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  1. Well we're just over half way now through our Summer Lessons with only one more lesson in Murwillumbah to go and two here at QSSC (including the Contact, Collection and Elevation weekend ). It's been an awesome summer to date with lot of Blue Ticks so far and loads more still to come I'm sure and very soon. My most recent demo on how your horse should move was I think for many, enlightening and informative and hopefully helpful with unlocking some ideas on achieving true forward and a happy, healthy horse. I had lots of questions and comments from everyone who came along, so I'll keep offering this demo for other groups this year as I believe it is really beneficial. Our lessons in Murwillumbah were epic once again. Lots of achievements especially when it comes to helping our horses to stay mentally engaged, thinking and therefore calm and confident. The Woolooga group are also making terrific progress with the youngsters going great guns with their liberty and my L1 class now up and riding. We also had our first L3 lesson this time with Jane and Gully and if I may say so, loads of progress with our perfect study plans. Many congrats to Donna Rose for another blue tick and also for her supreme effort on Saturday night doing her spiral assignment in a thunder storm. The rain was so heavy I could barely see her and Rocky. Thanks for the rescue and hat Jen H. There is still time to join me for these last few lessons but be quick....the summer is almost over. M
  2. Fantastic Simone. M
  3. Yep....that's just because she is green Sarah. Education will sort of any wrinkles and you'll learn so very much. M
  4. Must have been doing something right Vicki! But you're absolutely right. it will be timely for the two of you....that green string is oh so close! And for anyone approaching the end of their level or who would like to see where all this is headed and to understand the true meaning and importance of self carriage, contact, collection and elevation for all horses. This is THE weekend. M
  5. Hi Vicki. I've got you penciled in so I'll PM you with confirmation details. I'm so excited that you'll be joining me for this weekend. It's going to be fantastic and very interesting. M
  6. BLUE OR PURPLE TICK TALLY FOR THE SUMMER Vicki Kilborn - 1 Georgia Rose - 1 Liam Ransley - 2 Chrissie Jenkins - 1 Caitlin Ransley - 1 Donna Rose - 1 M
  7. Just a reminder folks that you can download my Release Focused Training book FREE here on the Forum. If you've never read it, download and enjoy it today and find out just what is the philosophy behind Quantum Savvy and indeed Shane and myself in regard to success with horses. And if you have read it before, now is the perfect time to visit it again for a refresher. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone.....enjoy. M
  8. Well a big happy birthday for Morgan then. xxxx Often I think the fear of what we think may be scary is worse the the actual thing itself. Once we've done it or had a go at least, we see it wasn't so bad after all. But living with the fear is terrible. I'm putting this badly I know, but so often I see people missing out on things with their horses because they worry overly about something. That is one of the things I love most about QS...that we support each other while we're learning and discovering so that we can all achieve our goals and dreams and have so much fun with our horses. We have lots more String Rides coming up. Blue String jumping in March and Red String at Kin Kin for the Noosa trails again in June. M
  9. Yep...ditto from me. We've never treated our girls any differently and really not noticed a lot of difference. As Simone said, it does come to leadership and if I can add, always taking your horses feedback and listening to them. Same as you would with a person. If you just do what you want to do when you want, then they may be unhappy about it if they are a bit out of sorts, but if you're empathetic and listen and reward all tries then you'll have a nice conversation regardless. M
  10. What a lovely post Riddhima. It is so nice to meet Bill and see him in action. And what a fabulous result already. Well done you. He looks very happy to be joining in with you for a bit of conversation. I think they love it when we start asking them more questions and for permission rather than just expecting them to do what we want. Imagine being 20 and having his whole world change by having a language you can both understand. Yay!. M
  11. Yay!......finally. A bit here for us too. M
  12. Keep us posted Judy. Jen we sent you another one so maybe the one you got was No 2. You'll probably get two of them now!!! M p.s. we've had none come back yet so addresses must be pretty good so far.
  13. That's great Jane. I look forward to seeing you both. The demo will go for about 45 mins or so depending on questions etc afterward. You're welcome to stay and chat afterward if you like also. M
  14. Oh Aileen....thank you for sharing your story with us. It has not been an easy journey for you with all that contend with but you are doing so, so well. We are all proud of you. M
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