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  1. Great to see so many people joining in from all over. Happy WBPD Quantum Savvy. M
  2. Fantastic Kerri and Ozzie. I am thrilled for you two. You've really worked hard on this and your red string is so well deserved. Congratulations. See you at the next red string ride. M
  3. Hi everyone.....I've been a bit absent recently with trips away and just lots going on so I thought a quick update would be in order. It's been a SUPER busy summer with 8 weekends over the summer invested in summer lessons both here at QSSC Woolooga and at Crystal Creek NSW. We've all had a ball and made SO much progress...thank you so much to everyone who has joined me over these weekends. I hope you all got tonnes out of your summer. Lots of homework and lots of blue ticks! We did have one weekend rescheduled due to flooding so we still have one weekend to come. It is shceduled for June so we'll see how things are going with the virus by then. I've also just got back from my connection and impulsion camp at Jill Prince's fabulous property south of Cobar. We managed to just squeeze our camp in before things got serious with the virus and everyone is now safely home and tucked in. Again we had a HUGE time and I will report on that more on another post. Now that I am home I'm staying put for a while, as we all are. We've had to postpone our beloved QSE camps until another time. As yet we don't know when, what or how we'll do the camps but it will happen. For now we just need to see how things pan out in the coming weeks before we can make informed decisions that will work for everyone. So to all QSE riders, we thank you for your patience. We promise we'll turn out all stops for these camps once we get the green light again and we'll chat with you all to work out the best plan moving forward. For me personally, with all that has been going recently (I did do two weeks of horse training in there somewhere also) and with some family adjustments we've had to make, I'm feeling a but pooped! So from tomorrow I'll be taking a week off. I'll be sure to get my assignments done first and if anyone needs anything urgently then just let me know asap. After noon tomorrow I'll be switching my computer off for 7 days to hang with my kids and smell the roses. Lovely. In the meantime, please know that Shane and I are thinking of you all and hoping you are all well, safe and managing this challenging time. We are well into developing more online support and coaching for everyone so stay tuned. We have some fab things in store for you all. Oh and the next news letter in the coming weeks also. I do apologise, I'm a bit late getting it out but it is coming. Take care everyone and happy horsing, if you can get to your best buddy. M
  4. Goodness it has been a while since I have updated this. We've had a few hiccups with rain and flooding etc and some rescheduling to do.....so we should be officially finished by now. In fact we've even how our wonderful wrap up pizza on the hilltop dinner here at Woolooga (yay and so yummy!) and our fabulous wrap up brekky - again on a hilltop.....there seems to be a theme here!....a Crystal Creek. But we've still got a few more weeks of homework to finish and another lot of assignments to put in plus a makeup weekend in June to go. So the fun and achievement continue. I've also got loads of piccies to upload so stay tuned for those. To date we have some more Blue and Purple tick to add. See below. And we still have quite a few more REALLY close to blue ticks which is just awesome. Well done to all of my summer lesson participants. It has been once again a FABULOUS summer and I've loved every minute of it with you all. Keep at it for a few more weeks and lets go out with a BANG! Well....you know what I mean. M Vicki Kilborn - 3 Georgia Rose - 2 Liam Ransley - 3 Chrissie Jenkins - 3 Caitlin Ransley - 3 Donna Rose - 2 Rhiannon Ransley - 2 Fiona Prescott - 1 Allan Mitchel - 1 Jen Harley - 1
  5. Oooh aaah.....a blue tick Meredith? Yay for you and Dolly. M
  6. Meredith

    Horse fun

    Gotta love the synchronicity of a herd!!! M
  7. Yes!...the All String event. Let's start planning that one soon. I'm thinking some time in late August would be great or early Sept. M
  8. Woohoo!....fantastic Meredith. So pleased for you and for Dolly. Your lives are about to change in a BIG way. Well done on tackling your hurdles and getting through them with help from Marvelous Mel! M
  9. Awww....thanks Simone. That is a really lovely thing to say and I really appreciate it. You are very welcome and I am glad that you and Bindi are achieving your partnership goals together. I love helping people and horses so if I've been some help to you then I am very happy. M xxx
  10. Despite a last minute venue change (many thanks Fiona for hosting us), some of our local Blue Stringers gathered for a fantastic day yesterday for our first ever Blue String event - a day of jumping. It was so much fun with lots of different jumps and obstacles for us to have a crack at. After our first session of warming up with some ground work, seeing how our horses felt about the jumps and challenges, we hopped on board and gave it all another go. It fantastic to approach jumping with our QS focus on building confidence and preparedness first and just moving on to gradually higher and more challenging jumps when horse and rider were ready. We ended up with some pretty cool jumps. Water crossings, the upright barrels, tires and even Fiona's cross country course - there was something for everyone. The horses all did brilliantly well. In Charlie's case a bit too well! She jumped everything I faced her with in the ground work so there was really no excuse for me. She did the upright barrels for the first time with ease (a bit too easy if you see from the pics...that's a loooong way up there) and she and I did the barrels jumps together for the first time. The two of us had so much fun as I'm sure did everyone else. Di and Bonzy were off like jumping demons and Bonza jumped everything that was there. Fiona and Coolie gave us some hugely funny moments (again) and impressed us all with their partnership. One of the hilarious highlights was their passage over the cavaletti. Very impressive. And our littlest participants Black Tilly in the very capable hands of Jen Renouf, showed true Brumby style by taking on each challenge with ease. It was a great fun day. Huge thanks to Georgia for putting it all together. We missed you so much on the day. :(. To Fiona for hosting, to Kerri for once again offering massive support and lots of great photos. Sandra for adding to the fun and to everyone who came along and joined in. Here's the link to the gallery photos from Kerri. Enjoy....we certainly did. M
  11. Thank you Georgia. All done. Can't wait. M
  12. Thanks Georgia. I haven't booked yet either......got a bit busy on the weekend and forgot. Sorry. How do I order the burgers for the kids? M
  13. Hi Simone.....I'll probably do a seminar / demo of some kind tomorrow night....seeing as I have the chance. So any time from 5pm onward tomorrow. We'll have our usual chat at 8.30am Saturday morning and yes the kettle will be on. Oh and we've ordered pizza for everyone for Saturday night. It'll be a ripper weekend. See you soon. M
  14. Well have room to bring you a horse Jen and a horse you can use. We're only taking two with us so one more is easy. M
  15. So we'll have 2 riders and 3 auditors. All wanting burgers. Jen and Tilly will probably squeeze in with us somehow??? M
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