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  1. Hi Meredith Uploaded this morning task 1. Very messy, but oh well....I am thinking not to practice until better just upload the one that was messy. Melissa
  2. Hi Meredith Katana is recovering from some lameness caused by mud foot flaring up in all four hooves this week, front left leg has been very tender, his left shoulder is now sore too:(. Hopefully he will be up to the tasks we will be doing through-out the clinic, perhaps I can modify things for him, and loosen him up. I may have to join without him. Just thought I'd let you know. Melissa
  3. Hi Meredith I'd love to join in too. Thanks for providing this! Will start practicing the task above Melissa & Katana
  4. I really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing. Melissa x
  5. melissac


    Hi Meredith I am someone very new to QS. I have your newsletter and the 'congrats on joining QS' information leaflet next to me. I've just had a re-read of the information leaflet and I think it's really good. I am know wishing I had read it more closely as I have had difficulty uploading assignments and working out how to pay...and it was all there in the introduction leaflet -on the 8th page. I guess my feedback as a complete beginner to the whole QS experience is my primary focus when first joining up was - how do I purchase the stick and rope etc, you are using in the video - I still cannot workout 'shop'. I bought my equipment elsewhere...would have much rather bought it from QS. My second focus was how to upload and pay for coaching, my fault for not reading thru the info' properly, however I used to write newsletters and information packs that needed to be updated monthly (did this for 4 years) for a business and I learnt very quickly people tune out after a certain amount of information is given to them, no matter how important. The best way to combat this is to make each topic highly visual - in different ways. A 'contents' on first or second page was SO important or people would come back to me and say you never put that in there! For excample QS membership information -page 2 want more? - add on coaching - page 3 the levels program - page The modules - pg etc. I hope this helps in some way? My apologies if I'm being presumptuous! Melissa :))
  6. Hi there Happy to pay postage etc. Let me know what you have doesn't matter what condition. Cheers! Melissa
  7. Awesome. what a beautiful moment you and your horse had a the end!!
  8. That would be awesome VikiK.

    I'm very new to the QS philosophy but I am trying to soak it all in! I am leasing a horse full time. His name is Katana and it's been lovely to re-connect with horses after a very long break....over 20 years. When I was younger I didn't really do any lessons or go to clinics I just winged it (a lot of sheer determination!) and I had a close knit community of  kind, horse loving friends I used to ride with...mainly trail riding it the Adelaide Hills. So now I've found this beautiful gypsy cob, cross Clydesdale, cross standard bred  - and he is a bit green trained - 10 years old, not ridden for approx 3 years. Quite challenging at times. 6 months in and Sharon (at same paddock) has converted me to QS. My goal is to get Katana and myself trail riding again.



  9. melissac

    Facing The Truth

    beautiful horse!! Looking forward to reading more Tracey
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