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  1. Congratulations Judy, ( I already sayed it to you but I write it here again)! I think you are doing this all SOOO good with Zoe, you really want always the best for her dreamteam!! I‘m very happy for you!
  2. lieni

    Go away from the other Horses

    thank you all for your nice words to me
  3. lieni

    Aileen&Monty L1 Short Range

    one thing to say to this Video: It was the second time we filmed this, because at the first time the Video wasn´t saved and at the 2. time the jumps weren´t REALLY jumps Hope u have tips for me to do it better so that it´s Maybe easier for monty to jump especially the left Hand is difficult, cause the Right Hand is generally easier for him
  4. lieni

    Aileen&Monty Skills check

    thank youuu, Carola
  5. lieni

    Aileen&Monty Skills check

    next video of skills check... I made some mistakes ( I think) in the no contact yield go back and hindquarter yield, I didn´t slow my phases down if he did what I want ....I am disappointed of myself a little bit... The video is very bad to see I don´t know why, if you can´t see enough I will send it again and look if you can watch it better....
  6. lieni

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    Thank you meredith
  7. lieni

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    Very nice written, Judy I learned very much too in Germany and I was feeling very well If Monty was going on the trailer.I think especially the exercises with the Bodylanguage helped me a lot. I have to thank Carola very much too for the 2 days!
  8. Hello Everybody, three months ago I had a problem with Monty to go away from the other Horses. I was really frusted and sad about that, because that means that he wasn't confident and only fell save when he was with his herd. Also he didn't liked if I touched his head, he always looked away from me so that I couldn't touched him. Now, three months later we can go away from the other horses without start panic and cry at the horses.Also I can touch his head now. A little succes! Also I learned that I really can't want that he go with me and feels save, If I don't feel save!! Many people think it are the horses, which have problems but often it are we,the people Do you think so too? I am really excited about our future and about all I will learn! It is only always so difficult forme, because most people say to me:Do,not think , do! You think to much... And it are many many people, and all my friends think so too. But I am very happy about our little succes!