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  1. Yes of course Kerensa. Georgia will be posting these very soon so we can watch and share away. M
  2. Meredith

    Horse fun

    LOL...love it Simone. Ruby i really loving that water. How sweet is that funny girl. Our lot love water too.....Char;ie especially loves to get into the smallest of puddles for a roll. And the Brumbies!.....they get fully into our troughs and splash around. They'd empty them if they had half a chance. Our poor fish....I pity them when they see a Brumby headed their way. M
  3. It was a lot of fun......if only we knew who the winner was! (someone forgot to time the runs ) Charlie did so well with her first time faced with obstacles. Oddly the scary spider was no issue, neither was the belly height tickly pool noodle thing. Even the car wash wasn't so bad. But!.....that passive caterpillar and the very shallow puddle of water proved to be our nemesis's.....even though Charlie is otherwise always such a water baby. We did managed to just squeeze through the hoop thingy (thanks for making it extra large) before Fiona and Coolie trashed it. Thanks for a great day everyone. And Merry Christmas. M
  4. He is such a little ripper isn't he Jen. I really like him.....loads of play drive and fun in this little guy. How were his teeth Jen? Did you get much of a look. Generally teeth and feet reflect each other so I'm interested to hear what you found? Working on one will help the other. M
  5. Book now....attend with a horse or horses, as an auditor or send a horse along for training. What a fabulous opportunity for anyone wanting to further their skills and accelerate their horsemanship journey. You don't have to be a trainer to attend. If you want to increase your knowledge and skills exponentially (Quantum you Savvy!) then be sure to book your spot and be there with Shane in March.
  6. ATTENTI0N QS MEMBERS.....our big bumper Christmas newsletter will be going out next week. And along with it, some lucky QS members will be winning over $10,000 in prizes. To make sure you are in with a chance, check that your membership is current and that we have your correct postal details. All you have to do is check your membership account details on the Forum. https://www.quantumsavvy.com/Members/member I know we have a few members who don't have their full or most current address on our data base as we have a few letters that came back to the office from the last newsletter. We are doing our best to contact everyone and let them know to update their details, but if you could all please just double check....we'd hate you to miss out and we want to be sure TO GIVE ALL OF THE PRIZES AWAY! If we don't have your full and correct current postal address you could miss out on winning one of these fabulous prizes that include 2 x QSE camps and 2 x horse training weeks with Shane or Meredith. So get on to it and check it today.....you've got to be in it to win it! M
  7. Hi Vicki...what a terrific recap. Thank you. Re the lateral softness over the jump..yes! You can do either. You can ask that foot to come under as it pushes off from the ground or once it is in the air. It really just depends on how well she is listening to your ask and how softly she is offering it. You'll need to really be sure your space suit is nice and round when you do so that she softens around it. Great job with your homework Vicki. Only 1 blue tick to go!!!! I see a green string on it's way this summer! M
  8. LAST CHANCE TO GRAB A BARGAIN. Today is the last day and the last chance to get a 20% discount off of a QSE Camp of your choice for 2020. Offer closes at 5pm today, so be quick and message the office to grab your spot. M
  9. You'll get there Judy. Just keep focusing on that goal and we'll be right here with you along the way. M
  10. Woohoo!.....yes!....I'm sure I did hear you screaming and whooping from Crystal Creek. So very, very happy for you Jen and Dusty. A very well deserved Red String is on it's way to you. You've stuck in there and kept trying and now your determination has paid off. Super happy for you. M
  11. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN HORSEMANSHIP - with a Horse Training Mastery Class with Shane Ransley. MARCH 2ND TO 13TH 2020; QSSC Woolooga Qld Nothing beats experience when it comes to mastery in any subject and Horse Training is no exception. If you want to truly understand horses, to communicate with them effectively, to know what to do, when and how to help them quickly and clearly....even instinctively....then the only way to do that is to expose yourself to as much experience as possible. Imagine how much you would absorb in a class led by Shane, and that included Mel and Meredith and a bunch of different horses and types for you to learn from....all at one place and time. It would take many, many years to garner that much knowledge and know-how. Now is your chance! From March 2nd to 13th 2020, Shane will be conducting his Horse Training Mastery Class at Quantum Savvy Study Centre in Woolooga Qld. This is your chance to be a part of a very special group, studying Colt Starting, Foundation Training and Harmony in Motion, during this 10-day course. You can bring horses to train yourself under Shane's expert guidance, watch Shane training horses including first rides and foundation training, as well as Mel training horses and Meredith training, building self carriage and lateral softness. You can also attend as an auditor and soak up all this information and experience. ATTEND WITH A HORSE - bring 1 - 3 horses with you to train with Shane's help and watch and learn from the other participants as they work with their horses. COST: $2400, includes camping and horse yards ATTEND WITHOUT A HORSE - join us for 1 - 10 days as an auditors and just soak up the entire experience. You will be included in all learning, Q&A and discussion sessions so it is far more than just fence sitting. COST: $100 PER DAY, includes camping. Please note, you may choose how many days you attend from 1 to the full 10 however you must be there for day one and consecutive days afterward. Due to the nature of the course and the layering of training and development of the horse, you cannot join us later in the course. A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER We have a very few positions still available for horses to be trained - 1 only with Shane, 1 with Mel and 2 with Meredith, during this course. And right now is a terrific opportunity to grab one of these spots and make the most of our Christmas Special. Horses booked with Shane or Meredith only will receive 20% off for QS members or 10% off for non members. But this Christmas Special ends Dec 31st 2019. So if you'd like to grab the chance to have your horse trained by one of founders or our most senior horse trainer, hurry and book now. These are the only spots remaining. Colt Starting with Shane; $2400 (10 days, includes halter training) Foundation Training with Shane or Meredith; $1200 (5 days only, discuss with us what your horse needs). We are very excited to be offering this special course and the chance to learn first hand in a focused environment with Shane himself. So be quick and book now to secure your spot. Contact the QS Office or PM us here for bookings and details. M
  12. Thank you Kerensa. It really is a very special story isn't it and one too good to not share as I know that knowing about her and how Shane and QS are being able to help her, can help so many other people. Equitana will jut give us the chance to get the word to more people. Exciting! M
  13. WOW...HUGE XMAS PRIZE GIVE AWAY FOR QUANTUM SAVVY MEMBERS Yep you read right! We wanted to make this Christmas extra special this year for all of our wonderful QS Members, so as part of our HUGE bumper Christmas Edition of the QS Community News (just wait until you see what is in the mail this Xmas for you all!) WE ARE GIVING AWAY over $10,000 worth of fantastic prizes. I know....fantastic right? All of our QS members will be getting their newsletter in time for Christmas, and a randomly selected few will find a GOLDEN TICKET inside as their Lucky Christmas Bonus Prize. You could win; A PRIVATE LESSON WITH SHANE OR MEREDITH ONE YEAR QS MEMBERSHIP 12 FREE ASSIGNMENTS A WEEK OF HORSE TRAINING WITH SHANE OR MEREDITH OR THE PRIZE OF ALL PRIZES - A QUANTUM SAVVY EXPERIENCE CAMP VALUED AT $2400 The QS Community News will be going out before Christmas (the week of Dec 16th), so if you are a current QS Member, be sure to keep an eye on the mail and look out for that Golden Ticket. If you find one, contact the QS Office ASAP to claim your prize. Merry Christmas Everyone. M
  14. It was a terrific weekend Kerensa. Always a lot of fun and so much discovery. Thanks for the piccies Georgia. Love the one from the top of the hill. M
  15. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ON QUANTUM SAVVY EXPERIENCE CAMPS 2020 Yes you read it right! For this week only we have QSE Camps on special for a massive 20% off of any camp. Right now we are nearing the end of the Early Bird 2 discount of 10% off - ends Dec 31st, BUT!...if you book this week you'll get our Christmas Special discount of 20% off! You only need to pay a deposit of $600 to secure your booking (payments plans are available on request) and you could be riding at QSE next year and saving hundreds of dollars. The QSE is an extraordinary, life changing experience for you and for your horse, so give yourselves a gift this year and grab this bargain. Special applies to any QSE 2020 camp. Deposit only required to secure your booking. Offer ends Sunday Dec 14th at 5pm. BE QUICK TO BOOK YOUR SPOT. M
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