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  1. Hello everyone! I´m Judith from Germany and also took part in the absolutely AMAZING Buliding Rapport clinic last week in Holland, together with my lovely horse Zoe. After processing all the impressions and insights I could win there I just want to share a few thoughts with you and hope it will reflect what this weekend means to me. I´m still deeply moved by the warmth, opennes and empathy of everyone who was there! What a great group of like-minded people and what a great energy it was! The whole QS Family made me feel like at home immediately and I am very thankful that I got the chance to be part of it and could make lovely new friends! For me it was quite a big step to travel with my horse, because I´m always worried about everything instead of just doing sometimes. I´m so glad that Carola helped me to throw away all my doubts, because Zoe was so relaxed the whole weekend, I still can´t believe it. I´ve learned a lot about myself and although it was quite confronting and emotional, it was a huge relief at the same time. I´ve been searching for a long time for a way to help Zoe and me out of some struggles, and thank Meredith and Carola I can finally breathe out and start from a new beginning with Zoe! I could spot some very important personal things on which I will work intensley to be able to be a good partner and leader for Zoe. A horsemanship journey is always a journey to yourself and it can definitely be very emotional as well as hard, yes. But it also gives you a very important thing: clarity. For a long time I havn´t felt so free and motivated anymore! I´ll start with Level 1 now and am looking very much forward to all the future adventures that may wait for Zoe and me I´ve been also reminded of some very important things: take it in little steps! Reward your horse for every little step and idea in the right direction! Give comfort and safety! Don´t loose focus and don´t overfocus! And especially: have fun and keep smiling!!! I want to thank you all for this amazing time and for making it so special, especially Meredith and Carola, for all the lovely words, your support and the clarity you brought back to me! Lots of love Judith