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  1. Hi Jill. You can choose either. More info will be in your confirmation pack, but basically you can do it before or after with all camps bar L1 and Cert 3.
  2. Fantastic effort Bodil and Pardotje. What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations.
  3. ONLY 11 MORE DAYS TO GRAB A BARGAIN AND GET A HUGE DISCOUNT OFF A QSE 2018 CAMP. That's right......we do have spots left in the QSE camps for next year but our huge Early Bird discounts will end on Dec 1st, so if you are wanting to join in ths amazing and life changing event, NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK YOUR SPOT. For bookings or more info please do message us here today. We look forward to sharing this fantastic event with you and your lucky horse next Autumn.
  4. Hi folks. Yes it is true. The QSE is back in 2018 after a 3 year hiatus. And it's back bigger and better than ever. If you haven't yet done so, please do check out the QSE facebook page for the fantastic lineup of events we have for next year. Along with the amazing camps we have all your regular favorites like moonlight rides, evening camp fires, outdoor movies and our fabulous homemade soups PLUS some major bonuses next year. Yep.....in case that wasn't enough we also have bonus 2-day Whole Horse Wellness workshops attached to each camp that cover muscle health, feet, teeth and saddle fit with our very own QS Saddle maker. I know.....it's HUGE right! But there is MORE! We are really excited to announce that we have gone back to the old tried and tested 9-day camp format that so many of you have experienced and grown from in past years. 9 days of working on the level of study that you wish to focus on. Plus your 2-day WHW Workshop, making it 11 days in total to completely immerse yourself in all things horse.. WOW! And we also have some incredible specials on right now. You can save right up to 25% off of a camp if you book now. All camps are fully catered and everything is included in your camp ticket. Just bring yourself and your swag. Oh and we do have lease horses available for interstate and overseas students too. Please do contact us if you'd like to know more or just fill in the booking form at the link below. https://quantumsavvy.com/qse-application/ And please be advised that the HiM Camp is filling up very quickly. We look forward to seeing you there for QSE 2018 next April and May. https://www.facebook.com/quantumsavvyexperience/
  5. Hi everyone.....I am very excited to be bringing my wonderful Building Rapport event to Victoria next month. Mel has invited me to come visit at the end of November and share this special event for all of you in the south of Oz and I can't wait to do just that. I believe we only have 2 or 3 spots left in this camp right now for riders so please do be quick if you'd like to jump in and join us. We do have loads of room for auditors of course so please do some along and see how easy and how much fun it is to create a bond of mutual trust, connection and rapport and just how much more you'll understand how your horse truly sees your relationship. This event is unique....it is humbling, insightful and empowering all at the same time. So please do join Mel and myself. We have lots of fab evening activities lined up also as well as a very special demo day immediately after the camp. You Can Do It Too! I look forward to seeing you all there.
  6. Here is your chance to study the development of young horses with Shane himself during our up-coming courses in November. See the events link for full details.
  7. Congratulations Sandra and Ben L1 grads!!

    Woohoo!.....way to go Sandra and Ben. Fantastic news for a fantastic effort.
  8. Harmony in no motion??

    Terrific Sam. This is fabulous. Helping Barclay to relax and be calm and happy in his environment will make major changes but they can only come from you.
  9. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    Ah.....well done Al. As usual. But so nice to have some actually acknowledge your principles as well as your skills....then the results speak for themselves.
  10. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing your visit with us Shane. QS saddles are amazing and each improvement just makes them even better. And the great thing is that they will last you forever. I know they do cost a few $$$ but given their use over a life time, it is money very, very well spent. I'm saving up too.
  11. Harmony in no motion??

    Hey Sam.....some fantastic replies for you already on this one so ditto from me. So often our first question when something is not as we want is "What".....as in what do I do, what is my horse trying to say...or "How" as in how can I fix it. I generally find that the best question though is "Why". If you can find out why B is doing this (and the girls have already given you great advice on this) then the what or how will be easy. Why - is he doing is because your energy has been too big, because it's been too slow, too bossy, not enough release, is he scared, bored, disinterested, ignoring you and so on. Waiting will give him time to see that you are at least paying attention to his feedback now which is a great place to start. And as the others have said, when you address your Why, the wait will get shorter and shorter. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Terrific news Alexia. This is awesome. What a wonderful effort you have put in and Luna is a real credit to you. Congratulations and you are VERY welcome. M
  13. Hi everyone.....the QSports Nationals are just about on us. Nominations are now due so if you haven't got yours in yet, please do get them in TODAY! Here is the nomination form for those who missed it. We look forward to seeing you there for a HUGE day of skill, great horsemanship and fun. QSportsNominations2017.pdf
  14. UK, Surrey, Byfleet

    Congratulations Rebecca. A whole new beginning for your wonderful group.