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  1. Judy

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone!
  2. Hi Meredith, it was so much fun today practicing the liberty stuff that I got a bit wild in my mind and also tried this one Just for fun, I was so curious to see how it would work When I was back home I only saw my latest feedback (thanks for that!), will keep your tips in mind for tomorrows practice, especially regarding phases and impulsion and changing gaits etc... looking forward to your feedback on this one!
  3. That was funny, you can see me thinking I think, haha
  4. Judy

    MIA for a bit......

    Sorry to hear that Jill...welcome back!! A lovely time is waiting for you now and I hope we'll meet again at the camps (will we???) Big hug xxx
  5. I wasn't quick enough to watch it, but would love to! Will you post it in the completed section, as Fiona suggested? Pleeeease!!??
  6. Woooow cool, congratulations Alexia!!!
  7. Judy

    The Whole Horse Wellness Workshop is BACK!

    Wooooow, I can't wait!! Not long now, I'm counting the days!
  8. Judy

    Our Camp Brumbies are for sale

    Awww, I've already fallen in love with one these beauties! What a shame that you are so far away...I'm sure they'll all find great homes! Good luck and how exciting!!
  9. Judy

    Monsters in the bush

    First update...Zoe was AMAZING today, even with all the rain and a lot of puddles on the ground! Barely ghosts and she was listening and thinking most of the time. Hmm...it's always the same when posting sth on the forum, isn't it? Afterwards it all works so much better somehow LOL must be a concious shifting thing...I have to add though that we weren't alone in the arena, so it was easier for her to feel safe. Let's see how it works next time when we are alone. Will let you know! Oh, and I've found out today that the bush monsters are most probably a fox family Important info for me, as I like foxes - perhaps this will also affect Zoe positively
  10. Judy

    Monsters in the bush

    Hey Jill and Bindibo, thanks for your answers! Zoe was definitely more nervous and frightened in the past, especially at this time of year, but since starting with QS it has really improved and I think that she is trusting me more now. But still not enough to completely avoid such moments. Hm, it'll come, I assume...? Mainly I notice that I myself can take her triggers more relaxed now, cause I've learned what to do and that it is so important to show our horses that they are safe with us. Well, at least that's what I try to remember in such moments. Zoe hasn't been like this for a long time, which is really great. I just wasn't sure if I did the right things the other day, cause it all happened so fast, but luckily my own instincts seem to have also changed Jill, it happened when I left the paddock to take Zoe inside, for this we have to cross the arena and Zoe was already very nervous and watching at the bushes. I thought I should try to soften her (lateraly) and get her relaxing a bit before we went into the stable. Maybe the wrong decision or too much for Zoe? I mainly did what Bindibo described...it was on the 7' rope, nothing new and not long. Yes, only to keep her mind active, all short range stuff, personal space was ok. Zoe still quite nervous, though. Then, when she exploded, I just tried to ask her to soften and calm down a bit again and as soon as she responded, I stopped on this with a hqy and a pause. It took all in all approx. 10 minutes I would guess...then we left the arena. Will keep you posted about the upcoming days!
  11. Judy

    Monsters in the bush

    Unfortunately, Zoe and I are back to our biggest issue: the monsters in the bush. Luckily, they had brought me to QS in the end and about this I'm VERY thankful, really, but now it's time for them to vanish. Actually...I thought we had already left them behind...well, obviously not :/ I know there are surely cats, foxes, mice, deers or whatever in the bush next to our arena, but I also know that they won't kill my horse. Zoe didn't. 2 days ago she totally freaked out while we were doing some online stuff. It was the second time in the past week. So glad I wasn't riding at that moment, because the rearing and bucking Zoe from 2 years was back. It's really not much fun to see your horse rise in front of you...and to be honest, there is no way that I'll ride her in the near future, in this state. It had always been a winter issue in the past, when it gets darker sooner, colder and windy. Then you can see a lot of Arab in Zoe. She is often quite nervous lately. This is ok for me, as long as she doesn't get completely instict brained - which she did though. She was really frightened, I think. It was quite frustrating as I've actually thought we were ok with this meanwhile, confident and on the track, you know. But there is obviously still a huge lack of leadership for my part? The good thing was, that I could see and feel how much the programme has helped us so far. I was confident enough to use all the skills I've learned so far and Zoe responded/understood what I was asking of her. So at least I could communicate a bit with her and could calm her down again. It took a whiIe, though. I asked for hindquarter yields, did sends etc, nothing difficult, just to keep her buisy and start thinking again and to get her attention back. When she started to shy, I went with her and tried to not pull on the rope, even when she was rearing, and it really helped. It was good to see that I myself am now able to react in such a situation and that I don't start panic myself. There were times in the past, before QS, when I wasn't able to stay relaxed...ok, nearly relaxed LOL Nevertheless, it's not nice to see Zoe like this and I feel very sorry for her. Any tips for us how to conquer the monsters? How can I help her (us) to get more confident with this? What would you recommend that I should do in those moments? Thanks in advance!
  12. Judy

    Trailer loading

    Hi everyone! This summer I finally started my trailer drivers licence, just to be able to move independently with my horse and to not always have to rely on other people to get me the trailer out or to drive me to Holland for clinics for example I passed the test in October and yesterday was the first time I took the trailer out by myself to practice some L2 loading with Zoe - for the first time after our L1 trailer loading blue tick, which was a few month ago. I was really looking forward to it and especially to see how Zoe would cope with the trailer after such a long break. And what shall I say...I guess I was the happiest and proudest horse-mum ever! Zoe went straight onto the ramp and into the trailer at the first try, I didn´t even need to ask her, let alone had the time to do so LOL She just went into it without hesitating and on quite a long rope. WOW! I actually was thinking to give it a try and see how much she would remember from our L1 training and was also expecting that we might need to do some L1 homework to refresh everything...but no, thanks to QS and the programme my girl was happy to go into the trailer almost by herself, you can imagine how wowed I was And even more touching for me was the fact that I could see in her look why she did it...because she trusted me and knew the good deal was waiting inside (a LOOOT of rubs)...wow again, what a gift! For the first time I really got the feeling that she believed in herself...that her confidence both in herself and me had grown big enough to overcome her fears and claustrophobia...she looked at me, so happy and proud and of course, I WAS proud, to the moon and back There have been a lot of tadahs on our way so far, but for me personally the trailer loading is one of the most fascinating things - a flight animal going into a trailer freely and without pressure - is there more to say? QS rocks!!!