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  1. It feel like we can handle the whole world
  2. Yessss it's happend today i have loading my horse. Now i have to practice that hé Stay in til i say him to come out I'm so happy
  3. Hoi carola,

    Ik zou zondag 8 april kunnen tijd die jou uitkomt misschien kan je me mee pikken tijdens je reis naar nederland, ik kan maandag 9, en zondag 15 ik hoor wel of een van de dagen uitkomt. Les rijden en misschien ook wat dingen bespreken waar ik moeite mee heb in de tijd tot 8 april. Ik hoor het wel.


    1. Carola


      Hey! Ik kom er net pas achter dat je hier berichtjes achter kunt laten voor me haha!

      Hoop dat je je niet al te beroerd voelt na de wortelkanaalbehandelingen :).

      Ik zie en spreek je snel xxx

  4. Hi meredith and judy, Thank you for your help and advice today it get a little bit better than before. You can see it at my video skills check. Greetings natas
  5. Hi hi, Today trained him to lead by holding his nose well that he finds terrible. I notice very much about my horse that he does not want to see me as a leader. Maybe you have tips on how best to practice this, or should I just continue to practice one step more every time
  6. LOoHi everybody, My english is not very good sorry for that, but I try it. I have my horse from 6 months and now he is 12. I practice a lot and I hope I can send mij first video ad the end of this week. Its hard to move is forequarter. We have a problem in leadership and I hope this wil be better. I also not know if he likes to work with me at the moment. Thats wy I start with this journey to get this better. See you later
  7. Hello everybody, I´m a new member and i can not wait to work on an even better relationship with my horse. I start to reed Lesson One and hope i understand. We shall see. See you later this week Bye bye
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