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    Zoe :), horses in general, travelling, reading, family & friends, sweets

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  1. Judy

    Smokie daze

    I hope you all stay save! Fingers crossed!
  2. Haha fantastic, thanks Simone! I had thought that I would need to buy myself such a "thing" when the zoom trail ride idea came up in the other chat, but didn't even know the German name for it aah, so much one learns here!
  3. Hey guys, the "Go-Pro" thing has been mentioned a lot in this post, so I really have to ask now: what is it actually??
  4. Absolutely! Wohooo, well done! Did you hold your mobile in one hand the whole time??? wow, what an extra challenge! I loved watching it (got a bit dizzy now and then, haha ) and it was so nice to see the Ransley hill again, thanks for sharing!
  5. haha, sounds great!! Just give me a few months... my goal is to feel save enough until next (German) summer to hack out to our forrest. It´s quite a long way along and across big streets till you get there...but I want it so badly, for Zoe. Will widen our walks step by step and to join in a virtual group ride one day is definitely a huge motivator!
  6. Uuuuh, like a Zoom trail ride?? haha that's a great idea Jen, it would be awesome! Zoe and I need to get some more confidence again in hacking out thouh, but we are busily working on it! Definitely on my wish list now
  7. Fantastic!! I am tempted to say I would love to join you with Zoe one day...but well, pretty sure that's not going to happen, haha the better it is to follow your posts and that you are sharing it with us and let us be part of it, thank you!!
  8. She is such a beauty! Wow, amazing to see these pictures! Not long ago, during the QSE, I was able to watch Shane and Tokays morning sessions, which was just awesome and such a great opportunity to learn, I soaked in every second of it and am still thankful that I got the chance to do so - and look at her now, only a few month later, what a change! Both look so much more relaxed! And wow, Mel, yes that´s to treasure, for sure, fantastic!! How did it feel to say hi to her???
  9. Haha, yeah I actually thought about it! Would have to do it alone again though, as Aileen moved to another yard. And I'm not sure that I'll even get to do one PL on my own, that's why I didnt sign up.
  10. Fantastic guys!!! Congratulations to everyone, looks like an awesome weekend!!
  11. Wow, it all sounds so cool, what an amazing opportunity for rider and horse! Congratulations to everyone! Can't wait to see more pics
  12. aaaaawww, I miss sitting around the fire and dancing to the violin with you guys!
  13. fantastic simone! same for me, the ultimate really opened up a new level of self discovery, which is so super helpful for every horsmanship journey. You are going great guns, wohooo!
  14. Thanks guys! Yes it´s so much fun and I hope Zoe enjoys it as much as I do. She is such a good girl and so patient with me every time when I try to discover where my body and position should be LOL I really love to play with it all and getting her instant feedback, it´s such a great way to learn, it´s pure joy!
  15. Have a fun weekend everyone! again I wish I lived closer by to join in in those events, but will follow you here and am curious to read about your experiences
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