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  1. Wohoooo, huge congratulations Jen!!
  2. Judy

    QS Works!

    Wohooo, congratulations on your first blue tick you two!!! yes you´re right, this is just the beginning and I´m so sure you gonna love what´s coming! have fun on your journey
  3. Hi Sarah, when my mare Zoe is in season there mostly is one day (very rarely two days) which is really heavy. Then I can already see in her look that she is in another sphere LoL So yes, I personally expect less of her on such a day and try to focus on the stuff I know she likes most and also put some more Yoga/HIM in Still, as Simone said, all principles re leadership, focus etc always stay the same of course. It's just more wellness and undemanding time together on those days
  4. So happy for everyone! Congrats!! My address should be correct, as I havn't changed anything and also received all other post so far ...but will check it again! I reckon it just got lost somewhere on the long journey, haha
  5. Wonderful Aileen hey, did you recognize how much your English has improved too!!?? Didn't I tell you it would!!! LOL You can be super proud of yourself and I'm super happy that you kept on it and also that we do have each other here, with our yards still so close by - makes it a bit easier to bear all the conventional stuff around one, I feel
  6. Still waiting for the newsletter paper version itself
  7. Oooooooh awesome Aileen & Monty!!!! Congratulations, wohoooo I'm so so happy for you and very proud too you'll love L2!! hey, we should have a little party
  8. Welcome Riddhima and enjoy your horsemanship journey!! You are so lucky to have that fun bunch of people close by
  9. Oh yes, I love the unread content button too! But even more, meanwhile, I like the "All activity" area, as it shows you all new and unread activities (the ones you havn´t read yet are printed in bold, like in the Unread Content) PLUS it leads you directly to the new message in a post (which could already be a few pages long), this way you don´t need to navigate to the last page to read the most recent post, which I find very convenient
  10. LOL thats great Charlie!!!
  11. Thank you Meredith and Mel for your encouraging words!!! I´ve been pondering a lot the last 2 weeks and will do it all def. step by step. We are in no hurry to go trail riding/walking and I won´t put so much pressure anymore on myself. We have time I do believe that there is always a reason for things to happen and I´m now sure this one was meant to show me to just slow things down a bit and relax. I need to help Zoe through her emotions in those moments, but until I am able to do so or to become able to do it (and be on top of my own emotions) I just need to focus on following the programme, do our homework, so that our partnership further deepens and my leadership + horsemanship skills as well as my confidence can get better. My plan is also to focus on the HIM assignments and help Zoe through some body issues, so we´ll be busy anyway lol Thanks for the support, it´s amazing! xxx
  12. Aaaaawww that is so awesome Aileen!!!!! I'm so happy for you,wohoooo!!!
  13. Merry Christmas to you and everyone too!! Thanks for this fabulous, exciting and instructive year and all the support! Can't wait for 2020! lots of love from Germany
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