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  1. Thankyou so much for these short but potent talks. All are great but this one hit the nail on the head for me. I also enjoy the brevity because it makes it more impactful and gives me pause to ponder. And also slots so well into a busy day. I can listen over a cup of tea.
  2. It all sounds fabulous and intriguing. Thanks Bindibo:)
  3. Excellent Meredith, I get the idea. Unfortunately I am a pressure girl by habit and nature so lots of new learning for me! QS is just what I need. I do have your e book which Shane kindly sent but have only had time to read the first chapter. Life’s a bit scattered presently but I will get to it soon I hope. Blessings to you both! So appreciate the guidance.
  4. Thanks so much. One last question: He is not very responsive to finesse (he came into my life last April as a complete fluke. He’s a great boy with plenty of bad habits). To declare my personal space when he’s walking near me I tap him with the stick on the shoulder, correct? And how hard is it ok to tap if he doesn’t respond? He’s a beautiful smart boy but very reluctant to do anything that isn’t his choice. I adore him and really want to get it right but it’s easy for me to get frustrated with his dullness and “whatever” attitude. I know it’s all up to me. And I know I will slowly learn all this but these tips are helpful in the immediate as I’m finding my way. Big cheers for the feedback.
  5. Thanks Meredith. I think it’s great that Enjoyment is a Principle. It’s easy to get too serious (for me anyway).
  6. Shane, I am pondering “options”. I have only just been learning basic groundwork with my local QS teacher (I see her once a month). I was practicing the “request” with my boy Tushka inviting him out on the circle. We changed direction a couple of times which went well. But suddenly he didn’t want to know about it and started pawing the ground. I insisted (probably not in the QS spirit as I’ve got old habits to break). He reluctantly complied. What would be an example of offering him “right options “ in this case? Also, leading him to another pasture the other day we were walking happily together side by side. Suddenly he turned and bit me (kindly) on the shoulder. It didn’t hurt but is obviously not acceptable. His character could be summed up as “affable thug” (he’s very dominant). I know we need to work on leadership which I’m in the very early stages of learning. But I’m curious here too what would options look like in this instance where I reckon he needed to be informed this behaviour is not ok. I imagine I will find this answer once I’ve completed Module One but thought to put it out anyway. With thanks
  7. Thanks Shane, that’s helpful and I love the simplicity (knowing too that simple and easy aren’t the same thing).
  8. I am very new to this wonderful world of QS and somewhat disorganised in my learning (bits and pieces here and there). I love and deeply respect everything I am discovering. I am wondering if QS has a “list” of its Principles as a kind of simple guidelines to always fall back on and be reminded of. Something to pin up on the fridge so to speak
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