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  1. Thank you to everyone so much for putting these clinics together. It was lovely meeting all of you! Tracey and Karen were great - experienced and so generous with their knowledge.
  2. Hi All - have posted a double whammy assignment/ skill check this evening Totally hilarious as although our fq yield/ nose leads are normally fraught with issue.. whilst filing - nothing. Until I tried to swing my rope (which is ordinarily 200% A-OK) today was a big NOPE!! Ahahahah oh horses
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Especially Alexia, your thoughtful reply (and so soon after 'The Incident') was very comforting to me while I was having a tantrum I have read and re-read your post numerous times now. Thank you. Waiting on my next lot of feedback and liasing with my wonderful coach, Elise. Tomorrow is another day!
  4. Well done! Awesome score on your test too! Those comments mean that you really only need to improve your accuracy and shapes to improve your score But really positive remarks!
  5. Apologies, caution: long and ranty post. Tetley and I have been working thru our Level 1 HW cards for a little while and it's one step forward, two steps back. But, overall, I've been really happy with his progress and I've seem some glimpses of the brilliant horse I know he can be. After about 5 days off I made time for Tetley again. He'd been going really well lately, so I figured he'd deserved it, and allow time for the ideas to sink in. He'd also recieved his regular accupunture treatment in this time. (Shuddup... I know... but it does help keep him sound and he looooves it.) Soundness/ soreness issues is something we battle constantly. But, once again, he'd been brilliant. Soft, responsive, forward, tracking up (on a long lunge.) Tonight, however, was a whole new level of fail for us Ears pinned, teeth gnashing, tail swishing, humping, short stepping, barging around, refusing to go forward, neck braced, trying to piss off... All not unheard of, but unexpected as we hadn't seen this behaviour for a while. I go into my usual cycle of, 'crap, his back is out again, his sore in his stifles/ wither/beck/poll/hocks/sarco etc etc.... Just as well I've got the chiro out tomorrow to see him.' (Again, shuddup... when was the last time I saw a chiro? Um, never....) But I stand my ground. I ask politely. I protect my space confidently. I accept the slightest try. I keep the work easy, but interesting. You can see he'd much rather be with his mates on the other side of the rail (this is not unsual, but I can normally regain his focus.) After I'd thwarted some of the naughtiness, he'd actually given me some semi decent work. And I was preparing to wrap it up there and try again tomorrow. I'd suspected he'd hurt himself in the paddock, as his whole system seemed out of whack. But then next minute, 16 odd hands of Thoroughbred threw himself down on the ground and started rolling vigourously. He's never done this before. And we regularly access sand to work in! Now I'm thinking, 'crap - colic, ulcers, twisted/ reptured insides...'(can we see a pattern developing here? Hahaha over protective horse parent!) He gets up, has a big shake, has a big yawn, has a big chew, his eye is soft and respiration normal. I let him stand for a l-o-n-g time to just chill. That's fine, that's all good, he seems happy. I ask him Tetley to step off again and he shakes his head and stomps his foot. (Also new, for a simple walk off, anyway.) I figure, we'll walk around in a circle, try a few steps of trot, and we'll call it done. Objective achieved with a minimum of fuss, cool. Start walking toward the gate. Tetley stops just before the gate and I can feel he wants to roll again so I quickly slip off the halter and step outside the gate, leaving him in the grass arena. He immediately drops and rolls, flipping over back and forward before springing to his feet, lauching into orbit, throws 3 double barrel broncs that'd make Curio blush, trots to the opposite corner, head down, munch munch munch. There ain't nothing wrong with that friggin' horses' back. I fix the gates so he can access water and walk away because I'm beat, it's just about dark and I haven't a Scooby Doo clue what to do with my pony now. Incidentally, anyone want to buy an athletic TB? Asking for a friend...
  6. #goals Although we're a bit away from casually strolling hand in hoof along a beach, I had some nice feedback from my farrier recently. Apparently my horse (Tetley) is noticeably less tense during his mani/ pedi, so that's nice to hear!
  7. Yep, it had been bugging me for a while that I wasn't getting my Skills Checks filmed. I needed help, I needed another horse. So, I went out and brought one. WELL, I didn't 'go out' to do it, because I brought him off eBay. For about $8.00 He's so awsome! He likes apples, but holds my Samsung just fine! Even in QS colours! Pop him on the fence, stand him up and he doesn't move... Filmed and sent away SC2 so looking forward to some feed back
  8. Haha it is a beautiful part of the world... unfortunately not what I hoped the camera would be focusing on
  9. _helen_

    L1 HWC 1 No Yield

    I think I've fixed it
  10. Hahaha.... oh, shonky camera work, not sequential goals, failure to perform the movements very well... um, yeah. We'll probably not be submitting this one for assessment!
  11. _helen_

    L1 HWC 1 No Yield

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y87UcR4fT0w&t=19s Zip the first 50 seconds or so. Attempt to tick some boxes for Level 1, Homework Card 1. No Yield. I thought Tetley was pretty awesome.
  12. Thanks guys, this is very early days for us so we are both learning Appreciate the advice and will attempt to make my 'asks' more clear...
  13. Hi all, Tetley and I (with the lovely Elise helping us out) have been playing with Leading With the Nose. Tetley finds this challenging. He does some lovely neck stretches (which is something that I have been working with him to do for some time...) but struggles getting his feet 'unstuck'. I've tried - standing on both sides of the horse, flexing him towards and away from me, increasing pressure (effectively trying to unbalance the horse by pushing back on his ribs, to get Tetley to shift his weight.) I have more success when I place one hand over his poll and one over his nose, or even place one hand under his jaw (this was after some trail and error!) How have you been able to help your horse know the difference between a 'neck stretch or flex' and 'leading by the nose'? How are other ways that I might employ to help my horse understand that I would like him to be led by his nose? I know that the answer will lie in working thru the program just interested to hear other people's experiences with this particular exercise. Many thanks, Helen & Tetley
  14. Thanks Elsie Looking forward to hooking in and having some fun with my pony!
  15. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been discussed. Is there/ could there be a Quantum Savvy app available for download onto smart devices? I see that mp3 versions of videos are available. The app could house all of these in one space, as well as potentially a 'messenger' style system for active forums and updates etc. Ok, off to watch Level 1, Module 1, Week 1, Lesson 1 (yeah, haven't been a member for 24 hours yet...! ) Cheers Helen.
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