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    Zoe :), horses in general, travelling, reading, family & friends, sweets

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  1. Ok, still more hulahoop practise required here, lol My eyes are too much focused on her hindquarter...didn´t notice that, whoops... thanks for feedback anyway
  2. Thank you guys! what an exciting year it has been and the changes in Zoe are incredible! I´m so happy and very very proud of my girl We look forward to our Level 2 journey, yay!
  3. Judy

    5 days at QSSC

    Wow, that sounds and looks wonderful, thank you for sharing! I'm sure it was an awesome experience for you three and you must have learnt so much! fantastic! would be great to meet you and your boys one day, maybe next year at the QSE!?
  4. Judy

    Still there after after all these years........

    Thanks Jill for sharing! It's so lovely to read your tahdah and very encouraging
  5. Judy

    Woolooga Fire

    Glad to hear! Stay safe!
  6. Thank you Alexia!! yes, I love this pic too, it´s (hardly believable) already 1 year old...from our BR camp last year in Holland, where everything began
  7. Thank you all so much!
  8. Judy

    Red String events

    Ooh that sounds fantastic! Wish I would live closer to you guys (or at least on your continent lol) and could join it
  9. wow...thank you guys!! I´m so so so happy...words fail me right now lol It´s simply !!!! Level 2 here we come
  10. Judy

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    great...now YOU are making ME emotional...yet again, haha god, what´s it about QS and all these emotions all the time lol hope to see you soon again! xxx
  11. Judy

    Inspiration and motivation!!

    Ooooh yes, me to
  12. Judy

    Inspiration and motivation!!

    wooow, I love it!
  13. Judy

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    I can´t say how much I would love to meet you all (finally and again)!!! and yes, I totally agree with you Jill, we def. need more of QS over here!! If you ask me, 24/7 please