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  1. Wow! Congratulations!!!
  2. lieni


    Hey everyone, today I had a real liberty tah dah.... to the story: I started the liberty "work" with monty one month ago and it started very very bad. He just went away and ate gras, just saw nothing interesting in me.. the truth! But we developed our comfort spot, he went away, but came to me again more and more and was happy about my positive words and the cuddle. If he went away I tried to get him back through a hindquarter yield and if he reacted I directly turned around, facing him with my back, relaxed myself and he came again. If this sometimes didn´t work, because he was focused too much on other things ;-) he has got a bit discomfort and had to stay in trot until his decision was to come again (when he payed attention to me again, I showed him that he can come in, If he wants). It took a long time to get this comfort spot, but I already see, that he has more motivation to go foreward and to comfort. I don´t know if this makes sense !? I think liberty is a very sensitive topic and you can really fast hurt your horse mentally through just let them go away from pressure, but not to comfort (okay you can do this with everything you do..)... so they maybe do, but just to avoid pressure. Maybe you need a bit pressure in the beginning but it´s going to be less and less when your comfort spot developes. Ok, back to the topic....I am so happy that all this time we spent in creating a comfort spot pays out now. Today I could made every yield, even the (for us) very difficult no contact back up and the hindquarter yields, while monty stayed with me...relaxed and happy to be with me... someone maybe doesn´t see a big difference, but for us it is a big step in our relationship.
  3. Next Saturday May 16th at 9am would be fine !
  4. Yeah ! I would also like to join in … but maybe just partially too… I am excited to hear what you say about impulsion and forward, because this is a big topic for me... I often need big phases to achieve a reaction and I use my tools too much. I just don´t have a good body energy !!!
  5. Arghh… I just had to cry I am so proud !
  6. Yipiiieee I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to finally have compted my Level ! ! This was a huge milestone for me ! Sometimes it is really stressful with monty and QS and the school and the understanding of english Sometimes I really ask myself why I am doing this, when EVERYONE I know ( without judith) ride the horse in the typical english dressage and don´t think about their behaviour very much and just have fun ! But then I see the sad horses …. not understanded, no life-energy, confused… and they just say : ´´Look at his muscles, isn´t that beautiful ?´´ They think they understand horses, but how should they if they are not looking in their faces, if they are not seeing the pain ? And then I see people like you, who are doing sooo great things with their horses and my heart opens and in the last time I have learned that the big achievements, which everyone can see, are just the reflection of the little things like just a weight displacement ( or for example in the Impulsion Groundwork with shane and mejor in module 3, where shane says how the horse is flexed around you in the right way)or just a try from your horse doing the right thing, which are the most important ones and which many people just don´t wanna see . But I am not only doing QS for my wonderful monty, I am also doing this for me, because I could never be happy if he isn´t ….. and of course I love the community ! whuuuu I just wrote everything what I felt in the moment, hope you could understand me Aileen
  7. haha ! Finally found out how to post a photo from my phone
  8. Thank you Meredith ! And so near to finally complete my L1 but I have the feeling, that I was\am so slow, maybe also because I understand things in the wrong way or overhear them in my feedback … it would definetely be much easier if I would live in Australia
  9. Hey, Today I‘ve got the newsletter aaaaand I won a horse training valued at $1200 That‘s soo crazy!! Best Christmas präsent for shure, thank you soooo muchYay!!!!! I hope so much that I can redeem it in 2020 Aileen
  10. And big Congratulations to all of you !!
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