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  1. hmm...that´s really interesting! I think there is no defined moment to start looking (in this case looking means `asking for` or `build on it` for me) for collection as it depends on so many factors...physique, breed, mental/emotional/physical fitness, impulsion, softness, balance, etc...connection and communication, too, of course...every horse is different, so I would simply say you should start "looking for" collection when the horse is ready for it and offers it to you which it will do sooner or later through the programme, just when it´s ready Great question to think about, I´m curious to hear the others opinion!
  2. Looks like a fantastic day!! We definitely need Shane and Meredith here in Germany for some promotion like that
  3. Same for me, can't open the pictures, that's actually with all pics that have been uploaded over the last weeks...
  4. Judy

    QSE 2019

    lovely, thanks Georgia! amazing memories Unfortunately I can only see the overview, when I click on a pic it shows the error message...
  5. Thank you Georgia!! It was fantastic to meet you too and SO inspiring to watch you and Pearl playing at liberty - just amazing! Hope to see you again one day and yes, I can´t wait to see all the pics too (and videos!)
  6. Thank you Meredith & Shane for your efforts and making QSE possible! It was amazing and a time I´ll never forget. Hopefully see you next year again Big hug to Warratah and lovely Obi
  7. So great to see you Jen with your boy! All the best for your journey together and achieving your goals, have fun!
  8. Hi there, I am on my way home from the QSE camps and while sitting in the planes I have plenty of time to process the last 4 weeks that I've spent at the QSSC, and to finally put my thoughts into words I've tried it before, but every time I ran out of words that can describe what it all felt like and means to me. It was indescribable wonderful! I've learnt so much during the HIM camp, the Ultimate and by watching the L3 camp! I met wonderful lovely people and it would be easy to fill pages now with all the experiences, but I will try to keep it short LOL: it was an absolutely awesome enriching challenging fantastic amazing instructive emotional unique wonderful eye-opening and LIVE CHANGING experience!! A lot of emotional challenges and stretches of comfort zones for me, especially during the Ultimate, but it's such a great Tah Dah when you realize that (and how - which we learnt at the Ultimate) you can work through it and what can be achieved, when you believe in your goals and yourself! My goal for the Ultimate was stick riding+jumping (all new to both the horse and me), cause I felt quite nervous even thinking about it. But I worked through all worries as we had learnt before during classtime, believed in my goal, trusted my horse, practised and hey...it worked!! (the jump was not a proper jump though lol) Anyway, it was an overwhelming experience and in fact a lot of fun and not scary at all! Thank you Meredith for all your support and coaching! This course was so special, I absolutely loved it! (zoot zoot) I was blessed to have the sweet little clever Brumbylady Waratah as my lease horse during the stay and we've become quite good friends She is such a good girl and great teacher, I've learnt so much from her about feel, timing, position/to use the body more as well as listening and understanding. We even went on a trail ride together with our fantastic classmates, wohooo! I am so thankful that I got the chance to stay this long and to fulfill one of my dreams of coming back to Australia to learn directly from Meredith and Shane. Thank you both for making QSE happen! I'll definitely come back again Although I didn't want to leave (I'm absolutely not ready for reality yet), I also can't wait to share all the new input with Zoe I go home with fantastic experiences and goals and can't wait to let them become reality!
  9. Lovely, thanks for sharing
  10. Happy Easter everyone!
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