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  1. The Noosa Hinterland Practice group meets on every second Sunday of the month at the Cooroy Pony Club in Cooroy The Gates open at 8am for a 9am start. 9:00am Indemnity forms to be completed and money to be given to the group organizer 9:15am Group Topic of the month chat and plan for the day set out 9:30am Begin morning Activities 10:30am Break for refreshments 11:00am Resume activities and Assignment filming 12:00am Pack up equipment and head home. Things to bring: HOMEWORK CARDS, some interesting questions and observations to share, imagination and a good sense of humour. Group Organizer Jane Kovacs Ph: 0401352283
  2. Thank you Carola we have had a few more tries and she is starting to trust it
  3. On Monday Murphy met her fly mask. She quickly decided it was not for her, after showing it to her and all was good I went to put it over her ears she quickly jumped back and it got stuck on one of her ears this freaked her out and she started to forequarter yielding so quickly her rope went air borne about a meter off the ground swinging around and whipping me in the leg, she continued this for a few more seconds before stopping, which we find a little amusing now. Murphy and I had been going well up until recently where I have felt that our connection has been fading a bit.
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