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  1. Arghh… I just had to cry I am so proud !
  2. Yipiiieee I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to finally have compted my Level ! ! This was a huge milestone for me ! Sometimes it is really stressful with monty and QS and the school and the understanding of english Sometimes I really ask myself why I am doing this, when EVERYONE I know ( without judith) ride the horse in the typical english dressage and don´t think about their behaviour very much and just have fun ! But then I see the sad horses …. not understanded, no life-energy, confused… and they just say : ´´Look at his muscles, isn´t that beautiful ?´´ They think they understand horses, but how should they if they are not looking in their faces, if they are not seeing the pain ? And then I see people like you, who are doing sooo great things with their horses and my heart opens and in the last time I have learned that the big achievements, which everyone can see, are just the reflection of the little things like just a weight displacement ( or for example in the Impulsion Groundwork with shane and mejor in module 3, where shane says how the horse is flexed around you in the right way)or just a try from your horse doing the right thing, which are the most important ones and which many people just don´t wanna see . But I am not only doing QS for my wonderful monty, I am also doing this for me, because I could never be happy if he isn´t ….. and of course I love the community ! whuuuu I just wrote everything what I felt in the moment, hope you could understand me Aileen
  3. haha ! Finally found out how to post a photo from my phone
  4. Thank you Meredith ! And so near to finally complete my L1 but I have the feeling, that I was\am so slow, maybe also because I understand things in the wrong way or overhear them in my feedback … it would definetely be much easier if I would live in Australia
  5. Hey, Today I‘ve got the newsletter aaaaand I won a horse training valued at $1200 That‘s soo crazy!! Best Christmas präsent for shure, thank you soooo muchYay!!!!! I hope so much that I can redeem it in 2020 Aileen
  6. And big Congratulations to all of you !!
  7. Oh wow , that is great ! Thaaaaaank you all !! That means very much to me ! I really always try to do a good job... also when it is sometimes very difficult with my little monty
  8. Ok, I will post a Picture... but I don´t know how to do. I´ll ask my father to help me.
  9. Thank you so much for your great Feedback !
  10. Hey everyone, I want to share a big success with you! It was ca. 3 weeks ago...... On this day it was very warm and after training I disconnected us and let him go a bit in the riding area . He layed down but didn’t stand up again. First I was a bit scared and went to him, but when I was next to him he layed down completly with his head on my legs and finally he closed his eyes completly! It was like a magical moment.... A few days later he did it again and I wanted to test some things. When he layed down completly, I stand up and went away....and look, he wanted to stand up too! I sat down on his back and fokused up. Monty stand up with me on his back! It was a wonderful moment!! Aileen
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