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    Zoe :), horses in general, travelling, reading, family & friends, sweets

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  1. Oh wow guys, thanks for sharing, I bet you had an amazing time!! It brings all the memories back from last year QSE is just the best!!
  2. All the best for Bindi and speedy recovery!!! <3
  3. This is such cool news! Congratulations Georgia, wohooo, how exciting!!
  4. Judy


    Fantastic Aileen, I'm so happy for you!! Liberty is my favourite as it's so pure and honest, isn't it! I know too well how happy you must be to see your relationship with Monty deepen through it, well done
  5. Wow this is awesome!! Well done you two, wohooo!!
  6. Hey there, are we having another Europe/UK chat tomorrow at 9am German time?
  7. Thanks for clarifying Meredith! It´s so good to be able to read this and re-read whenever one ( I ? lol ) might be struggeling with it I have been pondering after our chat....yes, Zoe is a short horse, but additionally I feel that I am also kind of blocking her natural forward with my lower energy and because I´m somehow still not opening up enough...hmm...as you say, it´s good to recognise though. Now that I know I can work on it
  8. This sounds exciting, I'm really looking forward to it!! I'll see if I can film something till next week...otherwise I'll just be happy to catch up on what you guys will have done throughout the day, as I am 8 hours back...Meredith, will there be recordings of the chats please, to rewatch? My plan for the next weeks and the still limited time I have with Zoe is to start working on our groundwork impulsion programme again, as she still has this lack of forward and impulsion. Maybe there is some time during the weekend to talk about this part of L2
  9. Oh what a great idea and offer, thank you! I would love to attend as an auditor, cause I think timewise I'll only be able to join now and then, maybe to the chats on Saturday... don't know how it'll work, but would love to give it a try!
  10. Wow, that's beautiful Meredith!
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