sure we'll manage a few evening get togethers and at least one lunch at my favourite...The Compasses! And maybe a trip to Ripley Farm shop Tracy??? And I'm sure Carola and Wendy will have something cooking up for my trip to Holland also????? We will have an evening seminar in Holland on Friday the 2nd of August. Likewise in Thursley on Tuesday August 6th. Times. locations and subject TBA. Just a reminder folks that there are opportunities for you get get some private or group lessons while I'm in Surrey, as well as horse training. Please check the events list below. Also, I've listed the possible events list for Holland below.....you will all have been chatting to Carola about what everyone wants to do while I'm there. Now is the time to get your deposits in to confirm your spots in the events of your choice. It is going to be a fabulous summer....I'm sure I have said that a few times. I really can't wait to see you all...I know how much fun we'll have and how much we'll all learn. Even me! Please do let me know if you have any questions at all. Take care and lets count those days. M SUMMER EVENTS August 1st - Holland private or group lessons available August 2nd, 3rd & 4th - Heino Holland? 9am to 12pm - L2 half day workshops 1pm to 4pm - HiM half day workshops 4.30pm to 5.30pm - L1 lessons August 6th - Profs and GOs day / Thursley England August 7th to 11th - Thursley England 9am to 5pm - Harmony in Motions Camp August 12th to 15th - Thursley England 9am to12pm - private or group lessons available 1pm to 2pm - live assignments available 2.30pm to 3.30pm - Horse training / Tracy 4pm to 5pm - horse training available 5pm to 6pm - live assignments available August 17th & 18th - Strathaven Scotland 9am to 5pm - Horsemanship Workshops
  8. I can't believe it, QSE 2019 is over. On behalf of Shane and myself, we'd like to say....... THANK YOU!!! to everyone who traveled far and wide and all the locals too, who came and joined Shane and I here at QSSC Woolooga these last two months for the Quantum Savvy Experience. It has been a massive event:- two months, 6 camps, 4 levels, dozens of horses and people from across Oz and beyond, beginners to very advanced students, foals to competitors, rain, hail or shine.....we've seen it, done it and achieved it all!!! And had so many laughs and so much fun along the way. We've had; people who had lost confidence, back on and riding again. First trots First Canters First gallops - well done Jack First trail rides First jumps. And our Big Log has been christened by Jen and Gully.....fantastic. first stick riding - go Jude go! chased cows - Clare and Yogi...and Jack...again! loads of people playing with their horses at liberty, riding bareback and bridle less and so much more. It has been such a momentous QSE this year for everyone and we've loved every minute of it. For Shane and I, there is no end to the joy of seeing students building confidence and connection with their horses and watching them living their dreams. The Level 1 Camp was a laugh a minute, with such a fabulous, fun group or people who were all keen to give everything a go. From our fun obstacle course to ride the rail, to our cantering (go Lyn!) and June's super fast walk on Mav, her Paso Fino! The Building Rapport camp was such a joy. We had some L3 riders taking part and doing some fabulously advanced stuff with their horses (awesome Jill and Fiona) but young Alice Prince and her pony Bobby showed us all how it's done with her liberty and bareback riding. Nice one Alice. The Level 2 camp ventured out into the Big World of open spaces and despite some eye popping moments from Marie who I think thought Shane may have been joking....got their horses traveling nicely and exploring the world beyond fences. Jack learnt that his horse can swim and Caitlin (our youngest ever L2 camp rider at 7 years old) took it all in her stride with her little white pony. The Harmony in Motion camp saw some damp weather set in just in time for Jude to arrive from Germany. But surprise, surprise, it didn't dampen out enthusiasm or the amazing results we all got from our super soft, connected horses. And don't tell anyone but I actually saw Mel smooching her horse Bandido at one point. The truth is out Mel....you love that big red horse of yours! Shane took the Level 3 class this year and I didn't get to see a lot of it. But!....from what I did see, it looked like they were having a pretty cruzy time. Every time I look on they were playing at liberty, riding bridle less or just chatting and laying around on their horses. Luna did so well with spending all day riding her horse and then doing her school homework in the evenings.....and still coming out smiling every day. The Ultimate was just that. The ultimate group fully immersing themselves in this life changing event. From learning so much about themselves and their own personal hurdles to success with horses in the morning, to working with their horses in the afternoon with NO TOOLS, to achieving monumental goals, all in the space of 10 days. Galloping in the wide open spaces, trail rides, jumping the Big Log, stick riding, bareback jumping, bareback and bridles riding and more.....it was a truly huge camp. I personally want to thank my class for their efforts, great energy and try. It made my time an absolute joy. Shane and I would like to say an extra special thank you to Jack Hanly-May who was with us for the entire 2 months as a working student. Jack as well as being lots of fun having you here with us (as always!), you were a huge help to us this year and made our lives so much easier. Which benefited everyone at camp. Heart felt thank you to you for EVERYTHING and we hope that what you learnt during your time here in some way made up for being away from home for so long. So once again, thank you all so very much for joining us for QSE 2019. It was an incredible time for us made more so by all of you. Good luck with your horsemanship journies this next year and we look forward to seeing you all back again for QSE some day. cheerio, Meredith p.s. here are just a few pics. We'll have more soon. p.p.s. keep an eye on the mail as your photo discs are on their way QSE 2020 TICKETS ARE ON SALE FROM MONDAY JUNE 3RD 2019. SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIALS ARE AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30TH - THAT'S 25% OFF OF ANY CAMP. A DEPOSITS OF $600 IS ALL YOU NEED TO BOOK YOUR SPOT AND GET THIS HUGE DISCOUNT. RETURN RIDERS GET 30% OFF ANY CAMP. Ask the office about multiple camp, family and international student discounts.
  9. Karen is amazing isn't she. She is fabulous with the horses and they all love her. And well done Simone...your horses are doing so well. M
  10. Hi Lynn. Yes the 5-Star are pretty good and the saddle pad of choice to go with the QS saddles. Which one you pick will really depend on the fit of your saddle and how much clearance you have. A standard one should be fine, but if it is a close fit then maybe the gullet hole. I haven't seen the flex fit ones. M
  11. Hi everyone.....we have loads of gorgeous QS Clothing in the shop right now. just in time for the cooler weather here in Oz and summer in Europe! Currently on the racks we have; Sweaters, Jackets, Vests and our fabulous new button polos (in black only ATM). We also have the super comfy Aero Polos that have proven extremely popular. We have these in grey, teal and white. Plus the staple QS Cap plus much more. If you're keen to add to your QS wardrobe and add style to your ride!, then contact the QS Office or your QS Prof to order yours. These are all ready to ship immediately. Listed are members prices. QS CAPS: $20 (+shipping) SWEATERS: $50 (+shipping) VESTS: $100 (+shipping) JACKETS: $145 (+shipping) POLOS: $50 (+shipping) M
  12. Fantastic Red String rides popping up for those in Qld and Victoria. My girls and I are going to be heading off to the Noosa Trails ride next month and we can't wait! Thanks to everyone who has hosted / is hosting a Red String Ride. If you're a GO and would like a Red String Ride in your area, just chat with the QS Office or your local QS Team member to get one up and running. M
  13. This is such a wonderful post Sarah and well done to you for putting your own ego aside and putting what your horse needs first. A great lesson here for all of us. What our horse needs is more important than what we want. M
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