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  1. Hi Meredith, I´m not really happy with this...it has (all) actually worked so much better lately, without camera Thanks for feedback nevertheless. First snow on camera this winter though! Santa is coming
  2. Judy

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

    wow, what a touching video!
  3. Judy

    Drum roll for Simone and Bindi

    Yay, congratulations!!
  4. Judy

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    Amazing! I can hardly wait
  5. amazing!! congratulations!!
  6. Yaay, congratulations!!
  7. Judy

    Trot passenger lesson TADAH!

    Thank you guys Great Aileen! I think we both and especially our horses had a few tadahs and we are so ready for more, aren´t we! I´m very glad to be able to do group PL´s at all, considering that, not long ago, I had to do it all on my own...Even if there are only 2 of us, that´s still a group, isn´t it, and it´s fantastic, wohooo!
  8. Judy

    Red String events

    Awesome, that sounds and looks fantastic! Yet again I must say: what a pity to not live nearby, I definitely would have joined in
  9. Judy

    Liv has done it again!

    Cool, huge congratulations!
  10. Judy

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

  11. Aileen and I had a big tadah yesterday! We met for a usual (walk) passenger lesson in far far away Germany and had actually planned to maybe (!) try a bit of trot at the end of it. Only a short unit to start with, as we both hadn´t done it before with our horses and weren´t sure about both their (and ours) mental and body fitness. So we began the first part walking, then paused. We were really keen to add some variety and also felt confident enough, so we agreed to just try it with some trot and see how long we and our horses would go on And guess what! It was so so so much fun that time flew buy and we only recognised too late that we had already done nearly 5 minutes without breaking gate! Wow, so cool! It was a such a joy! We did a pause after this and finished after a second approx. 5 minute trot unit. I for my part can say that Zoe absolutely seemed to like it, she was trotting around so happily and relaxed and with a nice smoothe forward that I hadn´t felt before!!! And so much better than doing it alone! This was my special personal tadah She also was barely annoyed by Monti (the other horse), which I hadn´t expected at all lol but that´s a big progress for us. Gosh, what a fantastic, lovely and delightful ride it was! I am very very proud of us all, well done Aileen and Monti!! We´ll definitely continue this next time and maybe even extend it a few minutes, I can´t wait
  12. Judy

    Natural Worming

    Oh cool guys, interesting topic! I must admit I havn´t thought much about alternatives to the chemical treatments before, so definitely time to do it now! Carola, do you regularly send poo samples (haha sorry, I don´t know how to better describe it ) to the vet for a worm egg count? Or was it because of acute issues of your horses? I´m just pondering...maybe it´s something I should also consider...just to get it checked now and then...? Thanks for this topic, it´s always great to also learn more about those things to help our horses having a good life Will have a deeper look into it now. Love this community,wohoo!!
  13. Thank you guys! what an exciting year it has been and the changes in Zoe are incredible! I´m so happy and very very proud of my girl We look forward to our Level 2 journey, yay!
  14. Judy

    5 days at QSSC

    Wow, that sounds and looks wonderful, thank you for sharing! I'm sure it was an awesome experience for you three and you must have learnt so much! fantastic! would be great to meet you and your boys one day, maybe next year at the QSE!?
  15. Judy

    Still there after after all these years........

    Thanks Jill for sharing! It's so lovely to read your tahdah and very encouraging