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  1. ​ Impulsion clinic and Building rapport clinic Holland (august 2017) Dear all, Last Thursday and Friday me and Bruce (the horse) were participant of the clinic Impulsion in Holland. My mention was to participate with my own mate-horse Chiqui. But I started with module 1 at the end of june this year. Chiqui was very explosive and the time was to short to prepare her for this clinic. And I’m explosive too… so two of kind togheter is a BAM effect and doesn’t work. So Chiqui went with me to the clinic Building rapport on Saterday and Sunday. It was very heavy to work 4 days after each other, but is wat great, fantastic, amazing and I have no words for it. And I was complete broken after this days but so happy. It is my pleassure to tell you my experience. And believe me, the horse is the best shrink you can ever have! Impulsion Clinic: Bruce is a very lovely horse and for me he was using his buttoms, so sweet to take care of a penny girl J. Carola has done a wonderfull job and had done a lot of work for preparing me for the clinics. So many thanks Carola and that that you give me this change with Bruce. I have studied very hard on the modules 2 and 5. I sat with my skippyball as a horse and the rope of my bathjacket as a horse rope, before the laptop to practise the things that Shane did in the videolessons. A week before the clinics, I had al lot of chaos in my head… overloaded and this was a moment that I said: I Quit. Fortunately Carola, Wendy, Bodil and Gaby were there for me and support me so well. Yes it is absolutely true, you do not have to do it at yourself, Quatum Savvy is as a family! When I was young and free from danger opportunities, I was a real traditional horserider. All the skills that I have learned (mmm the instuctors have tried to learn me this, because it is very hard to teach me because I don’t understand the instructions J ), I cannot used it anymore. This is very hard for me because it goes automatically. But Bruce is a wonderfull learning horse and gives me a lot of trust. Just at a moment I need it so much because in the same period I had a big fight (read: figurative) with the other horse Chiqui. My skills were not very good but okay before the start of the clinics: short range, sideways and I can walk and a little bit trot (kind of passenger) with Bruce. I was so not ready for the Impulsion Clinic J. And so nervouse… But Bruce can do it and I trust Bruce. Thursday we started with a chat: what is Impulsion and why it is so important. Sorry, at this moment I lost a lot of information, but I know Impulsion is an emotional calm thinking horse. And a thinking horse is the savest horse you can have. After the chat, we take our horses to the arena for playing the impulsion Groundwork Diary. And it is so difficult to focus, give the right energy and release at the right time. Bruce likes the grass more than me and he was a little bit sleepy. Of course my biggest fears happens, the question: ‘Jessica show us how do you lead Bruce in the short range cirkles?’ It is so scarry to show your skills instead of all the eyes that wathing you and they see your strubbeling. I was so glad that Meredith takes it over and she teached me the right skills. Bruce changed complete into a walking horse instead of a grazing horse J. After lunch we practise the Impulsion Riding Diary after the chat. It was amazing that all the horses were so calm and lovely, we had a lot of fun. My trust was growing bigger and bigger. At least I was playing a plane while I rode on Bruce. You need no robe or legs to stay on a circle. Only put your inner and outside arm in a figure like a plane and the horse can read your mention and energy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy J. Friday, mmm… it’s almost Saterday and this evening I must transport Chiqui to the event. A big waterbalet cames out of my eyes… and it is so funny day because it is still Bruce day. My brains mapped me (mindfucking is better but sorry for this word). Than the experience again what a wonderfull support you get from all the presents QS people. They realy help you. Stay in the moment, that is so important. Don’t look back or forward. Also the team was a little bit curious and asked me: Do you bring a dinosaurus? On Friday we started with a chat again. But a very important chat. Carola told us how important the enviroment for the horse is. And also how important it is the daily routine with your horse, a daily pattern and always check your personal space and the comfort spot of your horse. After this chat we start again with the Impulsion Groundwork Diary, but now a little bit more difficult. It was very clear that my skills were much better than yesterday. Or Bruce don’t like the grass anymore J. In the afternoon we go further with de Impulsion Riding Diary. I feel me like a superwoman and have a lot of trust. So I asked if I can ride on a barepackpad (for the people on the clinic… I have googled J). I have ridden on a little bit strange horse for me, with only a halter and rope on a barebackpad in the trot at a half open field. So cool! And Bruce was so lovely brave. At the end, the left brake did’nt work anymore, but when you have the focus, stay calm and use the right energy, the horse will stop. Defintely! What have I learned of the Impulsion clinic: So Much! Summery: release, open hand with the rope, open hand with your stick, at the right time give release, don’t do to much or don’t work to hard, manage your energy, take your elbows closed to your body and relax your shoulder, stay after the shoulder of your horse, put your hands to your breast or chin or ear instead trow your body to the ears of your horse when you work with the rope during riding, focus at the spot where you want to go, stay light, don’t use the legs for forward, stay light with your hands during riding, trust, mention and focus. And keep smiling J. What a wonderfull and amazing days! I have learned so much, but my biggest learning is, I have trust in myself and the horse back. Building Rapport Clinic: And now… The big challance to bring my dinousaurus to the event. I was so glad with the help from Wendy and Bodil. Chiqui was so nervous and don’t walk into the trailer very easily. At the event I had a little bit panic. What did the people said, because Chiq yellowd and sinks so hard. And she had a big problemtrough the birth of her foal and the physical problems are still there. The hole night, from Friday till Saterday, I did not sleep. Also chiqui. She was busy with screaming in the night. At Saterday during the chat from 8.00 til 13.00 my tear-ducts were open, it’s like the Niagara waterfalls. Especially when we practise the approach. It was so clear that Chiqui don’t like me. She complete ignored me. This is so hard. A lot of old pain came out. And what a wonderfull team QS is. At this moment when I’m writing, my tears falling on my laptop, now because I feel the heat, patience and love that the QS team give to us. Also to show your love for your horse is not easy for me. It was a hard stuff thing this morning. After lunch we must take the horse, after approach, to the arena. I was so nervouse. But I was also surprised, becaues as wel as Bruce I have a buttom, but I have the turned off buttom. The problem is that I take al my trouble and mentions to Chiqui. How is it possible that Chiqui likes me, when I don’t like myself? So stop with thinking Jessica and only observerd. And smiling. The approach gets better, and than the hat of Julia blow away trough the wind. Chiq and Isis shook a hat. And we? We must laughing, so that the horse were inmediatley calm. That was the buttom and thank you hat! In the arena Chiqui was so calm and sweet. In the corner next to the scarry forrestry, Chiq was so brave. Also when we stand still during a chat, Chiq was patience and lovely. Normaly she is a big hurricane with al lot of noise. It was unbelieveble, after 30 minutes she stand still with me without a halter. All the opportunities she had to leave, but she prefer to stay with us. Unbelieveble. I was very glad that Bodil had make pictures and movies, because nobody believes this when I told to people that did’nt see it and knows Chiq. She is not a dinosaurus but a very curious sweet and fast learning horse. What will this bring to the next day… At Sunday. Now I can tell you, it can be crazyer… This day after the chat, we practise in the arena and at last I had the halter on the neck and play with Chiq and a pillow on her back, head and hoofs. She wasn’t scared and so brave. But I can also tell you, it is very easy to get back into your emotion. When Meredith asked me to put her halter on the neck, I feel myself uncsecure and get back into my own fear. Oh oh, and I had the feeling that I had no contact with Chiqui anymore, because she was stiffer and get more her own oppurtinities. So I still standing in my circle or stand complete still for the control. Meredith asked me why? Eah… Walk around, said Meredith, this is so borring for Chiqui. And than, I walk in the field, between the cross jumpings, after the shoulder of chiqui. WOW… normaly Chiq want only to walk after my back. What a changing and what a calm horse with self-confident goes with me to house. All is she looks like a giraffe because of her brown spots on her body from the fly protection spray. What have I learn, to much to make a summary. But the importants thing is that my mindsetting is changed. You must turn off your feelings and don’t bring the troubles of yourself to your horse. Trust in your self, like your self and the horse will come. I have also learned, nothing is wrong and everything is be okay. No judgement and don’t hang to lang in your pain and sadness. Don’t turn around in the past and go with open minded and surprised. And is Chiq in trouble, let her in her own trouble and stay calm. Don’t thinking but observate. First found the comfort and than practise the exercise. Or by panic use the hindquarter. Comfort by sniff your hand and she put her head down to the ground and give release. Take care of your personal space and build rapport by rubbing her. You can rub enough. Looking for the best rubbing spot. And the hindquarter is your brake. Stay playing with your horse and let the child in you coming out. Child and play is the best part of the summary for me J. It was very heavy and a hard study for me to preparing this clinics. And than you turn around and the wonderfull days are over. It was amazing, and I’m so glad to be with this and so gratefull to do this. Also for the horses. We have shared so much. We had al lot of fun and learned so much from eachother. It was complete! It could not better. Quatum Savvy has changed not only the life of Chiqui, it changes also my life and I’m so happy and motivated to start module 1 again. Thank you all, as well the present people as the people at distance and in thought! And of course all the lovely horse, they have give us so much. With a special thank to Meredith and Carola to open my horse eyes and heart! Lot of greetings, Jessica (participant clinics Holland)
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